Juan O Savin: Red Everywhere, Cargo Ships, the Bunny Jet, Marilyn Monroe, and News Bulletins from Kat


Submitted on October 8, 2021

Enclose brief excerpts from two brilliant Juan O Savin videos. He addresses what is happening right now in America and across the globe.

The first issue on everyone’s minds is the Cargo ships floating offshore and not docking.

What is that all about? Who is doing that? Why is it happening?

Answer: Q Team is doing it. They’re causing a calamitous disaster on purpose.

Q The Storm Rider put it this way:

I WARNED 8..7..6..5 .4..2.1 MONTH ago….






people thought I was fear MONGERING…
I was WARNING months on end what would happen..


Troops will be deployed in every country…
Then comes the shutting down of internet (10 days of darkness)
>>> in that time The MILITARY will ARREST
and the creation of the virus and VACCINES….
The deep state CABAL will FALL in those days and nights<<<…..
The PAIN happens now.. Must happen .
And the sleeping sheep must experience the PAIN…..
CIVILIZATION will never be the same after the Great FALL……




10-3-21 Q The Storm Rider




I KNOW Q The Storm Rider can get intense, but let me explain.

QTSR is a REMARKALBE being. That is all I can say at this time and I sure don’t wish to sound like an “insider” because I am NOT. I am witnessing this war right along with everyone else.

But sometimes God sends someone to give me a head’s up and I’m telling you, Q The Storm Rider is one of those Divine warrior beings who cares more and loves more than you could possibly imagine. And because he does, he’s striving to Red Pill the planet, along with Q Team.

He has done remarkable things and perhaps one day he will be known, but I doubt it. People like him tend to like the background. They do massive planet-saving work and then move on.

So if he’s hard to handle, I’m sorry. But he’s awesome and I respect him so I’ll keep posting him.

All the misspellings and typos and weird emphasis and dots and parenthesis are his. He is disrupting algorithms when he posts. I try and clean it up a bit, but it’s certainly colorful.

BTW, someone asked if a Q post mentioned 10 days of darkness?

There are seven Q posts that mention 10 days, 2 mention 10 days + “darkness.”


I believe this is the post most are thinking of:

Back to the Cargo ships in holding patterns offshore:

It’s Irregular Warfare at its most genius. Thank you Ezra Cohen-Watnick. Thank you President Kennedy for Special Forces and Irregular Warfare out of Naval Intelligence. Brilliant.

When I posted Juan’s quote about the Cargo ships, I received this reply on anonup, verifying what I’d arrived at: This is Q Team’s masterpiece for all to see.

Meanwhile, Americans are not starving. We will make it through this Red month, but it’s going to get tough before all the beautiful changes that are also waiting in the wings—President Trumps return, NESARA, GESARA, GCR, RV, QFS, miraculous tech, etc.—come tsunami-like into manifestation lifting Spirits and Hearts and bringing abundance and healing and happiness. That is a guarantee. You can take that to the Quantum.

However — we’ve got some slogging to do first. There are STILL, unbelievably, people STILL sleeping. After this month, they won’t be. That is also a guarantee.

And after this month, according to Juan O Savin, we will have reached that magic 80+% consensus number that Q Team needs to make its major moves knowing that there’s won’t be Civil War in America.

As Gene Decode often says, preserving life is CRUCIAL to the White Hats. They’re doing EVERYTHING they can to keep people safe.

Heck, they’ve conducted this entire war behind-the-scenes while we’re safe in our beds at night. There are no words of thanks to these brilliant strategists that are saving Earth and Humanity.

I wrote a post the other day about Vandenberg Air Force Base. I was corrected. It is now called Vandenberg Space Force Base. How cool is that?

