Benjamin Fulford Full Report ~ October 5, 2021


Editor’s Note: I sure will give Ben Fulford a lot of credence for ferreting out the particulars regarding the current climate on Earth, yet is he telling you anything not already known?

The scare tactic for the La Palma volcano crashing into the ocean is just that…a “fear porn” epsode, while everyone who follows global events already knows a global war scenario is being worked up…and will NOT happen.

So…please read on below, ask yourself why this information is being given to us…again…, realize our world (and it’s inhabitants) is in the process of positive change, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


The fake “Biden” regime in the US defaulted on September 30th and has been given until October 18th before the plug is finally pulled on that evil regime, Asian secret society sources promise. The funding was cut off because the Rockefeller/Rothschild etc. crime families behind the “Biden” regime failed to meet their promise to hand Australia over to the communist Chinese, the sources say.

That is the real reason why “The bad relations between China and Australia took an unbelievable turn this week when China fired a ‘Long March 3B’ nuclear-capable missile, directly over Sydney, Australia.”

The change in Australia is reflected by the fact Premier of Gladys Berejiklian resigned as New South Wales Premier “after an investigation found she & others in the govt. were receiving millions of $ from Pfizer to push draconian vax laws,” according to Australian intelligence sources.

The fact it refused to hand itself over to communist China is also why the EU has entered the fray by cutting off trade talks with Australia, the sources say. In any case, the cut-off of Asian funding is what prompted the fake Biden to say “We’re gonna get this done,…It doesn’t matter when. It doesn’t matter whether it’s six minutes, six days or six weeks. We’re gonna get it done.”

By openly flouting the Satanic 666 number the criminals using rubber mask “Biden” as a front have fully come out of the closet. Video PlayerBy openly flouting the Satanic 666 number the criminals using rubber mask “Biden” as a front have fully come out of the closet.

Since these criminals have carried out horrendous acts of mass murder every time they faced default in the past, you can be sure this statement by Biden was meant to be taken as a threat.

This time, with little doubt, they plan to surpass 911, Fukushima and the fake pandemic of 2020. The obvious candidate this time is La Palma. The volcano there is erupting with increasing intensity and is doing so in a manner that is increasing the chances of a massive tsunami hitting the East coast of the US etc.

That is why joint military action by Russia, the Pentagon and China is necessary to finish these criminals off permanently. The underground base in Norway -where the HAARP attack on La Palma is originating- is a prime target. The Khazarian mafia headquarters around Lake Geneva is another.

In these circumstances, the White Dragon Society is calling for a meeting in Tokyo to ensure that white hats receive funding to take over the functioning parts of the US government after the Biden criminals are removed. This meeting has the support of the British Commonwealth, the Vatican (P3 freemasons), the Russians (FSB) and Asian secret societies. The meeting has been called for Tokyo instead of Lichtenstein as proposed by the “Biden” people on the recommendation of the P3 freemasons.

Also, to keep up the pressure on the Khazarian mafia, a White Dragon Society representative had a meeting last week with a Mr. K, one of the top assassins of the Japanese underworld. Mr. K is known for chopping people’s fingers off one knuckle at a time until he gets the information he needs. He then wraps the bodies in lead and dumps them into the ocean, according to colleagues. In any case, Mr. K said the Black Dragon Society faction he was affiliated with has decided to ally itself with the WDS. The WDS subsequently gave Mr. K a list of the top Khazarian mafia agents in Japan. Mr. K promised he and his men would “look into this.”

The WDS also had a meeting last week with right-wing groups who have to ability to mobilize other factions of the Japanese underworld. This means the vaccine mafia in Japan is now doomed.

The selection of Fumio Kishida as Prime Minister of Japan was a part of this change. We can now reveal that we deliberately seemed to support Takaishi Sanae as Prime Minister in order to confuse the Khazarian mafia about her loyalties. Takaishi was supposed to be selected to cover up crimes by former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. This included Tokyo Olympics corruption and the creation of a biological warfare laboratory disguised as a veterinary school.

The right-wing group, which has strong connections to Taiwan, also said that a massive Taiwanese underground base in China had been flooded recently “killing tens of thousands of Taiwanese generals and soldiers.” This is certainly related to a CIA report that a base under the Three Gorges dam that had been mining crypto-currency was destroyed. The Chinese government partially confirmed this by issuing a complete ban on all cryptocurrency trading.

