Order of the Star ~ October 13, 2021


Yin and Yang

To put it simply, all aspects of the Universe exist in relation to one another, a cosmic duality of two opposing and complementing forces called yin and yang. In other words, all things come in pairs. Everything in nature consists of two paradoxical phases and energies. Yin as the passive female energy, associated with earth, dark, moon, cold and love. Yang energy refers to the active male energy of the universe, associated with heaven, heat, sun and light. When you understand the flow of yin and yang, you live in harmony with nature. If you want to relate to the world harmoniously, you need to create peace within yourself first. Every person is a mixture of yin and yang. When you balance these energies internally, your inner condition manifests outward, shaping your words and actions and affecting the people around you.

The Bride and The Bridegroom, it is the Yin/Yang of the Tao, the Holy Matrimony of Spirit and Soul. At its core, it is the balancing of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies within ourselves, and therefore upon our World which is dearly needed. Yin and Yang shine with each other and can be healed by each other. The world can regain a beautiful balance. Yin and Yang begins an era of love and light. The deep and great love of men gives off a strong light and becomes the light of the world. In response to the light, the soft love of women blooms with joy like roses blossoms. Women’s unwavering love heals and opens the hearts of men. When the love of yin and yang is balanced and melts, a new light of love is born. In Feng Shui The Dragon and Phoenix are believed to be the perfect couple. Dragon is “yang” while Phoenix is “yin”, and they complement each other. This balance of yin and yang enhances matrimonial bliss. Being the symbol of everlasting love, this celestial couple is the ultimate symbol of marital happiness.

Yang is the predominant of male sexuality. Yin is the predominant of female sexuality. When a man and woman come together in sacred communion, the yangforce of heaven descends into the yinforce of earth. Just as the yinforce of earth ascends unto the yangforce of heaven. The yang and yin embrace each other. When yin and yang intermingle they naturally compliment each other to generate creative energy. If the male force and female force are physically and emotionally harmonized, thier is balance and creativity as cosmic harmony is achieved. As a result the couples are bathed with cosmic radiance and blessings in mind, body and soul.

Standing alone, both yin and yang are incomplete. It could be said that the central task of yin and yang is to come into balance. Courting our inner-opposite is what the alchemists called coniunctio, referred to as the Sacred Marriage. Paradoxically, it is through our outer dissimilarities that we learn about our inner complements. Yin is the loving, feeling, compassionate force within. It knows the wisdom of surrender and chooses to yield, even when everyone else is getting ahead. For Yin, withdrawing is entering. It’s there that we birth our dreams, refine our intuition, and have a center from which to interrelate. Yang is our direction, focus and backbone. With piercing clarity, Yang chooses a standpoint and sticks to it. It is assertive, analytical and works independently. It knows how to discriminate and cuts away the excess. Yang takes action when something needs to be done. Yang is the arrow that speeds to its target, turning our dreams into realities.

The sacred feminine yin dances with the sacred masculine yang; an act of love making; spiralling, twisting vortices, eddies, undercurrents and waves, giving birth to a sacred reciprocity, an alchemic becoming blended of being and doing, the non-action within action. Self-awareness is our portal into perceiving this ocean of chi energy so that we may live in harmony: somatic, social and soulful awareness feeding our intention and attention. The waves are never separate from the ocean. The ocean gives birth to the wave, yet each wave has its own unique form, its own distinguishing character while remaining part of the ocean. Every vibration of energy, every body is an expression of Nature.

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