Judith Kusel ~ October 4, 2021


Dear and most Precious Souls
Listen to the Wisdom of your own heart and soul, for indeed your soul is wise. You are an eternal soul, and your soul did not only have existences here, but far beyond this.
It is a vital momentous time as we are now asked to step over the threshold and into a totally new way of life in the New Earth. Our inner wisdom, and guidance is what will see us through, more than anything external, including the opinion of others, no matter how much they say they love us, or indeed are walking the path with us.
  I have been in a deep retreat for the last 3 weeks and I am finding that the guidance is crystal clear and indeed amplified. More than ever before we need to be true our innermost soul selves and to embrace the Divinity within, for we will need to navigate unchartered waters and space, yet never ever are we alone, always guided and looked after every single step of the way.There is a merging of so much and I cannot even put words to this, but there is an immense healing of the inner child, and the need to please others, to excel to win approval, and all regarding worldly success and outward show.
We are being cleaved open to the core, instead of running from our vulnerability, and our own inner woundedness, to rather seek the inner space and wholeness within.
We are all whole and complete. We are all master souls.
Yes, we all need to take huge leaps of faith to learn to rise into the new, deep unknowing, and there, the soul remembers.
The energies are stripping away the old, piece by single piece, as we are being formed in new and more advanced ways.
Expanding. Our consciousness awareness rising.
The more I ask, the more I am given. I ask for insight. I ask for wisdom. I ask for guidance every single step of the way. I ask that my heart open up to ever greater levels of love and being loved, to stand in my highest truth and live it, no matter what life brings.
As this happens, there is inner peace. There is inner equilibrium.
So much of my life, was hard often fighting against all odds. I am now told to surrender to allow myself to be gifted by the Divine, to walk in joy and beauty, and indeed experience the Power of Love in ever higher and greater degrees. I rest in that.
In truth there is nothing to fight. There are only soul lessons in mastery.
And more than this lessons in the Power of Love.
Unconditional Love.
In truth, there is just love.
When we start realizing that every experience, every encounter, everything that ever happens, came our way so that we could ever expand in soul mastery and  experience the Power of Love in sublime way We would  then be grateful for each encounter, no matter how big or small. For each one brings a gift of Love, and soul growth, and soul nurturing, if we would just open ourselves to receive the gift in love, with love and gratitude.
  Crystal clear guidance this morning:
“It is not up to you to carry the Old Earth on your shoulders, but to co-create the New Earth and to pave the way and create the New for the New Humanity.
The Old has become redundant.”
Lord Melchizedek and the High Order of Melchizedek.

  Ascension in truth means that we raise our vibrational frequencies, and in so doing, we literally die onto the old Earth, Old Adam and Eve, and all that has ever been before! This is crucial to remember at this time, when all of humanity is standing at the most critical crossroads!
Infinite Being and all cosmic existence are in multiple forms, in octaves of existence and dimensions that exist simultaneously. It is in intricate masterly movement of simultaneous existence, in one single eternal dance of perfection, and not one single cog in the giant spiraling vortex of Creation is out of place nor non-functional – creation always exists in perfection.

Yet it is forever expanding onto itself, continuously. Nothing is ever static. The laws of death and rebirth are one continuous cycle for nothing stagnant can ultimately enhance the greater spiral flux and will disintegrate in its stagnancy at some point.

What I have discovered in the last few years of my earthly and cosmic journeys, when I tap into the different dimensions and the Super consciousness Energy fields, is that life on this planet is not only in existence in the all too familiar 3D world. Therefore we truly cannot measure life or life forms, or any form of existence, just on the physical world alone.

There are OCTAVES of simultaneous existences all working together AS ONE SINGLE UNIT, ONE single ENERGY FIELD – but in different dimensional states in a type of time-warp mechanism, where you may not tap into the higher octaves of co-existence, if not ready.
To me this has been an immense inner journey of starting to grasp the fundamental concepts involved here and I find this fascinating: – most people only exist in the very dense and low/slow density of the 3D world. To them this is what reality is all about, with a fear to explore beyond the the physical and move into that which is non-physical but does exist. Reality it is just as physical but in a different octave of Being/Existence!