The Chinese are also battling the KM in many other ways. The crackdown on mega-stars, for example, is designed to thwart the KM tactic of using “celebrities,” to manipulate public opinion. The Chinese are also cracking down on attempts to launder KM fiat funny money into China via US stock market hand-outs to Chinese high tech companies. They are also cracking down on attempts to turn Chinese men into effeminized wimps, as has happened in Japan and much of the West.

The Disappearance Of Chinese Megastars Is A Harbinger Of Another Cultural Revolution Underway This information sent by CIA East Asia is almost certainly related: Evergrande (3333 HK) and Evergrande Property Services (6666 HK) stock trading halted in Hong Kong. “Trading in the shares (stock code: 03333) of China Evergrande Group (the Company’) will be halted at 9:00 a.m. today (4/10/2021). Accordingly, all structured products relating to the Company will also be halted from trading at the same time. It’s highly likely that Evergrande’s offshore bondholders will be wiped out. This includes all the foreign banks that have bought multiple $10’s of billions of the bonds.

MI6 and the real James Bond types are also on the warpath against the KM. “The Pandemic was a dirty bomb set off by the Rothschild mob of thugs. If the Jews don’t hang them all, we will” MI6 sources promise.

The release of the Pandora Papers, revealing the offshore businesses and fortunes of more than 100 billionaires, 30 world leaders and 300 civil servants, was part of that offensive, according to MI6.

The Pandora Papers are an urgent warning from us that as long as civilians around the world live under the thumb of world fascism, we will remain silent only so long and no one is above the law.