So on 10-7-21 I posted this:

“I stand corrected.
I don’t live sorta near Vandenberg Air Force Base

U.S. Space Force bases so far:
Buckley Space Force Base, CO
Peterson Space Force Base, CO
Schriever Space Force Base, CO
Los Angeles Space Force Base, CA
Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA
Pillar Point Space Force Station, CA
Patrick Space Force Base, FL
Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL
Clear Space Force Station, AK

I’m a Trekkie, I freely admit it
& I was telling a fellow Digital Soldier
that I loved Space Force.
He said, “You’d better. We’re alive because of them.
They’re saving our butts in the galaxy.”

Gene Decode said,
“This is not a war like WW1 or WW2.
This is a war for Creation, Humanity, Milky Way, the Solar System.
If we don’t prevail here, we’re done.”

God bless our Military Forces on Earth,
in the skies,
& in the Galaxy.
God bless every single one of you.
Thank you & Godspeed”

Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

I wanted to mention Space Force because the other night we had a ferocious lightning and thunder storm where I live in S. CA. We were grateful for the rain, but there was something decidedly odd about the storm.

Gene Decode says the deep state demons take a naturally occurring weather event and accelerate and inflate it.

We had lightning for 6 hours. I’ve never seen anything like it.

The next day I received a text from someone who told me there had been a massive battle just overhead and the lightning flashes were part of the fallout and cover up.

I want to reiterate—Space Force and the Secret Space Program are literally saving our lives. Thank God. Thank every blessed warrior.

