Awakening In Increments – Pleiadian Collective ~ Sept. 7, 2021


Awakening In Increments – Pleiadian Collective


Friends Of Earth!

To Many Of You That Live In The Light, Our Messages May Seem Repetitive, Though Different Words And Thoughts Come Forth.


There Is ONE Absolute Truth.

There Are Many Paths To Discover The Truth Lies Within You!

It Is Easy To Judge One Another If Their Opinion Differs From Yours, But Maybe In Distant Moments, Your Perspective Was The Same.


What Sets You On Fire Now, Would Have Been Meaningless Earlier In Your Dream.

Awakening In Increments Is Like Taking A Blindfold Off.

Then Another.

Then Another.


You Find It Amazing That You Left Entire Belief Systems Behind.

You Find It Even More Astonishing That You Have Been Controlled And Brainwashed By Any News You Have Received Since Arriving On Earth And Comprehending Language And Meaning!

Now You Realize So Much Truth!

You See Toxic Governments Misleading And Destroying The Masses As They Promise To Have More Remedies To Harm You!

It Is No Wonder That Many Are Checking Out!


Many Are Having Deep Depression And Anxiety And Problems Sleeping.

Continual News Of New Variants And Endless Mandates Are Taking The Freedoms That You Have Known.

Even With Lies Throughout The Dream, You Had Freedom!

This Waking Dream Is Full Of Patriots, Families That Understood Love And Unity, And Gatherings Of Multitudes Of Celebrations.


Governments Are Dividing And Isolating You With Fear!

You Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself!

You Will Create What You Desire From This Point!

If You Could Only Realize The Power You Brought To This Waking Dream!

You Brought Purpose And Divinity!

You Are Majestic And Infinite!


You Are Holographic In Nature And Each Thought, Action, Emotion And Intention Will Move As A Ripple Of Vibrational

Frequency Through Your Being And To All Others!

You Do Make A Difference!

Those Ruling Over You Wish For You To Believe You Have No Voice And That You Do Not Matter!

The Darkest Ones Left Have Set An Agenda For You!


But We Have Great News!

We Have Something Better!

It Is The Great Awakening And No Agenda Will Stand!

Do Your Best To Find Peace In Your Heart!

Each Moment You Are Breathing, It Is By The Power And Grace Of Source Creator!

Meditate At Least Twice Daily.


To Really Change Your Vibrational Frequency Higher, Meditate As You Are Just Waking From Slumber And Just Before You Enter Sleep.

This Will Change Your Subconscious Mind.

This Will Connect You To The Living Field Which Is The Answer. The ONE.


Breathe Deeply And Stop The Endless News Reports.

You Know Enough And Many Lies Will Be Toxic.

Change Your Habits And Choose Wisely What You Allow Into Your Being!



Join The Move Forward Into Infinite Light!

There We Begin Where All Dreams Started!

We Love You So!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. All messages of encouragement gratefully received, and to know we are immortal units of Consciousness.
    The next Golden Age was founded in the years following the world war by metaphysical operations at the cosmic level. To learn some aspects of Truth can be reassuring, and to broadcast the transmuting power of Love is enough for some who are aware, and remain to endure.


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