Ramona Lappin ~ October 11, 2021



What can one say but that it’s very INTENSE! 🥴🤣 Solaris is most powerfully supporting this Quantum Reality Leap through our Consciousness, Divine Blueprint Reset and Activations! We are receiving the most powerful DNA Upgrades and Clearings. A TOTAL RE-BIRTH/ RE-SET! Quantum leaping to a totally new time-space Coordinate within the Omniverse! A whole New Reality awaits, is HERE NOW, the question is, do you/ we TRULY BELIEVE?!! The old Matrix, along with the old thought forms, beliefs and limiting programming, along with all distortions, are being purified from our, the Planetary and Cosmic field. Merely held together by our beliefs that it is still there, or more powerful than us. Where WE ARE IT. ALL OF IT! This is why the power lies in us merging with and becoming THE ONE, truly!

This affects ALL OF CREATION! I am seeing the most beautiful outpouring of liquid Golden White Crystalline Plasma Light today. Bringing powerful New Earth Paradisian/ Edenic Codes. Pure God Source Love Light is acting as a liquid light cleanse and infusions. The light of God, carrying Christ Consciousness encryptions. Along with the Diamond White liquid light cleanses of the past days is accelerating vastly the purification and reset of our Blueprints of ALL life.

This Divine Healing Dispensation is now reaching its climax and we can all feel it. Our bodies are releasing the old Blueprint at quantum speed as the New comes online and our Multidimensional DNA reconnects, purified, healed and upgraded. This may bring up a LOT of physical symptoms. Do whatever it takes to support this. Sea Salt baths, Earthing, get a massage etc. Just remember it’s all for your Highest good and that..


So now that you know of the Timelines available to you, which one do you choose to believe in?

Do you believe and keep feeding and co-creating the Timeline/ Realities where ‘imminent’ Ascension in NO-TIME is available, all-ways NOW?

Or one that thinks it will take several more years for all to unfold?

Do you remember that it’s all build and created from thought and what we believe in?

WHICH REALITIES ARE YOU CHOOSING (!!!) TO CO-CREATE through your focus, energy and attention?

Do you remember now how truly powerful you are?

Can you see all that is available?

Can you see yourself happy, healthy, abundant, living the life of your dreams on. New Earth?

Can you FEEEEEL that ‘future’ version of you, merging with you NOW?

Do you truly believe HEAVEN ON EARTH IS HERE NOW?

It’s a question of shifting to the correct coordinates within the Consciousness.

It’s about FREQUENCY! Its about Alignment.

It is also a choice. To break through the illusory and imagined boxes your mind has been conditioned to believe of what is possible and how long things will take linearly speaking.

All concepts of the old conditioned, programmed, linear, split brain / mind.

So the next time someone tells you what is going to happen and by when/ on what date, stuck in 3/4D time concepts, of how long things are going to take..

REMEMBER these are beliefs and concepts which are not based in QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS, they are not telling you that YOU ARE HERE TO CHOOSE & CO-CREATE THIS IN ALIGNMENT WITH SOURCE NOW! TOGETHER AS ONE!

That your vote is indeed required as well as tested! So listen with your whole body and Consciousness is trying to tell and feel into the truth, and read through the code/ information. FEEL THE TRUTH!

It’s the only way as the mind can come up with a trillion reasons of why you should/ can trust a person even if something FEELS off.

Your Heart and gut know!

Be mindful who you are entrusting your energy body with, especially with many 10-10 Activations taking place today.

I recommend double checking with your Higher Self if you are supposed to take part and if it is aligned.

The mind confuses things, just because people say they channel xyz doesn’t make it so, or say all the right things but something doesn’t FEEL ‘right’.

Just keep checking and be discerning because there is a lot of messing that has taken place on this level and causes more harm to your energy field than good.

So I invite you to CONNECT DIRECTLY TO SOURCE, in whichever way this is NATURAL to you. Like a child would do. And ask your own Highest Self Identity/ies for whatever you require Healing and assistance with. Anything and all!!

It’s your own highest level of Identity, so ultimately you are praying to yourself but also a higher Intelligence version of you, connected to & ONE with ALL THAT IS!

Because this is what is available now. Your ‘Medbed’ right here, right now. YOUR own BODIES INTELLIGENT SELF HEALING CAPABILITIES in alignment with God Source Consciousness ACTIVATE NOW as we make this available FOR ALL NOW, through our own Embodiment!

That’s what we came for, to free ourselves and all of life, because we are indeed ONE!

All you have to do is ask and TRULY BELIEVE NOW! The question is, do you believe in Miracles and Miracle Healings as that is what is available?!

Do you believe that you and your body are that powerful and intelligent?

Giving it up to God Source and your Higher Self to take command. To surrender it all and listen for any guidance and nudges that may support you?



THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The Kingdom & Queendom of Heaven is HERE NOW!

Re-birthed through our own Transformation and Resurrection NOW, IN NO-TIME!

Eternal Love, Ramona 💙

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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