Your Sunday Digest for September 19, 2021: Patience is Wearing Thin; Patients Are Dying Out [videos] ~ Sept. 19, 2021


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It has been an eventful month and there is a lot to think about. I’m feeling verbose today, so be warned.

Never has discernment been so important because in the last writhing death throes of the satanic power seekers, they will throw every deception out there.

They have recruited armies of deceivers in the “alternative news” community and all manner of diversions will arise to throw us off track and get us lost in disinformation and pie-in-the-sky promises for the future.

I’m still reeling from the appalling Man of God documents. Doesn’t God know how to use complete sentences or spell? He does when we talk.

Here’s a complete thought from the last document:

Finally we must change and reverse all laws that are based on the original constitution.

What? America, they’ve already revised your original Constitution, you know. There are two of them; the original is “Constitution for the united states for America”. FOR America. Lower case. Look it up.

And look what just popped up on Telegram: Another Simpsons cartoon.

Oh. What do we have here? Simpsons, Season 7 (1995), and they are just talking about rewriting the Constitution so any law can be written.

Let’s be clear. The Simpsons have never predicted shit. It’s called Karma Clearing.

Do your research on Matt Groening and the picture gets a LOT clearer.

This link should help get you started. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Groening 33rd Degree FreeMason –

We know there are power struggles going on; factions vying for power and ultimate reign over Terra. Anyone who wants my attention will have to learn to spell and use grammar and spell-check. Lawyers reviewed it all? I find that difficult to believe—unless they were twelve years old.

What of this?

Too many have died necessarily due to greed and manipulation.

It takes me a split second to see these errors. At least, I think they’re errors. Was it necessary? A Freudian slip? We shouldn’t have to guess at meanings.

Perhaps the AI transcription should have been proofed, but regardless, I’m not interested in planning for decades down the road until we clean up this mess, get rid of the sub-Human control freaks, and get good people representing the masses. That won’t happen until we get the voting system and election sorted.

Now that I’ve heard Phil Godlewski’s take on what transpired this past week or so, it’s apparent that some sort of negotiations must have taken place because there was no terrorist event on 9/11 and the Capitol Protest yesterday was a dud firecracker. Just a sparkler. Even CNN couldn’t wring an ounce of newsworthy BS from it.


🇺🇸LionHeart🇺🇸 (@WikiLeaksUS) September 19, 2021

Jacob Chansley aka Jake Angeli, January 6, 2021

The federales are a laughing stock. They would have been more unobtrusive in a Viking warrior outfit—like the man still in jail after the January 6 fiasco just to discourage other patriots from protesting—or supporting Trump.

Feds with some classy shorts on in DC today. Straight out of the farm? @CIA

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) September 18, 2021

As an Anon, Phil is certainly in a place to explain how it cannot be “coincidence” based on the comms—and he did.

President Trump’s communications, including from Il Donaldo Trumpo on Twitter/Telegram, confirm that some sort of deal was reached and he considered it a victory for the People.

It has been obvious that the results of the Arizona audit have been a bargaining chip and it seems the EBS/EAS has, as well. Queen Romana has certainly mentioned it a lot recently, as I stated. A threat, understandably.

Disclosure via the Emergency Alert System/Broadcast System is what all of us crave, so we can be vindicated and begin to live on a similar plane again to the zombies who yet sleep, but it sounds like it was basically blackmail to hold over the cabal’s head to get what the White Hats want. So far. I believe the Ten Days of Disclosure/Darkness are coming at a strategic moment. They must.

So yes, apparently we DO negotiate with terrorists, and it’s a good thing it’s not me at the bargaining table. I just want them vapourized.

John Durham was waiting in the wings for years… waiting for his card to be played. Now it has been, and I take that to be a good sign and we’re instructed to “hold the line”, but patience is indeed wearing thin.

An information war is hard. And don’t let anyone fool you. It’s not only an information war. The death toll around the world says otherwise. And how many troops have died in the tunnels to rescue the children from the man-eaters’ cages? Queen Romana was clear, in case you missed it.

What are the chances I would write that, and then an hour or two later see this on Romana’s Telegram?:

How many of you have seen Children from the Tunnels who were half human – half animal?

You read that correctly – they were the result of science expirement.

I don’t understand how delaying the results of the AZ audit for one week will benefit the dark in the long run. What’s their plan? What are they going to do this week—escape from the planet? Birth some new clones to deceive the world? Poison a thousand more people with their jab? Throw millions into FEMA camps?

