Enlightenment-Equinox ~ Sept. 24, 2021


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Enlightenment Equinox

Last night, an Aquamarine Ray, the color of the Higher Heart Chakra showed up in my bedroom. One of my favorite colors, it brings forth memories for me of the time when I was in Lemuria. I wondered why this Ray showed up now. I grabbed my journal, wrote the question down and words flowed. I had written some of this at another time, though much was added. It came from my Higher Self (though perhaps Higher than that.)

“Through this Ray we establish connection to the Mother God, the Mother of God, frequency, a quality of the feminine magnetic force known as the Mother Arc and the original parent frequency carrying Acceleration Codes of Light from the 9th Dimensional Merkabic structure awaiting connection and activation in those prepared to access another octave, another wave, another dimensional layer of knowledge and love… committed to being responsible and devotional for each.

It is through alignment with the Mother’s circuit of perfection that Creation can heal itself forward into its original divine blueprint as its seed codes begin transmission, by reminding one that this Ray was a familiar Ray in the time of your history that many of you were a part of, a time when you achieved enlightenment over 12,000 years ago on the beloved continent of Lemuria, a time when you knew yourself to be Sacred and lived in your Light Bodies as beings of Light on Earth.

Overnight, Lemuria was submerged underwater along with many of its inhabitants. Everything was lost. All material possessions were gone, loved ones separated, animals, minerals, elementals, nature, along with all the beauty. All the aspects of daily living on this magnificent continent vanished in one fell swoop without warning. All that was left was Self… seeking the meaning and the purpose of life while in the void of nothing. There was no time for pity or stories. There was no time to be angry or truly feel the pain, though the agony was beyond words. The traumas of betrayal and abandonment that existed remained to be healed by each in succeeding lifetimes.”

That was the beginning of fulfilling the purpose for returning to Earth over and again to seek once again one’s Spiritual, Sacred, Sovereign Mastery in body and purify themselves from all former lifetimes.

In Lemuria, every BEing was left only to themselves and with God to begin again with nothing but God as Source and Supply for all things.

During that time, the High Priests and Priestesses of Lemuria prophesied that many of US would gather again during a time on Earth of great change. It was spoken that those living on the Earth at such a time would be given every opportunity to make a full recovery and make their Ascension while in a state of utter chaos, illusion, and fights for their Freedom. The opportunity would offer those that came the Highest Amount of Consciousness and Love that would once again return them to the One Heart of God, with feet planted firmly on the Holy ground of a New Earth.

We live in the midst of their prophecy.

You chose to come back to Earth now, whether you lived in Lemuria or elsewhere, to purify yourself from your long and arduous journey… to come back to your Sacred Sovereign Self bringing love, joy, compassion and peace to Self and all others and Behold Gaia with Great Love and Reverence for all Kingdoms on Earth.

You will never have to go through darkness and separation again if you will only dig a little more deeply for your own love, release what is not in alignment with your true heart and remove the attachments, the roots of which have dug into your solar plexus that cannot travel to New Earth with you.

Remember, you already are an Enlightened Sovereign Master… a multidimensional Sovereign BEing with unfathomable wisdom, power, and Love dwelling in the center of your heart and coursing through your Soul the carrier of perfect Love.

Heading into this Equinox will be helpful for many. It will help to be gathered, to be balanced, equalized loved and supported by the Divine Mother. And, to be in stillness in the womb of the mother surrounded by New Active Life patterns pulsing into you, preparing you for a new re-birth onto New Earth or where your Soul has chosen. The time has come to not only prepare for the heightened unfolding days ahead though reacquaint yourself with your Master Presence.

source:  www.maureenmoss.com

Much Love and many Blessings to all.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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