September 7, 2021: Another Day in the Asylum [videos]

It seems the better in focus reality becomes, the less real it seems.

I can’t get that paranoid-looking dog out of my mind. Poor thing.

LOTS going on today, and probably for the remainder of the week. Mass arrests?

Link to Telegram.

BREAKING: Military coup in Guinea; President Conde arrested. National Assembly dissolved – reports

Right after I said it would be a busy week, I saw this Tweet, which has since been removed:

I expected a few more comments about the Declaration from the Top that Simon and Charlie shared yesterday but since it was a long weekend, perhaps the response will be delayed. I hope people will read it, and re-read it until it sinks in. ACTION REQUIRED by all. No sitting on the sidelines.

Charlie did this video with a panel to discuss the situation more. Video at the link.

Man of God — Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity

After I watched that one, I listened to Gene’s latest decode with Nicholas Veniamin. Always interesting to hear what Gene has to say.

Gene Decode Discusses Cabal Army Reversed with Nicholas Veniamin

As I mentioned yesterday… expect a lot of Internet outages. Maybe not the entire planet all at once, but major interruptions and blackouts. The New World Order can’t have the pubic knowing what’s actually happening around the world.


Massive internet outages reported worldwide on Downdetector!@Amazon@Reddit@EA@AT&T and @Coinbase are just some of MANY companies affected.

— XDC News (@xdc_news) September 7, 2021

RT reports same on Telegram:


Massive internet outages reported worldwide on Downdetector!

Amazon, Reddit, EA, AT&T and Coinbase are just some of MANY companies affected.

I wonder what this is about…

Maybe they don’t want him sharing this…


Protest in Rio de Janeiro

— The pro-Bolsonaro protest in the city of Rio de Janeiro has already begun with hundreds of thousands of right-wingers gathering in Copacabana near the beach

— Tati Cruz (@Taticru79846829) September 7, 2021

More videos from Brazil on Telegram.

A note from the Patriots’ Forum and Trevor Winchell about September 7th:


Tues. 7 Sept. was a major Satanic Holiday called Marriage to the Beast Satan according to the Occult Calendar of Demonic Holidays put together by therapists from childhood accounts of their Satanic Ritually Abused clients.

Marriage to the Beast Satan was celebrated by local and global elite international Satanic Covens with blood, sexual human sacrifice and dismemberment of a female age infant to 21 – followed by eating their flesh and drinking their Adrenochromed blood. The rites commonly began the day before with group child sex orgies. … ic-temple/

Please report suspected Satanic activities to your local law enforcement. Since Satanists were known to infiltrate police departments, cover your tracks by also contacting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE): and the Federal Human Trafficking Website:

Satan worshippers used Child Sacrifice rites to honor Satan and supposedly gain power and glory. Please be aware of Satanic activities in your neighborhood and help save children and teens from the sophisticated Mind Control techniques that imprison them for life – providing they make it out alive.

Adrenochrome The Elite’s Secret Super Drug! Peter B. Meyer 6th of Sept. 2021

In May 2017, Trump ‘s first visit abroad was to Saudi Arabia, the base of the 13 Archon bloodline families, to meet with the crown prince, one of Obama ‘s buddies and the son of King Bin Salman. They are the first arm of the three arms of the Deep State pyramid, and a major supplier of young children for their Satanic Adrenochrome blood rituals. Adrenochrome, which is apparently made from the blood of traumatised young children, is a drug used by members of the DS Cabal because they believe it has rejuvenating effects.

Anonymous good people wage the most intense war against it, but they are mocked and despised by those who have no idea what is really going on. About Adrenochrome, unfortunately, only a few really know what it is, but mostly do not understand what the silent ongoing battle is about. This documentary takes a deep dive into the history of Adrenochrome and how it has been used since ancient times by royalty and the elite classes. Be aware that many of the images in this film are disturbing and not intended for young children, parental discretion is advised. Watch the Documentary here.

I don’t trust digital currency so I don’t talk about it, but happened to see this…

Out of Australia… where we understand it’s the template of the New World Order’s communist takeover that the rest of us could expect if we don’t do something about it.