Having said all that, I don’t believe “nothing can stop what is coming” is just a weak promise. It’s a battle cry and a Gematria code.

For decades the predators have known we are after them, have ignored all requests to cooperate, refused to surrender, and promised to take as many of us down with them as possible when they go. They have never honoured a treaty, agreement, or contract unless it suited them, and every promise has been to prolong their time to run free and wreak more havoc.

In fact, when Phil said his communication was simply “Surrender has been reached” I heard “breached” and I thought, well of course, because that’s what they do. They break agreements. They lie through their teeth and act like they’re doing something wonderful for us.

Nothing has changed. They want more time and more time. They always want more time and apparently they always get it. To save as many Human lives as possible, they get delay after delay.

Other than their mind-controlled civilian-soldier, killing machines [sleepers], what do they have left? Oh right—weather warfare. And the infiltrated military still has some weapons they could deploy. It’s only serious nukes that are ruled out. And let’s not forget they can still crash planes. Ironically, within an hour or so of typing that, this came up. It’s always “training”. Maybe just a coincidence.

Military aircraft crashes near Fort Worth, injuring at least 2 people

And those “Man of God” documents.

The crew offers this opinion piece on the Man of God Documents. I can’t say I have a good feeling about them or who they might come from. Why do they have to hide in the shadows and use Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes to front them? I think we’ve had enough of that. We don’t need another team of “white hats” distracting us and I’m not going to spend any more time reading their agendas. White Hats need to work in concert with President Trump, the Kennedys, the positive military, and other patriots. Not from the shadows like a shadow government.

We know that almost anyone can be bribed, and if I don’t see the desired actions and hear the right frequency of words from spokesmen, they’re stricken from my sources.

President Trump and his family are out in the open, with General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers and her team, Mike Lindell, Patrick Byrne, Juan O’Savin, and countless other patriots fighting like hell to wake the world up and move forward.

I’m tired of hearing how people can make a ton of money off gold, silver, digital currency or the RV. Money is not going to get us out of the predicament we’re in. Wealthy people will not be happy people, necessarily, and if they have enough toys to distract them, they might not be the kind of people we want representing us locally or in the seat of government—wherever that may be. We need to change our view of currency and its place in society. It is not the be all and the end all except to the globalists.

I believe the Titanic was intentionally sunk to murder key individuals who would have stood in the way of the creation of the Federal Reserve. How ’bout you?

— John Galt’s Adopted Stepbrother, Smedley (@isaiah403) September 18, 2021

If we have access to the technologies other civilizations have, we don’t need gobs of money, or jewels, or expensive vehicles, yachts or mansions. Those are the trappings of the “elite psychopaths”, and what has it done to the Human condition? It was used to bribe and blackmail politicians, bankers, Hollywood bozos, and people in every walk of life. It was used to buy silence and sell out Humanity. It was used to set them apart from us.

Millions of people know what the sub-Human marauders have done on this planet—but not enough. We must ALL know and understand what has happened. I suppose that cannot come until Trump is back in office, and that means releasing the election audit results.

And there is the Canadian election to deal with tomorrow. If what we hear is true and they plan to take five days to manipulate the results, it will be another circus to expose and a huge mess to clean up. It never ends. And Canadians will be none the wiser. Still asleep, for the most part. They will think it’s just politics.

It appears more Canucks are realizing the old parties have never worked and might be willing to try something different.  The media ignores Maxime Bernier and the PPC party. It’s like he doesn’t exist. Even if the PPC got a massive number of votes, I doubt we would hear about it—except via back channels.

We need to stop jumping their their hoops. They don’t run the show. WE do.


There’s NO other party with this much support!!!#VotePPC

— M1SC aka Miscellaneous (@RealM1SC) September 19, 2021

Money is not our primary prerequisite for survival. We need to stop shooting up gullible and threatened Humans with Big Pharma’s toxic cocktails, get the masks off, begin to live our lives again, get rid of the media and the cabal’s “Big Everything” and get our smaller, honest enterprises thriving again. This genocide has to stop! We know the truth yet it continues.

Heavily vaccinated state accounts for 65% of India’s COVID cases after rejecting ivermectin

We need pure food and water, and we need med-beds to heal the shocking degree of damage done to those still left. We need to house and clothe everyone. And we need the time to reeducate the world and rediscover our spirituality. We need our Ascension.

