Starship Earth 10/20 October 20, 2021: Where’s the Damn Precipice?! [videos]


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How much worse can it get? The stories documenting the gross inconvenience of this transition from dark to light are extreme now. Supply chain, employment, national security, idiotic and tyrannical health restrictions. Is anything normal any more? I don’t believe we’re going back to the “old ways”. They’re gone.

The growing pains are expected, however, and we will get through it. My next door neighbour was going to Chicago last weekend with two other family members to inter a relative and their Delta Airlines flight was cancelled 30 minutes before they were to leave for the airport. They had to go this past week while her daughter, a teacher, was on the school’s fall break. Her son is unvaxxed and runs his own bakery.

Long story short, their $250 round trip direct flights had to be changed to a $400 one way with American Airlines who had no trouble hosing folks for an emergency trip from Phoenix with a stopover in Seattle that arrived at a different Chicago airport 6 hours later than the original, at 6:30 a.m. which messed up the car that had been arranged for midnight at a different airport.

Interestingly enough, she believes they really can’t force anyone to get a vaccination, but she got the Pfizer as well as a booster just before she flew. No negative side effects. She knows Fauci is a POS and rarely listens to the “news”. People are at all different stages of figuring out what’s happening.

Some have reached their precipice. A Safeway supermarket pharmacy manager tells it like it is, refuses to administer the jab, and quits.

“Ive Seen Customers Die” Pharmacist Manager Quits Calling COVID Vaccine Poison

This Telegram post from a Reddit board says Walgreen’s pharmacists are leaving their jobs left and right in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.

We’re all fed up with this massive deception and junk science.

‘I’m So Sick Of This Bullsh*t’: Megyn Kelly Slams Biden, Fauci Over Vaccine And Mask Mandates

My hairstylist has two kids in school here in Phoenix; the older one just started high school. She has been battling with the school administration as they flip-flop on mask mandates as her kids have had headaches every day from wearing them. The staff took advantage of exemptions but did not tell the parents they existed. The school administrators know they can’t ask the kids if they got the jab so they are very strategic.

They hauled a group into a cafeteria and told them if they got a vaxx they could go back to class. If they didn’t, they had to go home. They didn’t even call the parents—they made the kids phone them and tell them.

So… she pulled her boys out of school and fortunately since one is 14 he can watch his brother while she takes care of her clients and checks in with them regularly by phone. It’s painful to watch the kids segregated this way and the inconvenience the parents endure to protect their children is intense.

The worse it is, the more inconvenient it is, the more memorable it will be. We have to ensure this never happens again and that people are watching out for signs of corruption and tyranny in future. We can never again say, “They wouldn’t do that.” Slaves no more!

And that declaration reminds me of Juan O’Savin. Regardless of what some may say of Juan’s information, he has valuable perspective to offer for our greater understanding, and Jetson White put together this video below about the analogy of the “fulcrum and the lever” which becomes even more interesting when we see the flight path of JFK Jr.’s plane in a later portion of the video.

You may arrive at various examples from today’s world situation relating to this concept, but it certainly relates to the Earth Alliance allowing the cabal to expend their ammunition and destroy themselves while the White Hats use a couple of fingers to manage the situation and keep most of us safe until the psychopaths and their minions are utterly incapacitated and powerless—all the while allowing the outrageous events to jostle millions of people out of the hypnotic trance spun by dark wizards.

It is exciting to see the prognostications of the past decade or so come to fruition after so long. Many had almost given up hope. Some actually did, but here we are in the end game. Sudden death overtime.

Simon Parkes did a new update for us which I am about to listen to. Wow… 95,000 members in Connecting Consciousness now.  34 min.

20th October 2021 Update Current News

RED OCTOBER – Excerpts from Two 107 Presentations

Some can’t escape the current discomfort fast enough… perhaps due to coercion from certain White Hats? He cites “personal reasons”. It always is.

Bundesbank president Weidmann to resign five years early from post

Italy is rockin’ with hundreds of thousands of unhappy people who aren’t having the nonsense any more. Check out the images from Trieste and Florence on Telegram.

Trieste and Florence, Italy tonight, numbers growing daily against covid passports and mandates.

Meanwhile, the agenda to remove all freedoms and to control Humanity pushes on to extreme levels where it’s hard to miss. Some are of the mind that the White Hats actually control the media. I believe that is a distinct possibility, as we’ve discussed previously. It makes it difficult for sane people not to come to the conclusion that they need to take control of the situation and cut their so-called “government” out of the picture.

Saskatchewan Health Authority is spreading COVID misinformation

It gets better. In Moscow if you’re over 60 years of age, unvaxxed or in poor health you are ordered to stay home for FOUR MONTHS. That’s all winter. Unbelievable.

Aged Muscovites on 4-month lockdown

We have another interesting article from Exopolitics about the current off-planet benevolent intervention, etc. you might find of value. There are a couple of videos included.

Earth Alliance Mission to Ganymede to greet ET visitors & inaugurate a Star Trek Future

My Internet is super slow so I’m going to cap it here, folks. DownDetector is showing issues with Cox particularly here in the West.

For a chuckle, you might want to see this short video on Telegram. Who knew turkeys had crossing guards?

Thank you for all the great content from the crew and support of all kinds. We are implementing a number of your ideas for improving and supporting Mica’s health and healing. I believe I detected a slight improvement in his gait this morning and he is in fine spirits and eating like a lucky Golden will.

Until next time, we remain ever-grateful and in positive anticipation for a full recovery. FULL.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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