_____________________Here are excerpts from the first the first Juan video:10-5-21 Spaceshot76 with Juan O Savin 17:25 Juan O Savin:  40 hours ago China sent 52 fighters headed straight at Taiwan& didn’t break them off until the last moment.Sent everyone into High Alert Status, chaos, all stressed out.Before this is all over,I expect a Cuban Missile Crisis type of eventwhere the whole world is on the edge of its seatBecause we might be going to war…18:41 Red October isn’t just in one areaIt’s in EVERY area.Red China, Economy, inflation is becoming very serious, prices rising…Companies, when they get to their 3rd Quarter reportingon October 15th at Noon, on the listed marketsare going to show radically down revenue.Huge inventory backlogs that’s going to affect pricing.So you’ve got Red.Cost of money will go up.Dollar inflation.Chinese throwing money at everything.They can’t generate enough electricity for their factoriescuz they don’t have enough coalcuz the ships aren’t getting to the docks.So – that’s damage there.Cash flow back into China is hurting things.Red October affect multiple things..Crops in South America, crop prices later onThere’s a Natural Gas crisis in Europe.Germany bought into this whole British scamof the green revolution.Throwing up windmills& make the country green green green green.So they didn’t finish their natural gas port.24:44 The reason Germany had to make that pipeline deal with Russiais because there was not going to be energy coming from anyplace else.They were forced to, they didn’t have an option.That’s the Geo-politics of oil and gas.The Russians knew this, they were laughing.If Germany didn’t do this, they were going to be cold & dark this winterSo they had to do this Gas pipeline to keep the flow going.The Brit maneuver to con the Germans into going “Green”forced Germany into Russia’s arms…People are whining and moaning that Russia’s got an inroad into Europe.There was no option left available for Germany26:06 That’s the same situation all over the worldwith countries that bought into this “green revolution”& painted themselves into energy corners._____________________10-6-21 Q The Storm Rider>California MASS>>EXODUS continues}}new California laws cause biggest exit in months> R. Kelly agrees to [EXPOSE] HOLLYWOOD>Pentagon A.I. confirms vaccines shot killing people>Cargo ships across the World experiencing halt recommended by Mgid Mgid Comparisons.orgBest & Worst Refinance Mortgage Companies Of 2021Best & Worst Refinance Mortgage Companies Of 2021Learn More ENERGY CRISESFRANCEITALYSPAIN… All enter Energy crises and sound alarmGERMANY EXPECTED to issue public next weekUkraine Says Russia Halts Gas Flows To Hungary, Adding To Jitters In European Gas Markets..<<<_____________________26:00 Juan O Savin: Look, the world runs on energy.Energy makes the world go round.If you have it & you have it at the right priceyou’re productiveyou can build things, keep things heated, industry rolls along smoothly.If energy prices start to come off the railsif energy availability starts to come off the railsyour ability to be productive, keep your people functioning,goes down like a rock.That’s what’s happening all over the world right now.YOU’RE GOING TO SEE RED IN EVERY CATEGORYMilitaryIndustrialStock MarketsNation State level with Red China & Red Russia28:20 Spaceshot: All these cargo ships off shore in America? What is the reason for that?Is it to put the screws on China? If they can’t export products to us & get those products into us it’s going to be a very tough time for them.28:50 Juan O Savin: Well, when you’re doing this kind of Nations State level tit for tatit’s all about plausible denial.33:00 At the Nation State Levelwhen we look at THE INVENTORY in those boatssitting offshoreall the BANKING TRANSACTIONS that are held up nowTHE GOODS have not been delivered at the recipientTHE MONEY might not have been paid.It might be in escrowbut it’s not being released& then people CAN’T PAY for the next thing.PAYMENTS are backing upThat causes the CRISIS WITHIN THE BANKING INDUSTRYSTOCK VALUES GO DOWN because they haven’t got receiptsThey’re sitting on GOODS THAT CAN’T BE SOLD33:39 There are REVERBERATIONSthat go through EVERY SEGMENT OF THE ECONOMY& ultimately we see it at the consumer level with this slowdown…1:02:10 Back when President Trump did NOT sign the Insurrection Acton December 18thwhen all of his folks, friends came in to advise him what to do,when the Director of National Intelligencedid NOT supply the information on Foreign Interference in the Electionthat was required to be presented to the President after 45 days…12-18 was the date, but it was not presented.They couldn’t get agreement on the data.These people wanted the President to signed the Insurrection Act.But the President was being briefed on the activity behind-the-scenes…1:07:42 We didn’t have the data yetall the cards hadn’t been played.If there had been a huge protest trying to stop Bidenyou’d have had the Military intervening& that makes our enemy stronger…1:09:422  There has to be consensus 80+%Not necessarily Trump loversBut 80+% in unisonin unitythat the way the Federal Government is operatingis out of step with the American people…We’re rapidly closing in on& I believe October will seal the deal on the numberswhere the consensus amongst the populationwill crest that 80+%.There’s all sorts of revelations yet to come.One that most people aren’t watching& I believe they should be watchingis the McAfee information.