We know all about what is going on in the world and we are able and prepared to deal with it … it takes a lot of trees and a lot of ropes, but we’re not afraid to use them, they say. The release of the Nuremberg trial files last week was intended as a reminder that justice for high-profile criminals would come this time as well, just as it did after World War II, Mossad sources say.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. How disappointing this movie is…so ready for the credits to roll…let’s just remember…trump is in charge when they come and haul you off to a fema camp because you refuse their poisonous operating system.
    Not sure if anyone knows who Kim Goguen is but she recently came out and spilled the beans about how the Space force is running the white house, and that these Dragon families and P3 lodge, The Black sun are all fighting to control the world but no one is getting paid…the white hats keep getting put off just like they keep putting off the date when Trump would be back.
    Certainly by now, if you are not awake to what is really going on, and the destruction of our country and way of life for a group of psychopaths that do ritual sacrifices and claim they have to depopulate the world ‘for the planet’ because climate change, the new covid…the lockdowns cuz you breathe and exist and THE GREAT RESET, where they will plunder everything thinking they will get away with this…well I DO NOT CONSENT. Let me tell you how they tell us what they plan…it’s their chaos magic. They tell us on their websites, in their movies, and tv shows. These psychopaths think they will merge with machines and that is what is in those jabs…welcome to the borg people…what they are doing is crimes against humanity but they hope they can continue with their movie telling us to ‘hold the line’, and we just don’t know how close we have come to being hauled off into those unvaccinated camps never to be seen again.
    Recently Kim talks about this in her Life force meetings about how they want control and freaked out when she took down their technology called ‘BLACK MIRROR’ cuz we were right on the edge of them doing this. When she removed the tech, DARPA and LANGLEY called her asking for new codes, so they can kill us off…that has been the plan, plus their tech that beams thoughts into our heads like ‘get the vax…buy toilet paper, or be afraid of a virus. This movie needs to end before they try mandating this to the children. I know they already have in california but I hope parents do not do this to their kids. According to Stew Peters guest Dr. Madel, there are parasites in the vax, self assembling and moving on it’s own, self aware as if it knew they were watching it. This is maybe the alien invasion, like crazy as it sounds, invasion of the body snatchers. This spider being Queen takes credot for entraping humanity in the world wide web and her babys/eggs in those jabs….not only is it an A.I. behavioral moderation operating system, the graphene effects the device or ‘thing’ to hatch eggs. This was why they needed to keep this jab so cold, and why they throw it away cuz this thing will assemble and grow but it must do so inside our bodies. It also disconnects you from source and now you are linked up to the cloud. sinister and diabolical, and Trump is pushing them still. He got booed in alabama for telling everyone to go get the jab. Why is he still promoting these things? I don’t care about this movie and waking up the normies anymore…they are MURDERING people and first the elderly, disabled, mentally challenged and now the military.
    I don’t really feel too sorry for the hospitals or the airlines…because they seemed to enjoy being called front line heros, and stayed quiet while claiming there was a pandemic yet the hospitals were empty, instead they made dance videos…. and the airlines forced mask mandates kicking people off if their two year old wouldn’t keep it on, and one guy cuz his mask said Trump.
    I knew from the beginning this was a giant scam…anytime they come out hyping something in MSM, you know something else is going on they don’t want you looking at.
    If Trump is running the show, as he is said to by many and of course by Kim Goguen, why the hysteria over Afganistan…weeks and weeks of this constantly just the same as this virus they claim is spreading. Why would Trump allow this to happen, yet blame it on Biden who is not Biden, but some actor wearing a mask. Kim states that Trump is in the black sun group who is fighting with the sandhedrin group over MOSSAD and Hamas, etc…and the dragon familes over control of the back system of our financial system which is no longer in their hands.
    Seh explains how Trump sat on the PINDAR chair on August 11, thinking it would work to get him into the back system. From what she says, he has promised them money he can’t pay and she isn’t giving him access to the back system or giving them any money to kill people. they have been working hard sending out letters to countries to stop the jab and to give their people ivermectin and other things like Vit.d protocols to keep them healthy and get over this flu so far several countries have done it, El Salvador, India, Japan and so on. Japan threw away all those vaxxes once they saw what was in them. Good for Japan. I feel bad for the Australians but they gave away their guns and that is troubling…they are gonna have to fight in great numbers to get their freedom back. Canada is diong exactly what a person who attended the meetings said they would do to Canadians and building the camps right now.
    Whether Trump comes back or not people….we have a duty to stand up against these people, vaxed or no vaxed, no matter the color of your skin because first they will get rid of us, then it will be the very TOOLS (police and politicians) who helped do that…you think you are safe cuz you did what you were told? NOPE…We the people DO NOT CONSENT, your game is over. Trump and the white hats need to bring it all out NOW…this agenda serves no purpose but that of the dark sides agenda to depopulate and become ‘transGods’ and be immortal.
    NONE of those groups, Benjamin Fulford acts like the white dragon family is any different…THEY ARE NOT…they were all given a chance to give the people their money but they didn’t. They have been vampires of humanity, they are not human. This whole thing was run thru COVENS and bloodlines of the Reptoids MARDUKE who is dead now, and we the people need to STOP holing the line…stop listening to this hopium drivel. ENOUGH of the movie already. I would encourage people to form assemblies with Life force and do some local organizing of how we are gonna keep everyone fed and healthy in spite of this rogue gooberment that is stealing right now, everyone’s retirement. Police, stop following orders…these are crimes against humanity. You have been warned. We the people no longer have confidence in your administration of our money, lives and property…we are firing you and you will be held accountable for your crimes. If there are tribunals going on this needs to be aired…it all needs to come out. The normies are not gonna wake up as long as they keep up this narrative that they are protected and the unvaccinated are making them sick. This is going too far. This MOVIE MUST END…I don’t want to be IN THE MOVIE…don’t want to be sitting in a FEMA (NGO) camp waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    There are many of these videos by Kim on Life force meetings you can watch on Odessee, she was also interviewed by Kerry Cassidy two times….I think Kerry is getting alittle upset too cuz she isn’t liking what Kim is saying.. But I did hear on her show, which Kim admitted the inner earth people have come to the surface to help Kim enforce these countries to IMMEDIATELY stop the jabs, and lockdowns….and mandates etc. After shutting down their Black Mirror programs, and aura plasma machines, she is working to rid the system of the ARCHONS which she explains in another video what that is. THEY ARE LOSING, and sorry Ben, but the dragon families are not the good guys…just so you know….they are just another faction under these groups Sanhedrins and Black Sun dragon families.
    Talmudist Syndicate Sanhedrin Ahead of the Treachery Hierarchy Kim Goguen–Tank-Rowe:3?r=5oMCCsAPnUzriva162T6x1WHffhzAxYa
    Kim Goguen Life Force October 8 2021


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