October 14, 2021: The Countdown Has Begun… [videos] ~ October 14, 2021


No introduction today. Twitter is experiencing problems. My page is there, but there’s no content. The “Retry” button does nothing. More on Twitter below with respect to President Trump. I am not able to insert the DownDetector.com image of the graph showing the huge spike in reports. I just saw a Telegram post prior to publication saying Instagram users in Europe are reporting problems, too. Link to Telegram.]

That was to be expected as we were told a series of “waves” would take place across the planet with various outages of social media, communications, etc. This is the second wave as far as I know.

It’s getting uncomfortable out there for the dark ones and the trolls are getting really nasty and abusive.

The false flag attacks are growing, and the controllers continue to try to divide us. If you hadn’t heard, it was a “radicalized” Danish man who killed several people in Norway yesterday. Did he yell “Allahu Akbar”, too? This induced terrorism is getting really old.

Just wondering… my PC insisted on doing an update last night when I shut it down, and this morning a cute little Wikipedia icon sat on my desktop in the bottom right corner where it never was before. I immediately deleted it as I’ve no use for propaganda and fabricated facts. Anyone else have a similar experience? The cabal have strategically conditioned people to go to Wikipedia to look up anything and everything—that and the CIA’s “Snopes.com” so they can debunk any truth or conspiracy and turn it into a “theory” or a joke. They lie, coverup, misinform, obfuscate, and pretend to be “the Source” everyone needs.

Now we’re jumping in and we are watching the chess pieces fall as they may.

More people on the inside are coming out and exposing the shadow government. Stu Peters speaks initially with Maria Zack about a Frenchman, Philippe Argillier, who has come forward to expose what he knows about the machinations of the global control network—the trillionaire banksters—who invited him to attend at least one strategy meeting and offered him a significant bribe. Philippe then speaks directly with Stew for over an hour. He says he is the President of a “parallel government” and is imploring Pres. Donald Trump to join him. He said he was told prior to 2020 that Trump would no longer be POTUS because he impacted their monetary system and wealth. Must listen—and share! 1 hr. 20 min.

Quand la Vérité  s’exporte [when the truth is exported]

It sounds like everything is going to come to a head very soon, no matter what we do or don’t do. I got this text from Scott Mowry’s team on Wednesday afternoon. Scott has some high-level military sources but we also know that purposeful disinformation is part of war. I don’t know the source of this information, however. This figures in some posts from the Q map, where they posted, “Done in 30”.

We heard that Trump has recently taken steps to reinstate his Twitter account [why now, we ask???] and we believe the White Hats are in control of social media now so… we await his 17 thousandth Tweet! [seventeen] Fingers crossed. I’m sure we’ll hear on Telegram when his Twitter account goes live. The Storm is Upon Us.”A Great Red Wave Started on Mon. 11 Oct. and Ends Thurs. 11 Nov.Done in 30 Days.Soon a Trump Twitter should be activated – THE most awaited tweet in history posted, Trump’s 17,000 Tweet.A lot of Events will happen within those 30 days:Market Crash/ Blackouts/ Revelations/ Military Takeover/ Final Lockdown/ Mass ArrestsThe most EPIC 30 days of our lives.The very end of the movie will be 11/11, when finally everyone will be unified,All Criminals Exposed and Arrested.Stay Calm…Trust the Plan…Enjoy the Show

So, if you’re prepared, you can relax and enjoy the show, as Q advised. We did hear that Thanksgiving and Christmas were going to be marvelous this year… Thanksgiving might be, if all is done on this schedule.

I see Simon Parkes has posted on “Q phones”. I hope they come in the beautiful lilac colour of my new Android Galaxy… see Simon’s post with the Telegram link in it.

Link to Simon’s website:

Q Phones…







I like the idea below, and wonder what percentage of politicians actually live in DC. Don’t a lot of them live elsewhere, like a commute away in Virginia, or Maryland, etc? Some live in their home state, of course. It would be great to see them feel the pain, wouldn’t it? I can’t import the Gab post so… I’ll transcribe.

