Starship Earth October 18, 2021: It’s Not Over Till It’s Over— And It’s Far from Over


Trying to make sense of the “news” is hard work any more. Some days it’s just too much effort to even try. Whatever… you’re on your own to use your discernment as so many are being thrown under the bus and even within the patriot/alternative news community, the attacks are increasing. I ignore most of it because I can sense their intent. Many operatives were installed for just such a time and they can’t do their job without exposing who they are and who they’re working for. When you attack Q, Trump, Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, etc., you’re controlled opposition; paid shills and operatives fighting for their lives, squirming like a severed dew worm.

Simon says…

Military action across planet to move to second phase. 

Increase in military activity now given green light.

In Sacramento, (northern California) we see this footage of countless rail cars loaded with military hardware going…? said to have happened this morning.

See the video on Telegram.

You must have heard that Colin Powell died. As far as we know, he was a traitor. Did the vaxx get him? What does the chart say… something about Covid used to conceal arrests, etc. I’ll have to check. One moment please.

Oh yes, the highest form of criminality went like so: If they tested positive for Covid it means they confessed to get a deal, and they get execution out of the public eye. So, I suspect since he’s already supposedly toast, that he was executed. Just my interpretation, not validated. Or, if he was 84 it could have been a natural death—from the shot.

BREAKING : Colin Powell dies aged 84 of complications from Covid-19 his family have said on Facebook via (RT) He Was Fully Vaccinated

You can bet if CNN and the cabal media are turning him into an icon, he was their man. And they’ll use his death as a distraction and/or to underscore their fear campaign that the Wu Flu is a killer.

Biden apparently remembers something.

Biden remembers Powell as a friend, patriot, and ‘a good man’

Trump brands ‘overrated’ Colin Powell a warmonger after ex-Secretary of State slams president as dangerous & unconstitutional

The military is in the spotlight, it seems.

Pentagon Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandates on Military, Federal Employees and Contractors

And in Canada. “Sexual misconduct”. It is far more prevalent than most people know, and they don’t want to believe the massive web of perverted satanic ritual abuse and activities in every country, every city, in every walk of life. These people are sick and must be exposed and removed from society because they believe they are “normal” and have every right to their twisted lifestyle at the expense of innocents.

Head of Canadian military intelligence school relieved of command after misconduct investigation

The Arizona Audit is going in interesting directions… and all roads lead to Human trafficking, it seems.

You can almost hear the banshees shrieking in fear as the vice grips of truth slowly close in on them.

Don jr. has finally posted about THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC

— *Stang (@Zieleds) October 17, 2021

Not convinced? How about when a Catholic Archbishop tells you?

Archbishop Vigano: “Vaccine Victims are Sacrificed at the Altar of Moloch” (VIDEO)

Who knew the entire world would unite over an imaginary pandemic? Who knew that a virtually harmless bug could turn the world upside-down, destroy businesses, force mass resignations, lockdowns, involve shockingly massive bribes to hospitals and doctors, leading to CEO resignations, genocide, and the biggest propaganda campaigns ever devised by the cabal’s media?

No low is too low for these lying, treasonous entities who call themselves “journalists”. Regardless of the “intent”, no one trusts them any more because they have broken the bonds of trust with the public for too long, in too many ways.

They are supposed to relay the facts and reality—not close representations and unreasonable facsimiles. If they are using an image that is intended as a representation they need to state that up front. We shouldn’t have to fact check the nation’s official media.

Now that we know that Prime Minister Turdeau paid the Canadian Broadcasting Company millions, it’s hardly likely the “news” will be fair and balanced, leaving bias out of it.

The truth is impossible to keep out of the spotlight any longer, particularly with Project Veritas on the job.

DHS Insider Who Exposed ‘Reasonable Fear’ Migrant Asylum Loophole Goes PUBLIC

‘Error in judgement’: CBC Edmonton regrets mannequin’s use in COVID-19 news report

— National Post (@nationalpost) October 14, 2021

lol what a joke

— Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) October 17, 2021

We try to keep it light, but we know there are serious threats out there that could potentially be unleashed on unsuspecting Humans. Some targeted individuals, and at least one who frequents the comments here on the ship, are attacked by psychotronic weapons even now.

The cabal members are like spoiled little children. They are used to getting their own way and being in control, so if you cross them—look out. They’ll be having tantrums and lashing out at anyone they can. Torture is commonplace in their world and Humans are afforded little in the way of compassion or empathy from these psychopaths who only know how to dish out what was served to them from infancy. We have to stop the cycle of depravity and satanic practices.

Sgt. Robert Horton shared this. Video at the link.

Street Light Microwave ATTACK System – Whistle Blower Barrie Trower. They can kill you with this.
SHARE ( this far and wide

Some suggest that microwaves or 5G may trigger the technology in the clot shots at a time of the New World Order’s choosing and take out millions of people en masse. Some thought it might be space weapons and possibly for that reason and perhaps others, specific satellites have been shot down by the Space Force, we’re told.

Surveillance and attack are all possible through the use of satellites, apparently, and surveillance is huge. The control freaks have to know, see, and hear everything to feel secure. There is no privacy any more. Whatever you put on the Internet is there—forever. That can work in our favour too, however, as the criminals have learned. Love that WayBack Machine.

The deep state convinced the average person that putting their whole life, their family, everything on the Internet on social media platforms like MySpace, Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, etc. was a great idea. Many platforms make it easy to sign up, and almost impossible to delete a profile and content. By design.

Chinese messaging platform WeChat – which President Trump sought to ban from operating in the United States – has admitted to regularly scanning users’ photos even while the app isn’t in use.

China’s WeChat Admits To Secretly Scanning Users’ Photos

Here in the Valley of the Sun we have perfect weather for peaceful protests. It’s partly cloudy, breezy, 82 degrees—but where are they? Don’t Arizonans have a problem with rigged elections?

