September 25, 2021: Living in An Alternate Reality [videos] ~ Sept. 25, 2021


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September 25, 2021: Living in An Alternate Reality [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 25, 2021

If you want to watch the Trump rally in Perry, Georgia today, RSBN link is below.

All aboard the Polarized Express. For those of you who listened to the live stream from Phoenix yesterday…

Does this Reuters article below in any way resemble what you heard in the Senate’s Election Audit Report? Did I watch the wrong livestream? It’s polar opposite to what I heard. The mainstream media is not only massaging the truth and lying by omission, they are outright lying.

Here’s what I heard: I heard probably hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars spent on obstruction; possible jail terms; outdated security standards, shared and therefore unverifiable administrative passwords, missing batches of ballots, unauthorized paper stock, thousands of multiple votes from people with the same name, signature, address, and phone number, attempts to log into the system within 48 hours of the announced audit to delete files… it went on and on.

I heard cheers! from the attendees in the senate chamber when certain revelations were stated. Does that sound like the evidence suggested the illegitimate presidential puppet Creepy Uncle Joe was proven to have won the election?

It was election fraud—pure and simple. What the forensic audit concluded is that the results are not reliable and should be de-certified. Certain legal issues will be forwarded to the Attorney General to deal with. We’re going to see jail terms. They’re going to the spa in Cuba.

That’s what I heard—and it’s only preliminary because it was unlawful to refuse to hand over the rest of the material in the senate’s subpoena, so the corrupt Maricopa County Board of Supervisors capitulated. THEN we’ll get to the real dirt.

‘Truth is truth’: Trump dealt blow as Republican-led Arizona audit reaffirms Biden win

Just in..

🇺🇸ProudArmyBrat (@leslibless) September 24, 2021

Here’s what we can expect going forward.

Maricopa County, AZ Settles With Senate, Drops $2.8 Million Charge, Will Give Limited Access to Routers and Rogers Declares a Victory

Guess who’s next? Pima County, AZ. That’s the Tucson market, and the next largest number of voters—you know—the ones that created the 96-mile long caravan of Trump supporters? Uh-huh. The audit party is just getting started here in Arizona.

Senator Wendy Rogers is saying that in future, audits should take place after EVERY election EVERYWHERE. They can cheat with machines and they can cheat with paper ballots—and they did.

If you missed the stunning report on #AmericasAudit yesterday, you can watch it for yourself anytime here:

— Dr. Kelli Ward 🇺🇸 (@kelliwardaz) September 25, 2021

If  you’re on social media of any kind and you see good posts come up that state the truth about the audit results, forward them! Don’t let the lying, treasonous, media turds win.

Cheating in elections is not all the “elected officials” do. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the misappropriation of funds and unauthorized spending of tax payer money by self-interested government employees. They’re criminals, and they’re going to prison.

Georgia agency misused seized money for fitness devices, furniture, vehicles | Just The News

— John Solomon (@jsolomonReports) September 25, 2021

The fake media is going down. Translation below this Tweet.

‘The View’ yank two FULLY VAXXED hosts mid-show after testing POSITIVE for Covid – with VP Harris waiting in the wings

— ZNeveri (@ZNeveri) September 24, 2021

Simplicity cuts through the muck and brings a moment of clarity. Thanks, Kansas.

The U.S. Constitution says “We the People” not “We the Government.”

— Mike Pompeo (@mikepompeo) September 24, 2021

It occurred to me while watching complete animals in Oz literally beating on civilians that they can’t be Human. I didn’t think they could be real police. Then right on Q this photo came out from Romana Didulo of the vest worn by these mercenaries. I’ve seen that image before but can’t find a photo. It ain’t Human.

Someone found it.

Here’s the video with sound.
The police officer has not been charged.

— Artig (@artig100) September 25, 2021

Has the cabal enlisted “special forces” to crush the resistance? If so, they are not our “public servants”; they are an alien army of invaders, supporting the psychopaths who have been running the world who are not Human. Our prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Oz. It’s no surprise now, is it, that the UK and US militaries have been deployed there to get this under control?

They very well could be “aliens”. Gene Decode has told us that extraterrestrials have sometimes been under the masks of the politicians, like Nancy Pelosi.

This is one of the reasons they have fought to keep the presence of off-world entities and craft quiet. It’s why they ridicule us and deny, deny, deny. It’s a huge advantage to the globalists to have these allies that stupid Humans don’t even believe exist. Where do they think all the missing people go every year; thousands of them? They have technologies that can control our thoughts—and therefore our actions. They have weapons Humans have no idea exist because we’ve been lied to for a hundred years. The näivité has to end. It’s time for FULL Disclosure.

Is this where the “blackout necessary” comes in? The military are there dealing with the “enemy”, so all we get are the citizen journalist accounts? Link to Telegram.

Australia: Complete media blackout and servers down in Victoria today! This is what they don’t want you to see, please share widely!

UN? The same UN forces who have been deployed to so many nations to “help” when they often raped and sodomized the civilians?