None of that will be enabled by a snazzy new financial system proposed by the “Man of God”. We have the Quantum Financial System. That’s all we need. Anything else is light years behind and inferior. And corruptible. And anything that can be compromised will be, because that is how these psychopaths roll and that is how they enslaved us. The love of money, and making us dependent on it.

They will lie, cheat, steal, and murder to get what they want and continue their satanic rule over our planet and her unsuspecting inhabitants.

It seems our key sources of reliable information have dwindled down to Il Donaldo Trumpo and Queen Romana of Canada. Do I have any idea how absurd that sounds? Of course I do! That’s the scary part—and Hallowe’en is a long way off yet. What is serving as back channels is most unconventional—but it works.

Link to Telegram.

The Hospitals are collapsing as health workers are walking out in droves due to the unlawful vaccine mandate.

Now 98% of those arriving at the Hospitals are the Vaccinated…

The unvaccinated are staying as far away as possible from the Hospital…🎯

I trust The Plan, and I trust the man, President Trump. I believe he is a master chess player and has the strategy all mapped out in his head along with the Q Team so I will have to go along, one day at a time, and do what can be done from this vantage point to achieve our ends and make the world a better place along the way.

What is the purpose of these “scary” articles on Natural News? Is fear going to trigger awakening? Is this fair warfare? It’s not meant for me because it simply evokes laughter. Or maybe it is.

Perhaps it’s the “hair of the dog” theory. Trauma to undo trauma. Jetson White spoke of that in the video I shared yesterday; the Definitive JFK Exposé. The White Hats are using techniques to reverse the spells the satanist witches and warlocks cast on our planet and on us. They know how the world works; we do not.

Anyone who is planning to do the things outlined in the “Man of God” documents which may actually be “Woman of ?” documents which is why they used “man”, to hide their identity, is getting way ahead of themselves. The cabal always throw in the “buzz words” like God when they want to instill trust. Who do they think they are? And they claim that the med-beds are not viable. This is counter to the specific abilities of the med-beds we were told about. So which is it?

How can we fix this problem? Med Beds ? no not really as this technology is designed to
enhance your current uncorrupted DNA before these negative elements have been forced upon
those who were injected by undue influence at every level possible. The Med Beds are only for
those others for many medical challenges improving the body in every way possible.

WE, the PEOPLE, or whoever is left on our planet after the next stages will decide how to move forward according to what WE want—not some controlling group who believes they have all the answers and the right to implement the systems necessary to go forward as they see fit. What happens in the future will evolve as WE evolve. WE are the creative ones and WE know what we want.

I recall conversations from folks associated with Kim-Possible Goguen saying Humans don’t want to step up and do anything for themselves; they just want someone or a group of someones to do it all for them. They drafted up a bill to abolish income tax and institute the flat retail tax. They criticized Trump, said they had control of the entire world’s wealth, and were the only ones doing anything for Humanity. They stated that factions are vying for power. They seemed to know exactly what they wanted to do.

Over the years we’ve learned that the CIA has embedded people all over and worked to get them elected to office so they could maintain control of Washington. Robert David Steele was entrenched with people like that and wanted to secure similar power for himself and his cronies. One down, thousands? to go.

I’ve seen a lot of money and resources poured into getting the cabal’s people in front of the alternative news/truther community. Slick new websites, PR pieces, intel offerings, cross-promotion, Humanitarian projects… which is despicable when they try to mislead unsuspecting people and wow them with deep intelligence and prognostications about what is coming.

It’s not difficult to feel the negative energy and intention of people trying to control the world and her People. Anyone with selfish intentions posing as acts of generosity for Humanity will be seen for what and who they are.

We need to take our lead from President Trump and his team and the positive military. Superfluous actions to interfere or subvert will only cause tension, division, or drag out the process with false benevolence and waste our time and energy.

We’re willing to listen to people with good hearts and good intention, but if they associate with the wrong people, their agenda will be questioned. We’re watching, and our money is on The Art of the Deal, not the art of the steal.

So what do you think? Will Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein Obama be the first [public] arrest?

Next Saturday might pick up our spirits with the Trump rally in Perry, Georgia. That would be immediately following the September 24th release of the AZ Audit results. We’ll see what happens.

