Conversations With The Star Elders ~ Sept. 18, 2021



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Tidor ~ Andromeda Galaxy: “Dissolution can only truly occur if all the elements at that stage are vibrating at the exact same rate of propulsion as that of inauguration – a neutral charge.

This is tricky business, as ‘in linear time’ aka duality reality/ polarity pull they are perceived not being the same at the end as in the beginning.

Humanity as a whole, has been nefariously operating in a reversal bi wave service to self dissolution pattern.”

This binary code has had us ’locked down’ in entropy and decay – fracturing, looping and holding patterns on our planet.

“But if the two states of being i.e. Alfa and Omega are looped back on themselves they can be terminated from 3D sub scope, which as you are well aware creates Omni Space.

You see the true lens of duality reality is the manifesto of authentic atomic principles in matter, otherwise beyond 3D – 4D matter all co-exists in spherical consciousness.

This is a form of suspended animation, which also covers many areas regarding space time continuum – from anti gravity techniques, inversion/ conversion to karmic imprints.

Timing is an acute reminder of Man’s inability to just Be.”

Go back go forward and bring it into now. An art rekindling.

TriWave tones are in Metamorphosis, holding the qualities of Grace Gratitude and Godhood.

The attitude of gratitude frequency alone is said to be the Key to Physical Immortality This organic triune force is a Service to Others frequency and is eternally protected in the Godhead.

Unity Codes and therefore Unity Consciousness abound.

It’s wake up Shake up time folks.

Our Creation Code has been hijacked through bi-polar geometries, so that zero point and trinity codes would not be accessed.

Forced reversal and split patterns that continually fragmented our consciousness at multiple dimensions No More!

These illusory shenanigans are in a state of suspended animation during this Equinox Alchemia.

Re-mem-ber – Time is already up on all things artificial.

The Earth Mother has chosen.

What are you choosing Now?

Equinox- equal day, equal night and you as the tri wave 3 as 1 trinitised ingredient, has us Home is where the Heart is Free.

More the merrier There’s no time like No Time.

Say it like a mantra -~ Tidor, Andromeda Galaxy 🙏🌟🌎💚 Rise Homo Luminous, Rise & Shine. – Raeline Sqs Brady

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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