DALLAS- Airline employees and Protesters chant “My Body, My Choice”

— Sav (@RapidFire_Pod) October 18, 2021

Large crowd in Sacramento protesting California’s vaccine mandate in schools. Many parents brought their kids @KCBSRadio

— Kathy Novak (@Kathy_Novak) October 18, 2021

Protests against vaccine passports in Rome—the crowd is chanting, “People like us never give up”

— Alessandra (@alessabocchi) October 18, 2021

Our missive from the Great White Gulag: Calgary, Alberta on Telegram.

– Conversation with a Doctor who works at a Hospital in Calgary. This Doctor has had both doses of the vaccine.

The Doctor stated they are frustrated because “They have closed down entire “Essential” wards, leaving only 2 ‘Urgent care’ beds open in some departments, while there are many more people that need treatment – despite most of the staff being vaccinated. The Doctor said … Right now, they are basically “pushing bodies”.

The Doctor also stated that ” THE HOSPITALS ARE FULL of UN and Military I don’t know whats going on – WHY or WHAT the UN and Military are doing there.” The hospital staff are being threatened with their jobs, to keep quiet.

Has anyone else heard of this going on anywhere?

Here’s a protest in Edmonton, Alberta. Perhaps the rigged Canadian federal election pushed a few beyond their breaking point?

The psychopaths are going to push it as hard as they can, and more and more people are reaching their limit and realizing they have to take a stand, regardless of what they have to sacrifice to do it. If enough people don’t do this, it won’t matter. It’s all or nothing. We either stand together in unity, or we go down together. Win… or lose. Where We Go One, We Go All.

Yes, they can threaten all they like but let’s see them ENFORCE what they’re threatening. They are counting on most of us being in fear, and we’re just not any more. There are far more of us than of them and their high-paid goons.

I would love to see all the Canadian churches who posted in favour of other social justice initiatives over the last couple years show some support for the pastors who are standing up for freedom.

— Nat Biase (@natbiase) October 15, 2021

Yes, the “loaded” vaccines are wreaking havoc on Humanity. We don’t understand them, and can’t be sure why some people are literally unaffected in any way by negative side-effects while other die within hours or days of injection. It is getting the attention of a lot of cognitively reasonable people and they are realizing something is deeply amiss when governments the world over are calling for mandatory jabs for all age groups now.

We don’t have the answers, but we feel it may be a matter of life and death to reject the jab and maintain a pristine and metabolically healthy body by relying on our trusty old immune system to protect us, as we always have. An experimental “drug therapy” that modifies our God-given genes is a consideration not to be taken lightly because it sounds like it may be irreversible. If you keel over within two weeks of getting your shot—it’s definitely irreversible, yes?

In the short term, we have NANO SOMA and Metasomer Topical Gel. I didn’t think I would need the gel but my thumb joint was inflamed this past week, maybe from the painting I’ve done, and just for kicks I put some gel on it. I couldn’t believe it worked almost immediately and in the morning it felt so much better. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. After rinse and repeat, it continued to provide relief from a much overused “mouse hand”.

When Dr. Presser sends his email updates I find myself wanting to skip down to the testimonials he shares each time because they’re literally thrilling. To hear each unique story about the healing or pain relief or reversal of damage is hard to wrap your mind around after decades of almost nothing working to truly heal people. It was usually more about a toxic pharmaceutical “patch” than eliminating the source of pain, loss of mobility, etc. I am truly blown away by what NANO SOMA and Metasomer can do.

The fact that NANO SOMA blocks even the most virulent attackers like MRSA and others, and removes what the body does not want or need such as the toxic elements of vaxx injections, is peace of mind to so many people and when you see the research over 13 years from Dr. Raghavan and his patients and learn that it unlocks the body’s ability to heal itself of conditions considered incurable, we are fortunate indeed to have this safe, revolutionary product at this particular time. To think that even neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinsons can be reversed when we add this simple solution to boost our immune system, it’s like something out of a futuristic novel.

If you have not yet explored the amazing NANO SOMA products you can do so here at Dr. Presser’s online store. It sounds like he nearly has the resources in place to keep all the stores in the US, Europe, Australia, etc. stocked so there are no more empty shelves at the distribution centres.

I believe this is just the beginning of the healthcare revolution. When we learn that with a support mechanism like NANO SOMA the body can actually regenerate the telomeres on the tips of our chromosomes, which is literally turning back the hands of time, it seems no job is too great for this miraculous key to good health. I don’t miss choking down all those vitamin capsules—none of which are needed when you take NANO SOMA because it prompts the body to regulate its own Vitamin D receptors and to generate its own Vitamin C—two critical antioxidants for fighting disease of all kinds, including “Covid”.

Due to the exploding popularity of these products, there are multiple stores, with prices in various currencies, etc., Dr. Presser asks that we use the nearest store to us when ordering. He is currently working on getting approval to bottle and distribute in additional countries, like Canada.

We have subscribers to this blog from all over the world and Dr. Presser set up stores to supply many countries with more fulfillment centres on the way.

To view the products and pricing at the store nearest you, click here and then select the geographical location desired at the link there.

The number of people using NANO SOMA and Metasomer has exploded these past few months by word of mouth and they are becoming quite the phenomena. When a product is this safe, this effective, with the promise of little miracles to come as our individual bodies determine, it will take the world by storm, and the more users there are, the lower the pricing will dip. Dr. Presser provides the best customer service I’m aware of, so, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The day is rapidly waning and I still have much to do so I must fly. Thank you to the crew for the support of all kinds and the vigilant efforts to spread the word of Truth. Images are not working and the spinner keeps going round and round when I try to import them so c’est la vie.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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