I’m a retired driver after 45 years. Fight fire with fire. Refuse to haul a single load into Washington DC and the surrounding area where the politicians live. Nothing to the democrat cities that support this bullshit. No groceries, commodities, or gas. Who do you think will blink first?

I see some information trickling down about the Southwest Airline situation. A Gab parent in the airline industry is saying that the shutdowns/cancellations were due to the ultimatums delivered by the airline to get the jab by November and the pilots/crew had to take their banked vacation or lose it.

They also say 80% of pilots are ex-military and they are walking off the job in support of Americans because they know that the cabal are coming for the essential frontline workers first, and the rest of America afterward. Doctors, nurses, health care, teachers, truckers, pilots, firemen, all have to stand up NOW. Air traffic controllers are walking out, too. We, the People make this world go around. If we say so, it stops spinning.

As we were told, we would come up against the wall in this battle to the point we can no longer sit on the fence. You have to choose. You give in and sacrifice yourself and get the jab to keep your job, or you stand firm, hold the line, and refuse to comply. We have to unify and stick together. We must ALL refuse to comply. They do not have the right to control us. No law supports their edicts or fake mandates.

We recommended everyone stock up on essentials; food, water, meds, cash, pet supplies, batteries, candles, daily essential items, keep the fuel tank topped up, and be prepared to hunker down for any reason. We don’t know what’s coming, but if we’re prepared, self-sufficient, and can last at least two weeks without buying groceries, gas, visiting an ATM, etc., we’re in a good place no matter what happens.

How long can we sustain a standoff, for instance? What if ALL of We, the People all over the world just gave a big FU to the cabal and refused to do what we do every day and stayed home, visited with family, neighbours, compared notes, and educated the uninformed?

Dr. Mercola reminds us that there are alternatives to HCQ, Ivermectin, etc. and they don’t require a prescription. This is another one I have in the cupboard as it was recommended to take it in late winter along with some other things to head off the spring allergy season my other half and Mica seemed to react to. Quercitin. There is a counter at the top of the website showing the time remaining before the article is removed. Following is a synopsis.

What the world needs to realize is that there is no “pandemic” in the true sense of the word (the deep state has since modified the definition to suit their needs) because there are many available, effective treatments for the condition—whatever it may be. A cold, influenza, a weaponized virus or bacteria, parasite… whatever is making people sick.

The mechanism:

Initially, quercetin gained attention because it’s a zinc ionophore, meaning it shuttles zinc — which has well-known antiviral effects — into your cells just like the drug hydroxychloroquine.

Two New Studies Test Quercetin And COVID Outcomes


  • Two recently published studies confirm quercetin is useful as an adjunct therapy in the early outpatient treatment of mild SARS-CoV-2 infection
  • In one study, COVID patients who received quercetin in addition to analgesics and an antibiotic cleared the virus faster than those who only received analgesics and antibiotics, and a greater number of patients reported reduced symptoms
  • In the second study, daily quercetin supplementation for one month reduced the frequency and length of hospitalization, the need for noninvasive oxygen therapy, intensive care and deaths
  • Quercetin has antiviral, anti-blood clotting, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, all of which are important in the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection
  • Quercetin also inhibits binding of specific spike proteins to your ACE2 receptors, thereby blocking the virus’ ability to infect your cells. It’s also been shown to directly neutralize viral proteins that are critical in the replication of SARS‐CoV‐2

In an August 21, 2021, newsletter,1 Dr. Michael Murray discussed the use of quercetin for respiratory infection symptoms. In November 2020, he’d suffered a “very mild and brief bout of COVID-19.”

He also recounts an anecdotal story of a friend who developed suspicious respiratory symptoms. His friend had been taking a number of supplements said to offer protection, but was still feeling awful.

As it turns out, the one thing he’d not taken was quercetin, and as soon as he did, that same day, his symptoms started to dissipate. This experience, Murray says, “is consistent with the results from two clinical trials” that were recently published.

Quercetin seems to be a safe, far less expensive, and easier-to-obtain and it works by a similar mechanism, driving zinc into the cells to stop viral replication.