Apparently UN troops are there.
Are these peace officers multinational?
Appreciate any info.
Are they in other cities where all this friendliness is occurring??
Pleas comment.

— Dr. Urso (@richardursomd) September 25, 2021

Fortunately, our resistance has found a foot-hold in some places and laws will help to protect us but a law alone is useless if we don’t stand up. It has to have rigourous reinforcement to be effective. We have to police the laws ourselves.


— The Bias (@thebias_news) September 25, 2021

Del Bigtree, producer of the brilliant and influential documentary Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe did an exceptional 2 hour Highwire show about the scamdemic and the globalists’ mandates for their quackcine. If you want facts, research, and science, be sure to tune in. It’s well worth the time.

After the 1 hr mark he gets into the cancer implications from the jab and tells us health professionals are reporting alarming rates of aggressive cancers and reappearances in cancer survivors who were in remission.

The research we have so far tells us that what the “gene therapy” actually does to the Human body is disarm its immune system. He has a great CGI illustration to show us how that works. The “vaxxine” is a bioweapon, folks. We have the testimony of high-ranking people that there was ongoing research into taking a known biological specimen and tweaking it to give it the ability to enter the Human cells and alter our biology.

The “virus” is nothing to worry about; we have treatments for that. The real threat is the misrepresented “gene therapy” that is changing our biology.

When one particular doctor comes forward and says 65 per cent of his hospital staff are unvaccinated and he begs for scientific, peer-reviewed studies to illustrate that the shots are a valid defense, you know something is desperately wrong. I liked the quote Dr. Ryan Cole shared from Gen. Patton: “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

At the end Del gets into the disturbing situation in Australia where the real men have stood up, and so have the women.


It’s the weekend, and you know what that means.

Scenes from France

— Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) September 25, 2021

Now Milan, Italy 🇮🇹 RISES against Covid mandates #RESIST

— Maajid أبو عمّار (@MaajidNawaz) September 25, 2021

Yes, the problem has been “aliens”. Conversely, the remedy is also from extra-dimensionals and galactics.

Romana Didulo recommends anyone who got the jab to listen to this recording below as often as possible. It’s all about frequency, folks. Sound. Vibration. Resonance. The wrong ones can kill us; the right ones can heal us. Sonic weapons for quiet wars. Many people are attacked by sonic and electromagnetic frequencies by the psychopaths.

What? You thought the Earth Alliance was going to abandon us and make us wait years for med-beds? If the Alliance knew in advance what was going to happen, then don’t you think they had a plan for reversing the damage? Maybe it works. Your choice. I like it, but I’m part of the control group. 20 minutes.


For those who have been vaxxed please use the Nanobots killer video frequency i previously posted on here…

For those vaxxed listed to it on a Loop for as long as you can every day. Drink plenty of water please and thank you when listening to this…

Feedback on the above video from a Morgellon’s sufferer:

I am not vaxed but do have morgellons i have played this at night on loop ever since the first time it was posted.

Morgellons attacks have gone. No more black sores on my feet or burning and stinging from the nano bots.

Thank you so much Romana deeply greatfull to you

Queen Romana’s message to Earthlings/Terrans: Link to Telegram.

Patriots around the world. Your task now is to stand up and resist the Coronavirus19 bio weapon injection.

We have already done and continue to do the heavy lifting for you all.

But, we need you to stand up and help.

Denmark🇩🇰: Removed all restrictions. No covid passport requirements.

Sweden🇸🇪: Will remove practically all restrictions. No covid passport.

Norway🇳🇴: Removing all restrictions tomorrow. No covid passport requirements.

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) September 24, 2021

Norway reclassifies Covid-19: No more dangerous than ordinary flu

The tide is changing and the truth about the scamdemic and the “gene therapy” peddled as a vaccine is gradually gaining ground in the minds of Humanity. Keep the information flowing, folks.

We still have another very difficult truth to broach with the somnambulant public.

Agent A1 posted the following on Telegram. What a swell idea. Agent M went to jail, after all, to expose the pedos.

Someone VERY BIG






2m35secs –
Both are alive: Chester & Chris
You’ll see soon
What they have done for the children
and for the future
of humanity makes me cry.
God bless them for whatever they had to go through.

Linkin Park – Crawling (Live with Chris Cornell) @YouTube

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) September 24, 2021

People are trying to figure it out. What do you think?

— Geezy17 (@Geezy172) September 24, 2021

A planet at war… and hardly anyone knows it.

BREAKING – China: Nanyang has been affected by very heavy rainfall since Friday, with rising water levels and destroyed roads.

Electricity & communications in some areas were cut, nearly 8,000 people were evacuated.

In Spain, the people were out on the streets last night.

Protest Erupts in Barcelona After Catalan Leader Puigdemont Detained in Italy

It’s a tough slog, this liberation effort, but through it all we need to remember:

Every soul has their role. We can be at peace with that and still do ours. It can all fit and work together in harmony if we humble our egos & avoid gatekeeping.


— higher heart 🏔️ (@higherheartstar) September 24, 2021

Signing off for today. Check out the comments below each post for more from our exceptional crew.  ~ BP

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