In the interim, perhaps we need a pep-talk. You can read the transcript of this 5 minute video at the title link below, courtesy of the crew. It can only be viewed there, apparently. Elena Danaan transmits this message. Excerpt.

I ask you all to be brave. This is the final combat. This is the time of confusion, of doubt, of fear, but also of courage and of resilience.

STAND UP ! A message from the Galactic Federation of Worlds -Sept 18/2021

Many more are standing up than in the past and this is plain to see, so it’s not disinformation and it’s significant sign of the awakening process.

Massive protest in Canada🇨🇦

Up to 20 000 people took part in the freedom rally today protesting against against covid passports.

Why isn’t this all over the news?

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) September 18, 2021

This is what the people lurking in the shadows have their minions doing. These sub-Humans hate us, folks. They want us gone.

Where does this fit into your world-view?

The anunnaki playing Gods were negative ETs – fallen angels – rebels with Lucifer-Apollo-Enki against Galactic Federation.

Lucifer was a long-skull Sirian. Satan is the Storm God.

Yeshua’s Message was twisted into fear. He was called Jesus to honor their inversion of God, Zeus.

— Kab (@Kabamur_Taygeta) September 19, 2021

Such BS. The 4th wave. Man-made to order by psychopaths. If they had a Richard Citizen Journalist they might see the hospitals are empty. Who believes the lying, treasonous media and Terry Tam the Man any more? Off with their heads!

Union leaders representing health-care workers urge Jason Kenney to seek help from the military and Red Cross as Alberta health-care system strains under 4th wave:

— CBC News Alerts (@CBCAlerts) September 19, 2021

So what’s up with this? A thorn by any other name would be as deadly. Why do these psychopaths constantly change everything? They change their own names so we don’t know what family they originate in, they change the names of their corporations after they’re implicated in illegal activities, they change the names of products [like MSG] after we learn they are toxic…

All 3 Major Vaccine Companies Suddenly Have Name Changes for Their Covid Shots — And People are Already Confused

Arabella Kennedy brings this message of hope today:

The weapon of choice for the forces of Light is the Truth. For the forces of Darkness it is lies. Truth always wins because the support structures necessary for maintaining a lie always collapse, and the Truth is it’s own support.

As Darkness Falls
Every Lie Will Be Revealed
The End won’t be for Everyone.
That Choice, Will be Yours.
Consider This the Tip …
Only the Beginning:

Buckle Up – Get the Popcorn
Because I’m Going Til Dawn
Did You check the Date … ?

If that was the 19th, dawn would be the 20th. September 22 is the first day of fall in the northern hemisphere. Fall Cabal.

Mr. Pool has posted several hints like this one. Shock and awe coming?

— looP rM (@1127_113Mr_Pool) September 18, 2021


I think Western-Union is ready to shut down.
They did in Afghanistan a week or two ago.
Then yesterday I had trouble using them…silly questions never asked before.
Then today, refusal & even mentioned fraud problems w the system.

Goodbye, Western-Union?
Let me know if U2

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) September 19, 2021

I’d settle for the world knowing the truth about this PLAN-demic and getting up off their knees.

— Matt Couch (@RealMattCouch) September 17, 2021

For now, Satan is everywhere, in our face.

We have another decode. Will Oct 3, 2018 be Oct 3, 2021 for a three year delta? We shall see. Link to Telegram.

Previous Red Carpet Decodes
SEPT —-17—– [week of]
DECLAS coming?
Link in post is to CNN article for Trump’s Emergency Test Message on Oct. 3rd, 2018

That’s all for today, folks. Lots happening, lots still to come. Keep fighting for what you believe in and we will get what we want and deserve in the end.  ~ BP

1,000+ Lawyers
10,000+ Doctors
Have filed a lawsuit for violations of the #NurembergCode #Nuremberg2 #Incoming

Nobody gets a free pass.

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) September 19, 2021

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. Let’s just say that reading you is like watching the dust settle. The picture gradually gets clearer & clearer. Even when you zig & I am zagging, it’s eye opening. Great intel & references. Thank you Cynthia, you’re a true digital warrior helping me / us connect the dots. Oh, I’m so with you on the latest “Man Of God” documents.
    Michael H.


  2. I had a really tough time with the man of God documents and when I read the line you quoted I knew it was pure trash 😡 very aggravating as I felt what’s up with Simon ? Has he gone the way of RDS 😳‼️ Most disgusting


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