[Telegram: https://t.me/McafeeAfterlife]There is some mischief going on with some sites carrying that information.The hacks back & forthbut it’s not stopping what’s being released there.Anybody that’s asking for money, donate to this cause,DON’T BE FOOLED…If somebody says give me moneyto the McAfee this, McAfee thatto support whatever we’re doing — yeah, DON’T!!Let the buyer beware.Don’t gimme that BS cuz there’s hackers out there doing mischiefthat the rest of the project is invalid.I DON’T DO ANY SOCIAL MEDIAIf you see anybody trying to portray that they’re meTHAT’S NOT ME…There are some people that are taking stuff that I’ve said←that are putting into stuff←I don’t have a problem with thatas long as it’s accurate… [eek!!]I will be doing stuff at 107 Daily when we’re done…. [with the website]_____________________Kat note: The Official McAfee Telegram channel posts a lot of videos.On 10-7-21 it posted a less than 2 minute video and the last frame, below, was thrilling:_____________________10-6-21 Juan O Savin, American Media PeriscopeJuan O Savin On China’s Unrestricted War With Americahttps://rumble.com/vney3r-juan-o-savin-on-chinas-unrestricted-war-with-america.html 13:15 Juan O Savin:  In the manufacturing lines they have rows & rows & rows of goodsthat are sitting there waiting for one tiny component.THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT’S HAPPENING IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW.Our inventories are backing upwaiting for stuff that’s backed upsitting on boats on both coasts, at sea, waiting to unload cargo.Companies here that are trying to ship stuff around the worldthe trailers aren’t availablenot enough driversif they do have drivers they haven’t got an empty containerif they do have an empty containerthey can’t get it to dock& they don’t have any room at the dock to put it to waitcuz the boat hasn’t unloaded yet, to be open to load other goods on.Juan O Savin cont.: That is going to have a significant impact on the marketsthat isn’t going to resolve itself quickly.Even in a perfect worldit’s like gridlock in a major city…We’re in this crisis that the markets are going to report…14:58 How are people going to feel that?If the markets go down in valuePeople that weren’t paying attention to the politics“They just don’t want to get involved in that stuff…Just as long as my retirement check comes every weekFrom my Union, even my Social Security”Look we’re looking at a government shutdown…15:17  So it’s going to hit a lot of peopleAnd then people on who have retirement incomes from stuff in the markets,if they see that number go down radicallythey’re going to feel it…And people that weren’t paying attention to the Politics& what was going on in Congress,the President, arguing over spending the money…All of a sudden they’re going to be paying attentionbecause, wait a second,you’re stealing my retirement…16:28 Everywhere you see red in OctoberRed china… war with China cannot be ruled outRed in the EconomyRed in the Stock MarketRed in InflationRed in the Politics18:07 Look, this vote situation…I wrote in my book, page 62Election 2020 = MAGA to the 3rd power over cornWho’s corn?All these people like Facebook that went down the other day.19:24 The locations & manner in which Facebook was shutdowninvolved Nation State level activity.It wasn’t orchestrated by some 13-year-old kid in Chinathat Reuters is reporting. Not at all.You’re looking at tit for tat, tug of war.Who’s the founder of FB?DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.Lifelog: [LifeLog was a project of the Information Processing Techniques Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense.]20:13 At some point we’re going to take that codewe’re going to go in & shut the whole thing down& reset the whole thing.20:17 This was a DARPA project.A Militarized Operation.Not to just to get control here in America, but across the world,Cataloging, identifying,Tracking conversations & people across the world in this gray operation.That’s been turned & used against us as a peopleTo MANAGE the American peopleTo MANAGE people across the worldSo that these hidden masters, thee Globalists can take control of the whole worldas a captured operation.21:12 Juan O Savin cont.: How does that happen?We send undercover intelligence operatives to the farm (CIA)They learn how to work undercover & become undercover operatives.When they’re through with their trainingwe call them “corn” because they’re a farm product.A lot of these operations across the world are really just corn.21:52 Zuckerberg is not his own mananymore than Obama is his own man.He is a creation, both of them, of people behind the curtainWizardsMagiciansMerlinswho have concocted histories,concocted family stuffput them in these positions & promoted them upmutually self-promoting each other in positions of control & authorityto MANAGE us.22:24 Who has the power behind the scenesto anoint Zuckerberg to be a billionaire,One of the wealthiest people in the world?And BTW his wife is wealthier than he is & she’s Chinese.22:52 There’s this huge merger of the talent agencies taking