The Aspects Of Words – AYA – Pleiadian Collective ~ Sept. 20, 2021


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The Aspects Of Words – AYA – Pleiadian Collective


Precious Ones Of My Love!

As I Stand Tall On Velvet Grass, With Fairies Dancing Around My Long Gown Of Woven Tapestry And Crystals, I Look At The Earth.

I Feel A Tear Flow As I Feel The Love Within For You!

My Loves!


I See Your Tears As Well.

Together We Must Rise Above All That Is Causing Destruction To The Sacred Planet.

I Cover You With Light!

Remember This Light Will Remain.


Come Close In Your Heart And Mind And Let’s Sit Together On Coverings Of Turquoise, Green And Pink.

See The Giant Soft Flowers Of Yellow, Orange And Red.

Feel The Gentle Breeze On Your Face.

Know You Are Safe And So Loved.


In These Moments I Will Share With You The Aspects Of Words We Have Discussed In Other Moments.

On Earth, Humans Get Caught Up In Words And Meanings To The Degree That Misconceptions Occur.

If You Understood None Of This But Only Knew Love, You Would Always Remain Perfect And Complete.

But For Interest And Clarity, I Speak.

Come Closer.

I Love You So!


A Waking Dream, A Lifetime, Is Simply A Vibrational Frequency Where Conscious Awareness As Higher Self Chooses To Manifest A Body Form To Project Life Force Within.

This Force Will Seem Very Real. This Identity That You Believe To Be You Begins To Be Programmed In Theta Waves Of Hypnosis.

You Have Entered The Matrix.

Why Would You Do This?


Your Soul Is Fully Aware Of All The Identity Will Experience.

The Soul Will Guide You To Your Purpose.

You Always Have The Opportunity To Awaken In The Dream.

But Let’s Go Further Now.


Spirit Is Consciousness.

Understanding That Consciousness Projects Life, Also Understand That Spirit Projects All Life, For They Are The Same.

The Body Is Spirit Manifested.

Each Cell Of The Body Is Spirit-Consciousness Projected.

The Soul Is Who You Are Without Form.

The Soul Is The Essence Of Spirit In Non-Physical.


The Soul Is Infinite And Has Conscious Awareness.

All Nature And Animals Are Projected Spirit Into Form, Which Is The Same As Saying All Are Projected By Consciousness.

‘God’, ‘Source’, ‘Universe’, Or The Name Of Your Understanding In The Creation Of All, Is Pure Sacred Awareness That Created All With Intention.


This Force Does Not Take Sides.

This Essence Is ONENESS.

To Pray For An Outcome, Pray Within.

For There You Connect With Source When You Open Your Heart And Feel The Connection With The Infinite Field Where All Things Are Possible.

We Live In The Consciousness Of God. ‘In God, We Move And Live And Have Our Being’.


We Are Spirit Projected As Souls With The Power To Choose Life Stories In Form.

We Are Infinite As Souls And At The Chosen Moment Of Each Dream, You Drop The Body And Change Frequencies.

You Awaken Completely From The Dream.

As A Soul, You Have The Choice To Remain In Non-Physical And Reflect As You Are Completely In Bliss And The Presence Of God.

You Realize You Are Everything.


In Knowing Your Origin, Each Life Story And Your Power, You Realize You Were Always Safe.

Many Decide To Incarnate Again And Plans Are Made.

Others Are Guides And Still Others Choose To Return To Their Home Planet.

Beloved Ones!

This Is The Final Dream!

You Have Traveled Far And Learned Many Things!


You Do Not Know In The Identity What The Soul Has Learned.

As You Align With Your Soul, You Will Understand Things In A Broader Perspective.

Try Not To Get Caught Up In Endless Conflicts That Are Only Passing Energy!

You Are Magnificent And You Will Find Great Peace As You Let It All Go!

This Moment Is Perfect.

Now This One Is Perfect.


Breathe In Love!

Love Is All Around You!

I Hold You Closely Each Moment And Whisper, “Soon!”

I Love You So!

I Am AYA, Goddess Of Taygeta

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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