And just to balance the lies and omissions by the Australian government…

Truck Blockade in Australia.

There is much disinfo being spread about truck blockades in Australia.

The Australian government has hired entire troll farms dedicated to spreading misinfo that “The truck blockade totallly isnt happening. Move along. Go back to your quarantine and dont go outside. Stop spreading memes on facebook.”

Well… see for yourself.  Link to Telegram video.

The media is the virus and continue to amp up their poisonous propaganda to unprecedented proportions. We can certainly understand why they wouldn’t want us to know about or trust a product that has enabled such remarkable recoveries for pneumonia patients and is even being studied as a cure for cancer.

They’ve already told us Hydroxychloroquine will kill us. Will they go after Regeneron, too?

Same Rolling Stone magazine that FAKED campus rape story a few years back BUSTED with complete bullsh#t story claiming Oklahoma hospitals are filled with ivermectin-damaged patients

It’s time to cut the Covid crap, folks. The fear mongering and ignorance has to stop. The media, in case you hadn’t heard, is suddenly beginning to tell some truth. Queen Romana says that does not excuse them or change the “treason” charge. It’s too late to say you’re sorry. Global News in Vancouver Canada reports:



— Chicken Gate  (@ChickenGate) September 6, 2021

The resistance in the Great White Gulag…

Bravo, @JackieRombouts!#StrongAndFree#NoMandatoryVaccines


— Patrick  (@palevell_) September 7, 2021

We must choose a side, and traitors must be exposed and routed out or the infection will just spread. Cauterize. Get it all now, or we will have to deal with this forever.


VIDEO  Protesters throw small rocks, debris at Trudeau as he leaves Ontario campaign stop

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) September 6, 2021

Canada is so busted. Deep state infiltration is complete. Video at Telegram.

The Premier of Quebec makes the 666 sign with a Freemason posture before the press conferences on covid (his health minister and the leaders of the opposition too)

Symbolism will be their downfall

Of course positive things have come out of the scamdemic. There is always a bright side.


The Vax mandate is bringing the right and the left together in NYC.


—  Antoine Tucker for U.S. Senate (@montaga) September 6, 2021

There are a lot of great Tweets in the Twittersphere, for those who aren’t on Telegram.


Excellent! @Tinker_Sparked caught the HAVE NO FEAR!


— WarriorAnjill  (@WarriorAnjill) September 7, 2021

The Scots are restless, too, apparently. Link to Telegram.

Freedom?! Scotland’s FM unveils plans for Indyref 2 by the end of 2023

FM Nicola Sturgeon has reiterated the Scottish govt’s plan to hold another independence referendum before the end of 2023 – stating a “detailed prospectus” was being worked on so voters can make a “fully informed” choice.

A referendum was held in 2014 on the question of Scottish independence from the UK with just over 55% voting NO – although the Scottish National Party believe Brexit has changed the landscape.

However, a 2nd referendum cannot be held without the approval of the British govt in London and PM Boris Johnson is adamant the 2014 vote was a “once in a generation” chance to leave.

Subscribe to RT

This is a fabulous video from the gargantuan peaceful protest in the Netherlands on the weekend, from the crew. Wow. They tell us the media there grossly under-reported the size of the crowd—of course. THIS is what we want to see and it would be exhilarating to experience. Kudos to the Dutch people. You aced it.

Weltschmerz Next – Biggest Freedom Rally Netherlands Ever!

In case you missed it… Link to Telegram.


And if you can handle it, a dash of reality for good measure. Even asylums have a shred of reality.

We’ve been told that if the “meteor” is green, then it’s a ship that got shot down. The psychopaths are not going to be allowed to leave Earth.  They have to stay and deal with the mess they created and their crimes. Justice.

Spectacular meteor fireball lights up night sky over northern France and southern UK

That’s enough for today. It’s a busy week for me, as well and it’s challenging to keep up with all the news. See you next time.  ~ BPStarship Earth: The Big Picture | September 7, 2021 at 12:14 pm | Categories: Current Updates | URL:

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