Starship Earth October 19, 2021: It’s What We DON’T See that Matters [videos]


Short one today? Didn’t work out that way. Busy schedule.

The scamdemic continues to be exposed. Fake news generates fake fear. Shelve the fear, refuse to comply, and stand up to these psychopaths.

It’s Alberta in the news again.

The legacy media misleads Canadians about a teen dying of COVID-19

The fake news is abundant. Don’t fall for it. I didn’t hear about this until now so no details. Link to Telegram.

I just called the Black Lake reserve myself…306-284-2044
The secretary is getting hundreds of calls…it is NOT true! Everyone is safe!
She lives there and works there! Nobody is being forced vaxed or hiding in the forest! This has to stop!! I was crying hearing about this and it’s fake!! My stress level is through the roof !! The lies….neverending!!😥

Queen Romana’s response:

Whomsoever has manufactured these fear mongering charades and videos in the Kingdom of Canada…

Be informed, after EBS, you will be charged with domestic terrorism.

Enjoy your beer and few short days outside jail.

The Trump card is coming.

In Italy the People unify and fight as one for more effective resistance. Video on Telegram.

Italians Protecting their Beautiful Port Workers from police water cannons so they can Protest Peacefully, in Trieste, Italy. THIS IS THE WAY!!!

Dr. Zelenko posted this on his Telegram:

The hunters are starting to get hunted.

All the degenerates and devolved pagans who planned and executed the worst crime In history must stand trial before international tribunals.

If convicted for crimes against humanity they should be executed by lethal injection with the covid-19 poison death shots.

The media, academia, politicians, and industry tyrants who lied and murdered millions should be brought to justice.

The Nazi-like physicians who “just followed orders” should be brought to justice.

Not vigilante justice but international tribunals.

Let the world know and see what happens to sociopathic vermin when they desecrate Gods creation.

Justice and glorious days of peace are coming.

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

We’re getting there… healthcare reform, with the People in charge.

Everyone Who Gets Terminated For Taking A Stand Should Start Seeking Each Other Out In Your Communities.

All Doctors Get Together & Raise Money To Start Your Own Hospitals & Practices.

Same With All Other Occupations.

Get Together & Discuss What You Can Create Together.

— Ir0nbelly (@Ir0nbelly) October 19, 2021

LT’s latest video update is here at this link.

10.19.21: These people are SICK and BRAG about it. They want to CONTROL US ALL! Pray!

We have another small plane crash.

NOW – Another small plane crashes in the US. This time in Brookshire, Texas. 21 people were aboard a plane when it crashed. Only one person was reportedly

— (@disclosetv) October 19, 2021

The changing of the olde guard…

Czech president cannot perform duties due to ill health: Official

And in the US… Link to Telegram.

BREAKING: Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas has tested positive for COVID.

I think President Trump’s “Make America Great Again Again” is kicking in… again.

And Texas again…

Tarrant Texas- County Arrests More Than 100 Suspects for Human Trafficking

And again today… Link to Telegram.

Disgraced businessman Ron Brierley jailed over child abuse material

Disgraced multi-millionaire Ron Brierley has been sentenced to a maximum of 14 months in jail for the possession of child abuse material.

The 84-year-old’s age and health were taken into consideration during sentencing, with Brierley to serve at least seven months.

He later pleaded guilty to three charges related to almost 47,000 images found on his laptop and several USB devices found on him and at his Point Piper home.

The former head of the Bank of New Zealandwas knighted in 1988 for his contribution to business and the community.

He was forced to forfeit that knighthood after he entered guilty pleas.


If this doesn’t get the attention of American people I don’t know what will. Snicker, snicker.

NEW – Rachel Levine sworn in as “first openly transgender, female four-star admiral” in the U.S. Public Health Service.

— (@disclosetv) October 19, 2021

Phil Godlewski did another fascinating Rapid Fire Q&A recently. Most answers were not a surprise, but the odd one might be. Take it or leave it. 1 hr. 51 min.

RAPID FIRE Episode 3 – October 14th, 2021

He also shows us what he has done to facilitate us leaving the cabal-sponsored retailers and sourcing our products from patriots. We have tremendous influence with our dollars if we will just break from habit and find new sources for the products and services we use. Like I always say… “Don’t feed the animals.” Support the honest, independent entrepreneurs. Help them thrive, and show the cabal who’s in charge. We don’t need them.

See Phil’s overview video here, or visit philAZON, the patriot ‘amazon’ here. The dance in the above video might be very revealing. The moves remind me more of Peanuts than Justin Timberlake, lol. Phil has a brilliant mind and is a thinking man. He has put a great deal of thought into these initiatives of his and if we’re not going to create any actionables on our own, we can at least support his platforms and initiatives wherever possible.

The cabal trained us to support their crony enterprises. We have to consciously break the programming and create new patterns of behaviour to circumvent their systems. It’s not going to happen on its own—we have to do it to form new habits. This is a wonderful start, and the number and variety of vendors will increase a lot. Why not take a stroll around

MASS PROTESTS erupt across America; even Biden voters now rejecting tyrannical vaccine mandates … “Let’s go Brandon” protest rap goes viral

This is what patriot push-back does. Keep pushing! No backing down. Hold the line.

Southwest Airlines Backs Off Plan to Put Unvaccinated Employees on Unpaid Leave

To close, here’s an interesting thought:

As the veil is lifted, the real physical appearance of all will be visible. [they] will hide.

— SiriusB (@SiriusBShaman) October 18, 2021

Gotta run. See you next time, folks. I think we can all smell the odiferous aroma of freedom even now, can’t we? Free people, free energy, a free world—whatever that world is.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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