A Gift From Gaia~ October 19, 2021



With Mercury (throat chakra – law of vibration) and Jupiter (Sacral chakra – law of polarity) now moving into a forward motion you are likely to feel either great tension in the body or a great gush forward which for some yet to reconnect the internal dots has the muscular system pull back and tighten.

We now begin to create the next available dream based upon our frequencies and lucidity but remember the LOOPS, remember how for forever you have gotten excited over the “new” to find it was simply the old in a new format with new faces, players and scenery. The trick to experiencing the new is found on the inside…the nature of you, which then secures you in the nature of the All, as within so without where nothing is more important than the laws of nature and all that IS naturally present to guide you to the seed of all truth, Source, and the essence of all life.

Although, may I just add, using words to describe the new is rather tricky because technically there is no new until one wakes to the dream that is and finds that all has already been experienced in its multitude of variations and modes. The new can only ever be to know thyself and that is yet to be explored collectively and so if one is souly basing happiness/sadness on anything external then one is truly yet to find the new, or the path for that matter. This is an inside job. All that relies on the outside is simply part of a system which is, as we can see, evidently shutting down or changing its format and so to be caught in the illusion will bring that matter down to zero point one way or another. To assist in the reconnection and embodiment I sent this guidance out in The Alignment Program this morning which I felt important to share with you too, it’s just a reminder, I know that you know…


Good morning love’s! This is a Monday morning check in and a reminder to practice muscle scans. Stop now Breathe And imagine a bar of light scanning your body from the top of your head and going down slowly to your toes. Notice the muscles Where is there tension in the body? Holding tension in the body creates overuse and overuse will eventually breakdown the muscles and tissues, leading to weaker areas in which the dis-ease begins to speak in ways we would rather not experience. So by making muscle scans a part of your routine gives you an opportunity to discover the language of the body now and begin listening and learning what is happening at a deeper level. The language of the body is attempting to tell you where there is stress held before it gets to critical levels and dis-ease sets in. For example I experienced anxiety from a small child, I never felt life was safe and every single day I felt the beat of a billion butterflies in my stomach which led to a hernia and an exploded appendix, exploded ulcers and me almost losing my life from poisoning and my organs shutting down – a complete disconnect and disregard of my own life, I had no care and chose to experience what happens when I continued to avoid myself, this was added to by the medical system that had me taking a multitude of medications for a plethora of depressive diagnoses which assisted me to avoid myself and continue to attempt ‘living’ and functioning in its idea of how that should look (from the unconscious/victim perspective) There are a number of books out there that will give you some guidance as to what specific areas of the body relates to what emotion and you can find my recommendations in The Alignment Program on the website. But a rule of thumb would be: Head and Shoulders – Anger Chest – Sadness and Restriction Stomach – Fear Pelvis – Sexual/Creative flow and balance of masc/fem which MOST people are out due to the level of polarity held and the unawareness of self as the Cosmic Dreamer/Creator We can get a more deeper look if we understand the chakras and the governing Universal Laws.


The spiritual seekers will often try and experience out of body experiences however the ironic thing is that we are already out of body until we create a body which is “safe” to be in, so when we find an area of tension in the body we are ultimately finding a space where we are not present, where we are not reading the defence that the muscular system is attempting to communicate to you FOR you to feel grounded, wholesome, present and “in body” or embodied. Learning body language, or the language of the body IS your path to freedom and ultimate love and connection, and this opens up the experience of perfect physical health. When we find the tension it is our focus that is required, breathe into the area and give permission for relaxation but also request the data from the tension, do the work to discover how the tension relates to the reality you are creating to reflect where you are out of body. All physicality both body and reality is ONE. What isn’t right inside isn’t right outside, we have simply come to devalue the inside and prefer the disconnection so that we get to continue pursuing what we have been programmed to accept as life and normality. This is why no other can heal you, and any attempt to pacify ailments simply yet intricately has them reforming in a multitude of “other” ways including being passed down to your dear beloved children and grandchildren. Pacifying practices can be likened to computer programmers creating a patch that enables the software to continue functioning, but eventually the program must be rewritten, too many patches and too many bugs in the system creates endless crashes and eventually all must be replaced.


#quantumhealing#3stepstoheaven#peace#love#bliss source: agiftfromgaia.com

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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