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September 18, 2021: Showtime! [videos] ~ Sept. 18, 2021


Things are about to get very interesting if the chatter on social media is any indication. Our blog posts are designed to give the 40,000 foot sit-rep in this war for the liberation of Humanity and the end of evil. We bring snippets of events, data released, prognostications, and comms from key players.

I sense and believe that what is coming is BIG, BIG, BIG! The giant is awake… stirring… shaking off the dross of a long hibernation and wielding a very big stick.

Later… In researching for this post, I discovered a possible reason why many of us have felt something is about to change. It concerns the “negotiations” and the Arizona audit, and possibly may have averted a false flag event today at the Capitol.

The show will be so great, it matters not the Cinema. People will be sitting in the isles to watch. Is everybody in? The ceremony’s about to begin.

— SiriusB (@SiriusBShaman) September 17, 2021

When they say Trust the Plan realize that you and I – we – are the plan. We must save this country.

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) September 18, 2021


— il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) September 18, 2021

This is a must see: Ignore the current image below. It’s showtime!

💥 @TrilbySmith2 @LibertyMell

— leigha (@leighagurl36) September 18, 2021

The back story… read the continuation of this Tweet on Twitter… about the “deal”. Also talk of the EBS/EAS and the terms of surrender in this “Art of the Deal” moment. Suggest you follow this channel below as it appears to be a key one for comms.


Why do you think the White Hats telegraphed that the AZ Audit results will be released next Friday, September 24th? Wouldn’t that be an invitation to the Cabal to plan FF’s for then? The date is firmly stated because the Cabal has made a

— leigha (@leighagurl36) September 17, 2021

The Cabal caved to Trump’s threat of launching the EBS this weekend if The Cabal & media failed to show the AZ Audit results that were due to come out tomorrow, September 17. To make the deal, all Trump had to do was delay the AZ Audit results for one week,

— leigha (@leighagurl36) September 17, 2021

🚨BREAKING🚨Washington DC: Video show U.S. Capitol Police and law enforcement officers are everywhere around the Capitol this morning.

— Americanka (@Americanka4) September 18, 2021

Queen Romana said on Telegram:

There was a contract of non interference to allow Earth women, men and children to ascend. But, then the malevolent beings came to enslave Earth and her inhabitants…

But, due to the active non interference contract – the Star People benevolent beings could not intervene.

That contract has expired.

We are not alone, we are no longer forgotten, and we’re making history. The information coming from Romana’s channel is awesome, FYI.

The French are relentless. Again this weekend… singing and chanting = peaceful protest.

LIVE: Protest against Health Pass and mandatory vaccination takes place in Paris

OMG! This is even better. These Brits are the bomb.

Nancy Pelosi. United Kingdom. DELICIOUSO…😂😂😂

— il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) September 18, 2021

3815 Jan 31, 2020 12:22:57 PM EST Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: ef52a4 No. 7978436
What happens when people learn the TRUTH?
What happens when people WAKE UP?
They will not be able to walk down the STREET.

Some Australians reached their precipice.


— Lorrie Hancock (@LorrieHancock18) September 18, 2021

This is appalling.

How is this not worse than the virus?

— Dr Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) September 18, 2021

Are you savvy? Do you know how to work within the system? How creative are you? Watch this video from Dan Dicks of Press for Truth in Vancouver, CA and learn. There are more of us than them. Under 2 minutes.

Pro Tip: Here’s How To Still Dine At A Restaurant UNVAXXED!! Suss Them Out & Find Out Who’s Cool!!

There is untold suffering every day that many of us are unaware of. This scamdemic is not a “health crisis” it’s a humanitarian crisis and people who go along with the psyop in ignorance are perpetuating the crime.

The other way… don’t mess with Texas in New York. Not good when it gets to this point. Innocent people are hurt and we don’t condone bullies.

Yeah the ppl ain’t goin for it no mo

— Imaginary Fiends™ (@FIENDSQUAD) September 17, 2021

This is truly sad. Never really thought about deaf people needing to read lips. I feel her pain – y’all know I love my Dunkin’!

— ╰☆☆ ᗰEᒪᒪIE ☆☆ ╮ (@001mellie) September 15, 2021

There is no need for the torture above that is happening in the United States, the UK, Australia. Look at what the government of El Salvador is doing. Brilliant! Competent response. Science—not politics.  Link to Telegram video.

[ Video ]
Ivermectin given to all citizens in El Salvador.

Parents are now realizing they needed to be involved in children’s education. The perverts were taking over and promoting their disgusting agenda.

The pedophiles are hiding everywhere. For a long time they remained in the shadows but no longer. The Light is chasing the shadows from our communities and the rats are running for cover.

Hudson Mayor Craig Shubert, parents call for resignation of Hudson School Board, teachers after students receive book of inappropriate writing prompts

It’s every day now. The perverts are exposed and they know we know what they’re doing.

Phoenix Union High School District’s “Teacher of the Year” Arrested for Child Sex Abuse of 16-year-old student

George Cardenas

— An Open Secret (@AnOpenSecret) September 11, 2021

Interesting stuff unfolding.

#MYSTERYBOOMS in Virginia – 9/17/21

“3 linemen near Front Royal witness a blue streak across the sky followed by a distant boom. There were also many that recorded the sound on their doorbell cameras such as the one below in Woodstock, Virginia.”

— Kab (@Kabamur_Taygeta) September 18, 2021

There’s so much here already, I’m going to push the button. I may be back later, depending on what comes up.

Thank you to the crew for checking in and bringing news and views from your corner of the world. Hang in there.

Remember, WWG1WGA.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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