Greetings dear StarOnes,

With Love we come to share this note in support to the many who need assistance with clearing some of the discomforts these heavy surges of cosmic Light Energies blasting the Entire Galaxy to this Sol system. Ascension is indeed an acceleration process to reach the Next Octave of Consciousness for ALL creations in the entire Universe.

Many are like caterpillars in cocoons ready to emerge onto this NOW moment with new Wings, your new Self and Truth. This process has been challenging and rewarding as you are each preparing for this Great Awakening with many events that will pass. These cosmic intensities are not going to disappear. This is still just the beginning.. beware do what is best to keep your physical in alignment.

Each Cosmic Stargate, and energetic portals, 11:11 12:12 13:13 14:14 are vibrational mechanism to upgrade, shift and realign one Self with the Cosmic Heart of the Universe. The Universal Sacred Heart is now pulsating through your physical heart and radiating for transfiguration of your physical.

Take a few moments daily to quiet your conscious mind. Open the window of your Soul that exists within the castle of your human form and allow your Self to expand to your greatest YOU. In the now moment of each breath is an infinite opportunity for Love and Wisdom to create a new reality. Breathe dear Ones, open your Heart to these new cosmic flows of Light codes, they will transmute upgrade your DNA. Allow Divine Love to immerse your Heart. Aligning with your Divine Truth means that you TRUST your Cosmic Heart FIRST before following blindly. No longer look for Truth in others for it is Within.

Accept all of who you are and let go of any limitation from fears. Be open to new doors of creation, which will soon be in your life. Love yourself. BE gentle with yourself. Do not judge what and how you feel. Just BE present with Life and to what presents itself to you. Life is happening and experiences are necessary mirrors of evolution, so take your Light Truth shin OUTSIDE of your comfortable social media circles! We challenge you to “stop preaching to the choir” and reach new shores of Experiences within the 3D. No matter where what whom cross your path you can still BE YOU with Kindness and compassion. And there will be much new opportunities to support, facilitate and guide the communities where the new wave of BlueStar Krystic children being born to this planet.

So dear ones, breathe in this cosmic LIGHT, connect with your Heart and let the miracles flow onto to you. Feel it entering your entire body, within each cell and rising its vibration with Luminescence. Do NOT settled for complacency, NOW is the time to re-awaken to your true potential of Divine SELF, to your dreams as you realize that there is nothing outside of Self, for every creation IS a reflection of First Source. When you are gathering in sacred sites and communities to inspire and ignite the Cosmic Flame, you are transmuting old illusions. That is ONE of the purpose of your mission here. Be the LightBearers, the compass of Love for these coming gentle new BlueKristic Souls!

Again Breathe and Rejoice in what you have and know that new experiences and expressions are on their way. Breathe in and Greet the NEW with open arms and TRUST. Indeed express that passion once again to find Peace and Harmony in life from all the “heart-rages” that you have faced in the past. And for this WE at the Blue Ray Council we APPLAUD you.

TRUST this Ascension process to bloom your Original Light cosmic seed. Know We are with you among many Light Guardian Alliances who have orchestrated and facilitated the releasing and letting go… of the OLD for the New Light


Join Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay Galactic Guardian of Mother Ark, Elder at the Blueray Council

Copyright (©) 2019 * All Rights Reserved * 2012 &on- You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice. Light Encoded Picture by Dee-Aia-Ra-Sha Gratitude to Jean-Luc Bozzoli 💙💦

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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