What we often see as non-physical is actually PHYSICAL in Physical EXISTENCE in another dimensional form and higher frequency fields. It is just AS REAL as the physical forms and physical existence in the dense 3D world and it moves in the higher octaves of energies and energy fields, which vibrate at a much higher frequency band.

Now, if you would step into the 7th dimensional state, with your very dense physical body, with very low and slow mechanisms holding it together in that state, you would disintegrate. Your physical form would not be able to hold its low frequency band and therefore cannot hold form in the 7th dimensional state or higher.
You can however access the 7thD state through your soul (and the soul connects directly to the heart energies) which is infinitely connected and exists in multiple dimensional, parallel lives and Universes, in other galaxies SIMULTANEOUSLY!

It is not bound by the physical form at all and you can tap into your higher soul frequency bands anytime, and tune into the other dimensions and the Super consciousness energy fields. Your soul is not bound by anything. It can therefore move in the infinite cosmic spaces of all existences, once you remember how to tune in.

It is like wanting to switch TV channels – some can only be accessed with the correct satellite mechanisms and technology. For instance the pay channels will prohibit you from just using their connections, and some Institutions also have security systems in place, so that a persona non-grata cannot access this. The same basic principles apply to the Super consciousness Energy Fields which are held in the collective 12 Central Suns and those of their Ilk.

There are security systems in place, mechanisms which will prohibit anyone from accessing them without the correct intent, nor the correct decoding systems.
There are places on planet Earth where those same Energy Fields have been carefully hidden and access denied for billions of years, until people have the correct keys and codes. However they are so carefully programmed, intricately encoded that only those with the correct SOUL INTEGRITY and PURITY OF INTENT will ever be able to access them at this time.

The crux lies in humanity and their inability to keep their own integrity, truth and higher states of Consciousness, without at some stage resorting to self-destruction and the sea of forgetfulness. The greatest lesson to master for the collective humankind is the LAW OF POWER AND RESPONSIBILITY. The use of power, with integrity and within cosmic Laws – never to destroy, to use against each other, but to use for the greater good of all, and for the enhancement of what already exists elsewhere in the cosmos.
What I have experienced in the last few months had me reeling at times. I have been steadily prepared for this massive energy work since 2004 when I experienced a complete death of the old me, culminating in 2008 when I finally had the guts to heed the call, allowed my old Eve to disintegrate and cleanse, cleared, revamped, and systematically upgraded myself for this work.
With it I had to let go of all restrictive thinking, belief systems, and all ideas of what I thought was physical and non-physical. I literally often had to disintegrate completely – before I could access what I had to retrieve, allowing myself to remember how to ‘read’ what I had to ‘read’ and remember doing.

Systematically I learnt to tap into these energy fields to do the work with them I was supposed to. I had no maps for the so-called ley lines, and the so-called RULES (the grid system that even the army, navy, air forces are aware of).
I had to totally prepare myself for something so ancient, so high in technology, and so futuristic, that it took my breath away and had my mind reeling. I could not understand this with only my mind – I had to understand it with my soul connected to my heart, my inner knowing.

Yet, with all of this, I had to do the inner work. I had to shed skin after skin after skin, for if I had not allowed myself to reinvented, rebirthed, I could not have done this work.
It has been an immense humbling journey for me and one which I have systematically recorded, and culminated in my book, “Why I was born in Africa: – the untold and unrecorded true history of the first ever civilization on earth, the crystal pyramids and pyramid grids, and the Lightning Rod of the Earth

Yes, I am humbled to the very core of my being, for what I experienced goes beyond words, beyond expression as often I experienced such immensity of being and technology, soul expansion, for which I struggle to express.

The human language, was only given to humankind AFTER THE FALL, for before that they had no use for language, for they communicated telepathically. That is also why you will not find their history recorded on clay tablets, nor in hieroglyphs, nor in primitive form – for writing is primitive.

There were far more advanced ways of recording which go way beyond even our IT and our own recording abilities. It is such high technology that we will only be able to regain this expertise in the next thousand years when the New Golden Age finally makes its appearance.

I often stood with tears running down my cheeks, having experienced the inexpressible, and knowing I could not share what I just experienced with any human being I knew – mainly because they would not understand the immensity of this, and the profound KNOWING.

