Know Yourself Know God – Neioh – Pleiadian Collective ~ October 14, 2021


Know Yourself Know God - Neioh - Pleiadian Collective

Know Yourself Know God


Family Of Taygeta – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective


Beloved Friends Of Light!

To Know Yourself Is To Know God.

To Know God Is To Know Yourself.

If You Are In Religion, Remain There.


If Your Religion Excludes All Others, It Is Not Of The ONE.

Find Truth And Love.

Remain In This Silence.


Before You Can Begin To Determine Where To Go From Here, Take Moments At This Particular Crossroads In Your Journey To Become Reacquainted With Yourself.

The True Self.

Not The One That Frets And Worries At Every Turn Where The Darkness Jumps Out With More Lies.


Not The One That Tries So Hard To Look Important, That Is Always Strong But Cries Alone.

Let’s Bring Out The One That Is Prepared For Any Change!

The Sacred Soul Of Light That Is The Essence Of God And All Knowing!

Do You Really Understand That You And God Are One?


Jesus Spoke As A Self-Actualized Man That Came Into Such An Awakening That He Pointed The Way For All That Would Listen.

‘I And My Father Are One’.

Father Was Translated From ‘Birther’, So The Sacred Source That Is Not Offended With A Name, Called You Into Being!


You Were A Thought.

An Energy Construct That Was Gifted With Consciousness To Be Born Over And Over Into The Multiverses!

God Is Dreaming You!

You Are Awake In The Dream Of Love.

This Essence Is Powerful!


It Will Never Die.

God Has No Beginning Or End.

Your Creation Was A Sacred Moment.

You Are Of God.

So You Have No Ending!


You Have Been Given Hints And Awakenings And Remembering What All Of This Is About!

You Sleep And Travel.

You Awaken And Forget.

You Repeat Cycles Daily Until The Moment You Have Chosen To Leave.

You Cannot Understand As Human That You Would Ever Leave At All, Much Less By Perceived Tragedy.

But Understanding That You Are Clothed Within And Without By The Love Of God, There Is Nothing To Fear!



This Sacred Waking Dream.

You Know We Bring This To You Often.

This Dream That Seems So Real.

This Dream Of Pain And Love And Joy And Grief.

Oh, If You Could Understand That Your Soul Is Actually Deciding Great Moments For You!


Removing Toxic People From Your Life!

Bringing You Close To Your Tribe!

Why Is This?


You Know.

The Grand Shift Of The Ages.

There Will Be No Successful Agenda And Reset!

Those Clueless Puppet Masters Can Propose Trillions of Dollars More.

But Money Is Like Dust When You Are Facing Infinity!

That Is Truth!

And Truth Needs No Defending!


So Enjoy This Waking Dream!

There Truly Is Love Around You.

Feel It.

See It.

Dream It.


Angels Are Circling The Skies.

Many Come Close Unseen And Bow.

You Do Not Need A Date Or Year!

But Can You Remember ‘NOW?’


I Thought So!

With The Greatest Love, We Welcome You Home!

The Best Is Yet To Come!

I Love You So!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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