Statistical Improvement in Clinical Outcomes

In the first study,2 42 COVID-19 outpatients were divided into two groups. One group of 21 patients received standard medical therapy consisting of analgesics and an antibiotic (acetaminophen 500-milligram (mg) to 1,000-mg dose if body temperature was higher than 37.5 degrees C — 99.5 F — with a maximum daily dosage of 3 grams, and 500 mg azithromycin for three consecutive days).

The other group of 21 patients received standard therapy plus the equivalent of 600 mg of quercetin per day (divided into three doses) for seven days, followed by another seven-day course of 400 mg of quercetin per day (divided into two doses).

The quercetin was used with sunflower lecithin, which has been demonstrated to increase absorption in the gut by as much as 20 times, compared to pure quercetin formulations.

The main outcomes being evaluated were virus clearance and symptoms. After one week of treatment, 16 of the 21 patients in the quercetin group tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 and 12 reported that all symptoms had diminished.

In the standard care group, only two tested negative and four had partially improved symptoms. By the end of Week 2, the five remaining patients in the quercetin group tested negative. In the standard care group, 17 of the 19 remaining patients tested negative and one had died.

“These results are impressive and hopefully additional studies will be conducted on hospitalized patients to see how quercetin might be helpful in more severe cases,” Murray wrote in his newsletter.

The same website where we have seen similar information is reporting on Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York being hanged. Many will disbelieve this, and due to the unique circumstances of this covert war, we don’t have proof yet. I don’t believe it will be long, however, based on the schedule above for Oct/Nov, before the truth about the military tribunals and executions for treason and extreme crimes against Humanity will be made public and the video proof will be presented to the People.

Military Convicts Andrew Cuomo

We believe this site is run by the military to inform the awakened and provide assurances that justice is indeed being done. That has been one of the key reasons for the Q Team, President Trump’s coded messages, the SerialBrain2 decodes, and the subtle comms from a few inside patriots very close to the Q Team like General Flynn, Dan Scavino Jr., Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers, etc.

If you want hard, physical proof before you believe anything you’ll have to get over yourself. This is a war and we’re lucky to have access to the information we do. We don’t want vigilantes with pitchforks and torches going wild in America because it appears that there is no accountability or consequences for the crimes exposed by the Q Team, President Trump, his administration, the insiders and whistleblowers.

It had to be done this way and we will learn about everything in due time. Timing is everything. We want everyone to remain safe and able to complete their mission. Use your intuition to gauge the veracity of the information provided. I personally believe this is put out for our benefit, although embellished somewhat and perhaps over-coloured so it doesn’t sound strictly like military intel and to make for an interesting read, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s the essence that I want. It suggests this justice took place, and if it did, we will learn of it. In the interim, when you know, you know.

It might give rise to the question as to why did Cuomo’s brother, Chris Cuomo of CNN, suddenly take a leave in the past month or two. Was he shaken? Did he need to take care of family business? Something about his reason for the break sounded like there were things unsaid. We could see there was a great deal of attention on the crimes of Governor Cuomo including the nursing home mass murder and it was obvious the military were going to mete out appropriate punishment. For me, this is just confirmation that they already have, or very soon will.

Queen Romana Didulo told us there would be a hanging recently. Perhaps that was it.

She also posted this: Link to Telegram

Q & A – MedBeds + DNA-X

Q: Dear Queen,
1. heard from Gene decode said Canada will be first to roll out medbeds by end of year!

2. The medbeds can heal all diseases and make people 30 years younger, are these true?

3. If you send us DNA-X, Do we still need medbeds?

Thanks and blissings to all.

1) Yes as soon as possible
2) Yes
3) DNA-X, is the Mother of the MedBeds technologies and all Quantum Technologies…

Since I AM activated DNA-X for the whole Planet Earth, the strongest of its energetic frequencies are in Canada where I AM – it will make the work of MedBeds faster.

DNA-X has a secret sauce not found in the MedBeds…And, it cannot be tampered with…

That’s all for today, folks. Be ready for big actions between now and Nov. 11. Turn the tables and be the cabal’s worst nightmare.

Remember to check out the good stuff the crew shares beneath each post in the comments.  ~ BP

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