Yet, now is the time where my story has to become public and for the understanding to dawn to humankind that we are on the threshold of returning to the Cosmic Citizenship fold.
I profusely thank the Lion People, the Ancient Ones, my cosmic helpers and those pertaining to this, the Divine (with whom I cannot function nor live nor breathe), and those who stood by me in this time, even if they could not understand what was happening to me, and why.

All I can say is that I would not be able to do my Soul Readings, if I had not gone on this journey. Since then I have been given this gift to assist me to finance the journeys I had to undertake and for the writing and recording of this. This forms part of my highest service to humankind, and I am infinitely grateful that I can assist souls in this way, and through my writing and teaching on a daily basis to a global expanded audience.

Nothing in life comes without a cost – but whatever this cost me in ways few people even know or understand, I would not have one bit of the journey changed and I am grateful that my soul volunteered to come and do this work, and that no matter how much I was challenged, and how hard the going got, or how hard the initiations and testing was, that I never gave up and that I now can gift humanity with this book, the knowledge, and this higher cosmic understanding of energy fields.

Here I stand – I can do no other, than serve with all that I AM.
The Resonance Frequencies have gone up in octaves. They work with the Emotional Bodies and with all within us needing to be brought into highest alignment and lifted into the Wholeness frequency.
I see and sense discordant notes, of separation, fear, judgment, and the old duality being sent through humanity in whatever form they express themselves. Again, the attempt to divide what in truth is ONE into the many and the many into more discord with jarring tones. All has a ripple effect on the general health and well-being of individual souls.
The more sensitive, the more the soul will cringe from the disturbance, for the more tuned in, the more sensitive to energy and energy fields.
I have a friend who is a musical genius. She often wakes up with music in her soul and being, and will sit at the piano, play this music and write it down. She can pinpoint discordant tones. The resonance frequencies work with SOUND in the highest degrees. Many tones and notes not inaudible to our outer ears, and are being returned, and can be heard with our inner ears.
Now, if discord is in and around us, we will pick this up as a jarring in our energy fields. We may start feeling slightly off center, or unbalanced. Then it is best to withdraw into total silence and ask: “Who or what is discordant within or outside myself?”
With this much emotional baggage, needing releasing will come to the fore. Much will concern persecution –in past lives, or even this lifetime, and where we persecuted others. Persecution is always intolerance –wishing to impose your own ideology or belief systems, upon others by trying to force them into compliance, through threats, brute force or whatever other means. Yet indeed this boomerangs right back to any soul trying to do this, for they are interfering with every soul’s free will and choice.

You are asked to go back deeply into your own inner soul self, to regain the inner harmonic tones, and inner music of the soul, always in tune with the Cosmos and the soul, and soul group, thus the Greater Music, the Greater Tones.

When there is a jarring in your emotional state, ask yourself why? If you are truly tuned in, nothing and no one can cause you to feel conflicted, unless you allow it.
If you truly live your sacred Heart Tones with love and devotion, no one can override your own inner music and tones.

In the process you will sing, play out your inner music and tones, tuned to the Higher Vibrational Frequency Tones, toned into your emotional body. Why? Because the Emotional body, has to do with FEELINGS and music and tones play the heart and soul strings. When the heart is open, and you play an instrument or sing from the heart and soul with feeling, you pluck the heart and soul strings of others. Music and TONE needs no words – they immediately move into the emotional body to affect the heart, uniting people more than any spoken word ever can.

Thus become aware.

Start tuning into your own soul and ask to be alert to any discordant tones you may be pick up, subconsciously or consciously. If they are your own, then tune yourself in. If not, tune out what disturbs and disrupts.

When your emotional body is tuned in fully to the resonance frequencies, the higher octaves, you will start feeling a deep healing within, as you finally release all the discordance which might have been there within, and now are freed to become AS ONE with the Celestial Music, and Celestial Tones.
This video gives further information on Light worker activation. 
Click on the image to view
Eagles mate for life.
When they wish to mate, they both soar and fly, higher and higher, doing their mating dance.
Then something profound happens: The female eagle will fly higher than the male, and then will fold her wings, and free-fall. He will open his wings wide, as wide as he can, and catch her. That is trust!
Then the reverse happens: He flies higher, and free-falls, and she spreads her wings as wide as she can, and catches him!
Perhaps we human beings can find wisdom by learning from the eagles.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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