Epstein Island Vistor List – October 25, 2021


Editor’s Note: Do you need to see this list? This document provides a basis for the KNOWing the depth of evil cruelty on this world where the young and defenseless are sacrificed and eaten. That’s right folks, cannibalism when victims cannot defend themselves!

Ugly, yet the truth about so much ugly is revealed with the curtains of confusion being swept away! The really good news is that this IS indeed happening allowing humanity to see the Light of Truth, and then because Truth is revealed, then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. Why are you hiding the TRUTH? Be honest, damn for once be honest for crying out loud. Why are you trying to cover up REAL FACTS? Dont insult people, youve been doing that for far too long now. Trump didnt just appear out of no where when he ran for president. You paint him as some kind of Saint….savior, as if he can walk on water. He is nothing of the kind. He is a Narcissist. Obsessed for attention and constant praise. He wants everything to be about him. Theres 100,000 people over Trumps life time that he has screwed over in some fashion or another, including family. Theres documentaries, articles, business partners, contractors, vendors, city officials, ex wives including Melania, lawyers, court judges, newspaper journalists, celebrities…the list is never ending who beg to differ over the picture you are portraying. 1,000s of critical thinkers who know President Trump is a phony. A lepoard does not change its spots, they are what they are. He is a 33 degree jewish freemason with connections to some very shady, corrupt, greedy Zionists. He is completely loyal to Israel, as was presidents before him, as is 85% of Congress Jewish Zionists pedophiles. He has had many lawsuits against him by women over sexual assaults, not made public because he pays them off when they sign discloseures. We have Epsteins original black book and flight logs going back 15 years. Trump flew on the Lolitta Express many times. FACT. Melania and Trump were divorced Oct 2020. FACT. Trump and Jared Kushner left the White House with over 640 million dollars made from side deals involving Trump&Jareds companies. FACT. Jared Kushner was a National Security risk by Trump allowing him to daily briefings and classified information without a Security Clearance and conducting private meetings with certain foreign leaders. He was arrested as a mossad agent for Israel….FACT..FACT July 2020 a jewish billionare named Sheldon Adelson donated 1 billion to Trumps campaign by Oct 1st 418.000 million was missing calling for an investigation by the Federal Election Commission, FACT.. Be honest and show Trump on Lolitta Express. No wonder you people are stringing Patriots along and the Stock Market hasnt crashed yet, Trump needed to sell shares to his TruthSocial website. The Market is only evil when the Cabal uses it, but its ok for Trump to use it huh? When is Trump going to bring justice to the 100s of American Inventors the UK, Israel Darpa, Obama, HRC, CIA have stolen patents to? Their right to their Intellectual Property as stated in the Constitution? One being Michael McKibben, the true inventor who wrote the code for Social Media Networking, 10 years it took his team and him worked hard on. Leader Technology from Ohio. The whole situation is all displayed on his website. These Americans lost everything, left devastated. McKibben believed Trump would give him justice. He requested several times to meet with Trump, even pleaded. Trump ignored him??? IGNORED this American. I guess he wasnt black and a celebrity pedophile like Kayne and Kim. He bent over backwards for them. The govt has used his invention for 18 years FREE of charge..Now Trump is making millions off this mans Intellectual Property. That is truly despicable. In the last couple days 2 million Patriots are aware of this American Inventors hardship…this will become Trumps downfall. We wont stop til this is common knowledge.


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