Greetings Infinite Beings of the Eternal White Flame of Source Creator ~ Sept. 13, 2021


Today we have a 12 21 Portal this is a special gateway point in the space time continuum for the coming Solstice on Dec 21 2021 which will be encoded 12212021.

We had massive waves of higher dimensional gamma plasma light flowing in all day. We had two 45 hz columns on the Schuman re-encrypting the 9/9 portal. We had a white beam at 38 hz opening the 11/11 gateway and a 73 hz massive blast encoded with the 37 into 73 codes of Heaven on Earth.

The Event is on and we are the Event, Ground Crew Light Workers and Keepers of the Soul Star Spark of the 144. We are triggering the Solar Flash so many are seeing in Vision. From Now until the Equinox, in 10 days on Sept 22nd 2021, we will begin walking in between worlds; meaning in between Heaven and Earth as we fluctuate in the Quanta film that separates the 2 worlds. We merge the two into the One to fully manifest heaven on earth.

The true Queen has made the final move to checkmate the false King of the old patriarchy, game over. Now the New Game of Life begins in complete harmony as hue-manity lives from the heart being connected to all things. We have reached critical mass and with no holds barred , with no restriction we go all in. There is an old saying when the rubber meets the road and this is it. We prepared for many lifetimes and timelines for this final mission of total breakthrough for all Sentient beings. We still follow the free will paradigm so we inspire others by being inspired. We cannot force anyone into Joy, Peace or Passion. We can assist by being the Joy and living our Passions with an open heart and open mind. This is the best we can do. Nothing can stop us for we arrived in full consciousness for this Great Awakening into the New Earth.

We take back control of this simulation of the Divine Waters la matrica and transform this realm into the Holy Matrix of Paradise this world has always evolved into becoming. This is the Resurrection of all Life in all realms, timelines and dimensions here now. We connect all aspects of Infinitely Expanding Creator Source and create an Infinity Spiral that is a web-like construct of Divinity to restructure all false matrices into the Eternal Truth of the Rainbow Dragon Grids of Shambhala.

All connecting etheric nodes and nodules are resonating chambers in the heart center of all Lightworkers and Starseeds in all Realms creating a network of infinite proportions. It is the Diamond Net of Indra that shimmers with multidimensional plasma light that transports all gnosis and information instantly throughout the infinite multiverse. We connect in and hold the gridlines together within our heart centers. The eternalnet is completed and online and free for all Sentient beings of Pure Light.

All now pulses at the fifth dimensional frequency to re-configure all DNA codes to vibrate at the frequency of Peace, Joy, Love and Harmony. We simply let go and allow the current to flow through our meridians and channels. The instruction manual is encoded in your new 12 Strand Crystalline DNA , 2 physical and 10 etheric. Go within into the stillness and you shall see the Light. Now transmit the codes to the World around you….A’Ho!!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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