News Burst 31 August 2021 – Get The News! ~ August 31, 2021

  • The Russian president said that “95% of the world’s ruling classes are not even human” are human reptilians “cold-blooded hybrids” who are “members of an ancient cult.” At a closed-door forum for the highest levels of government and officials in his hometown of St. Petersburg. Putin answered questions about the leaking papers from Panama, pointing out who was behind the plot: the United States government. His spy agencies and George Soros’s OCCRP. I affirm “George Soros, he is a cunning dragon, this is war,” according to sources close to the president. Then Putin promised to further increase sanctions against the Soros Open Society.
  • Astronauts on the International Space Station have found a crack on the planet’s only inhabited satellite, just five months after they fixed another leakage back in March this year, a Russian space rocket designer has revealed. Speaking to RIA Novosti, Vladimir Solovyov, the chief designer of the ‘Energia’ Rocket and Space Corporation, revealed a crack was found in the station’s oldest segment. “Several non-penetrating cracks were found in the Zarya module,” he explained. The Zarya is the first module of the ISS to have been launched, having been sent up by the Russian space agency in 1998. Zarya – which means ‘dawn’ in Russian – provided the initial electrical power and propulsion to the station, and guided the ISS through its early stage.
  • New Zealand’s largest city Auckland will remain in lockdown for two more weeks despite the mounting decline in coronavirus cases, while the health ministry reported the country’s first death linked to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that 1.7 million residents in Auckland will remain under strict Level-4 lockdown for another 14 days, to prevent the resurgence of the virus. The Level-4 lockdown rules forbid people from leaving their homes without essential reasons, with all gatherings banned and public facilities, including schools, shut down. Only supermarkets, medical facilities and petrol stations are allowed to operate.
  • Living in Singapore, the Brit Benjamin Glynn, on the train home, was videoed by a passenger him not wearing a Covid mask – contrary to the local rules – and uploaded it to citizen journalism website Stomp. Twenty-four hours later, the police knocked on his door, demanding he come to the station. The officers used batons which led to an ambulance being called due to Glynn bleeding from his knees, elbows and shoulders. He spent the rest of the weekend in holding cells, before he was finally granted bail.
  • ‘Global Plantation Of Slavelandia’: trend of artificially tying monetary policies to the pandemic, which leads to rising profits for the rich while pushing ordinary people over the verge of poverty.
  • Over 20 students and their families from the state of California are currently stranded in Afghanistan after the US announced its abrupt decision to withdraw its forces from the war-torn country. Of the eight San Diego families that were trapped in Afghanistan, only two of them have been evacuated.
  • Protesters have packed into central London in a demonstration against the government’s ongoing plans to introduce so-called vaccine passports. Though largely ignored by the media, thousands of people reportedly took part. The protest march kicked off at Hyde Park on Saturday afternoon and set off across Vauxhall Bridge and toward Clapham Common.No official crowd size estimate is available, but protesters posting on social media claimed “it looks like thousands” took part. As of later on Saturday afternoon, no mainstream British news outlets had reported on the protest. Taking place simultaneously was a rally by climate change group Extinction Rebellion, who have staged a week of straight demonstrations in the city, grabbing newspaper headlines every day.
  • Scandinavia was one of the last areas of Europe to be inhabited, due to a combination of a harsh climate and an ice sheet preventing colonisation by early humans. Two distinct genetic variations bear witness to two main immigration waves, one from the south (present-day Germany) and the other one from the northeast (present-day Russia). An interdisciplinary research team at Lund University, Sweden, has sequenced the genomes of several hunter-gatherers, dated to be 9,500-6,000 years old to dispel the shroud of mystery surrounding the earliest people on the Scandinavian peninsula.
  • A “mystery fever” that has killed nearly 70 people, including 40 children, in a week has terrified the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. “The exact cause is being studied”, the chief medical officer (CMO) of Firozabad district, Dr Neeta Kulshrestha, said.
  • Prince Andrew, who faces accusations of sex abuse and is noted as being associated with late American sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, is reported to be “hiding” at his Royal Lodge mansion as his guards struggle to prevent lawyers from serving a rape lawsuit on him.
  • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Saturday that he sees three options for his future: “I have three alternatives for my future: being arrested, killed, or victory,” he said, speaking at a meeting of religious evangelical leaders. His remarks come amid his questioning of the reliability of electronic voting systems in the country, also threatening that, if he loses, he would not accept the results of the forthcoming presidential election scheduled for next year. He offered to initiate the adoption of printed ballots as his alternative.
  • According to local media, police have raided a field hospital, located southwest of the capital Bangkok, following nursing staff complaining about patients having orgies, taking illegal drugs, and taking part in brawls during which patients were seriously injured. In order to prevent improper behaviour, the administration of the hospital placed male and female patients into two different areas. According to local news agency Thaiger, a small group of officials will stay in the hospital to help staff keep an eye on the patients.
  • Russian Special Presidential Representative for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov hopes that the weapons left behind in Afghanistan after the US troop withdrawal from the country will not be used in a potential civil war. Kabulov noted that “our own” cultural concepts of democracy and order should not be imposed on the new Afghan authorities.
  • Four weeks after Chinese regulators first denounced video games as “spiritual opium” and identified “video game addiction” as a widespread phenomenon distracting young people from their responsibilities, authorities on Monday announced they would restrict the hours during which Chinese minors are allowed to play. From here on out, gaming during the week will be banned. On Friday evenings, as well as during holidays and Saturdays and Sundays, gamers will only be allowed to play during a single hour between 2000 to 2100 local time.
  • Chase Bank has canceled General Mike Flynn’s personal credit card, citing “possible reputational risk to our company.”
  • The Narcotics Control Bureau has arrested three members of an international drug racket within a week-long covert investigation named ‘Operation Coke II’.Police, who had a tip-off about possible cocaine trafficking inside Kathmandu, had been vigilant towards suspicious foreigners entering Kathmandu from South Africa. Shirley Gama, 30, a suspicious traveller, had entered Kathmandu via Cape Town via the Doha route. Police, who were keeping a close eye on Gama, were able to arrest her red-handed with 2.97 kilograms of cocaine from her hotel room at Kamaladi. Gama had entered Nepal on tourist visa and planned to fly to India within two days.

News Burst 31 August 2021

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