Viruses and Bacteria DO NOT cause disease – Sept. 23, 2021

Editor’s Note: Well, the information given below is certainly NOT what a I was taught in school as a Medical Technologist (the science of medicine). Yet… I have an open mind and will agree with this principle!

Although I Am a hospital laboratory Director thoroughly trained in the science of medicine, I will agree with the information related below realizing as a Laboratory Director, my goal is to use ALL theories for disease prevention to maintain a healthy and vigorous life!

In order to maintain my personal health, I eat a healthy “faux” vegetarian diet, I constantly reaffirm the health of all cells in my body, and yet…I will use antibiotic therapy when natural methods do not work (I Am a BIG believer in the effectiveness of natural oils!).

So…please consider natural alternatives to maintain your health. The best health remedy is to recognize the Quantum Love you ARE, and then rest in…

Quantum Joy!


For your consideration and discernment. I am posting this video because it presents a very interesting theory that deviates greatly from what we have been told. How many topics of all kinds – science, religion, history, geography, ……….. – have we been taught upside down and backwards?? Hopefully, in the VERY near future, We will be given clarity where We have been taught falsehoods!!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


    1. Yes, indeed they do…I have no argument with statement. However, pathogenic bacteria can be controlled with natural remedies. It is only when the body loses it’s natural pH, can pathogenic bacteria gain a foothold in the body, and thus be treated with antibiotics. 🥰💕🌹


      1. Until then we use antibiotics .
        They have saved me more than once from fatal septicaemia..
        Machines for the manipulation of energy in healing I saw demonstrated in Melbourne during one of the meetings in Medical Acupuincture. The use of colour recorded in the body was returned in healthy mode , was one. There was another based on magnetism.
        In the book of Adrian Dvir “Healing by Aliens”, he described communications with parallel universes with facility for their action in clinics in some capital cities, but most in Israel. The interesting feature was their use of sound. Isolation for their existence in a different time is necessary. Very weird stuff.


      2. Thanks for this update. At the current time, I Am in the process of learning sound production and am under the mentor ship of an award winning record producer who lives here in sleepy rural NC. I feel vibration is in our medical future!

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