place in Hollywood right nowWith CAA & [ICM]https://labusinessjournal.com/news/2021/oct/04/caa-icm-acquisition-merger-deal/23:10 Who owns controlling interest of CAA? China.Reagan talks about when he was President of the Screen Actors Guild, all the stars& he gets this call behind the scenes& of course the infiltration of Hollywood was very real.We had hearings on itlooking for the commies hiding out in Hollywood, in the industry, etc.That was a very real thing.It was blown off as though it wasn’tbut as Reagan said, these were real players behind the scenesthat were infiltrating on behalf of Russia primarily at that time.What were they trying to do?23:50 They had determined that over 80% of the conversationsthat happened day to day between peoplerelate to information coming out of Hollywoodor the News Agencieson any given moment.Individually you might talk about your bicycle needs a spring,the chain broke,don’t forget take the garbage out,but in the course of the day if you said 10,000 words80% of the words that you would say on any given daywould relate to something that you had heard ina movie, or in a news broadcast, radio or television& it was an exchange about something you’d heard.24:39 So Russia understood that if you get control of those outletsincluding the moviesincluding the news stuffyou can influence the conversations of people& you can turn em a certain direction.24:54 So the infiltration of the Communists into Hollywood was huge.BTW, the CIA was doing the same thing.We had the Air Force Base at the top of Laurel CanyonThat was doing stuff behind the scenes…25:11 Look, Marilyn Monroe.Marilyn Monroe had atop-secret security clearance at Hilltop Air Force Base.Why?She was being trained to be a star as a teenager.AS A TEENAGER.THINK ABOUT WHAT I’M SAYING.AS A TEENAGER.Then what happened?25:34 She’s the cover girl, the centerfold for this first edition of Playboy.Where did the money for Playboy come from?Hugh Hefner said he got it from “friends & family” to start the magazine.The reality is he got it from CIA.That money was so that they could create honey-potsmake it “respectable” for gentlemen to engage in these things& they were honey-potting& they were using that out of the Hollywood area.26:06 And then the Playboy Mansion& the Playboy Clubs & things like that.26:17 When Playboy got in trouble financially & went into bankruptcy,they had the Bunny Jet, it was a black jetit had a bunny on their tail.What helped them get out of bankruptcy?THE BUNNY JET GOT SUB-LEASED& RENTEDBY THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.What were they doing?26:35 They were ferrying around the Nazi Scientistsbetween various dark locationswhere there were secret science projects going on& they were using the Bunny Jet.What happened?The money from the Bunny Jet was a back door pipelineto get Playboy back in the black.27:02 The guy that’s Obama’s supposed grandfatherwas monitoring Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii.Obama’s grandfather was an FBI [CIA?] asset.He was monitoring Frank Marshall Davis & the Communist activitiesFrank Marshall Davis is a known Communistpushing those ideas there in HIso his grandfather’s tracking himthat’s how he was making his moneykeeping track of Frank Marshall Davis.When Obama’s talking about all the stuff he learned from Frank,he was the cover for his Grampa to have that contact.27:45 BTW, Obama’s mother?You can go find, it’s been widely published all over the internetas a teenager, 16 & 17 years old,she was in Frank Marshall Davis’ magazinethat was a BDSM Magazine[BDSM is a variety of often erotic practices or roleplaying…]28:13 Juan O Savin cont.: Pretty rough stuff for that erain the late ‘50’s & early ‘60’s.BTW, where did the money for Frank Marshall Davisto do his BDSM magazine come from?That was money that was sifted over to him, behind-the-scenes,again CIA through their people& they were getting information from themhe was honey-potting on his side,he was being helped.The same people that financed Playboy & Hugh Hefner,were financing Frank Marshall Davis.28:55 And Obama’s supposed mother,which she isn’t, she just carried him around,she didn’t birth him,Obama’s mother is there as a teenagerbecause Grampa is a grifter for the Intelligence Agencies& even uses his own daughteras a young teenagerto sell the deal.29:16 And what was Obama’s grandmother?She was the banker for the Marcos’ out of the Philippines.The Marcos’, why do we have to have controlof Marcos & his money?Because it’s the strategic location.CIA was managing him.When he left the Philippines & went into exile in Hawaiiwho was managing the accounts?Obama’s grandmother.That’s corn [products of CIA farms.]That makes Grampa corn.Gramma corn.Mama corn.Obama corn.Election 2020 = MAGA to the 3rd power over corn.30:02 We have all of these people hiding in plain sightas though they came up through the ranks& made their own future & their own lives.And then we’re subject to what they’re doing.30:09 These are Black Hat operations to manage & control America._____________________With blessings of peace, health, happiness and abundance unceasing.This is Kat, over and out.xo#GodWins#Justice#TheBestIsYetToComexo

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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