Greetings Divine Avatars of the New Earth Ground Crew. Anchoring in the Codes and Frequencies of our Higher Light. ~ October 10, 2021


We are the Keepers of the New Light that shines forth from the Great Central Sun Enlightening every Heart upon Terra Nova Gaia.

The Galactic Signature today on the mayan calendar is Kin 39 Blue Cosmic Storm, of the Healing Waters of the Divine Feminine. Today is also  a Galactic Activation Portal Day. We are on Day 13, the last day of the Blue Hand Wavespell and tomorrow we commence the Yellow Sun Wavespell of Enlightenment on the powerful 10:10 Portal. We have massive Gamma Plasma waves flowing in for this activation.

We are now at 29 hours of Blackout on the Schumann Charts as we rest in the Zero point of timelessness.

We received multiple solar flashes from Solaris today with coronal mass ejections and pulsing light. We are prepared and holding steadfast to the Way of the Pure Golden Ones of New Lemuria Rising. With this Great Awakening and Ascension we are raised from the sleep of the Ages to co-create the New Golden Age of Eternal Bliss Consciousness. All is coming into harmony and perfect patterns of Sacred Geometry to Host the New Hue-mans, homo-luminous.

Our Bright Virtue is the Unborn Mind of Buddah made manifest through the Hearts and Minds of the Ascended Ones. We returned to this Realm to fulfill our Divine Mission and Birthright of living our Highest Truth and bringing in the Love of our Hieros Gamos, Divine Union. Both internally and externally. This is it. Time for PEace, Prosperity, Abundance, Joy and Bliss for all Sentient Beings of Pure Light.

Blessed are those amongst the living who re-member their True Nature and transmit this to the whole through every fractal and aspect of our One True Source. The Kingdom of Heaven within becomes the New Experience for all to bear witness and connect through the Rainbow Bridge to make the Great Crossing and Blossom into the Heavenly Light.

Oh Holy Ones you heard the call now you Answer with the Sounds of the Light Language of the Elohim…A’Ho!

EL Shaddai Adonai Shanti Shalom Shekinah Namaste

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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