August 26, 2021: Northern Exposure on the Rise [videos] ~ August 26, 2021

The Great White North will be stripped of its pristine mantle as the chess pieces fall. We’re exposing the crimes carried out in our name north of the 49th. Globalists live and work in every nation. None are exempt.

Nothing can stop what is coming… here’s the proof. It’s a family affair, trust me.

Justin Trudeau’s brother arrested on charges of sexual conduct with a minor

You can tell who the globalists are because their Wikipedia pages sport only glowing accounts of their lineage and accomplishments. They lack the daggers and ridicule reserved for the conservative decent folk. I give you, Sacha Trudeau. One brother, Michel, may have been sacrificed on a ski trip in British Columbia.

In case you missed it yesterday, Canadian Lab is implicated in the Wu Flu hoax.

Samples from early #Wuhan #COVID19 patients show the presence of genetically modified Henipah virus, an American scientist has found.

“We found genetic manipulation of the Nipah virus, which is more lethal than Ebola.” (Nipah is a type of Henipah virus).

— Jan Jekielek (@JanJekielek) August 25, 2021

The crew provides a great volume of important information. It’s interesting how much of it goes directly to the “spam” folder where I rescue it.

Simon Parkes has a beautiful new website, and he has posted about a Black Swan event. I have not heard yet, as I’ve been busy. Anyone know what Simon is speaking of? Was it this? Did this really happen?

JUST IN – Explosion outside #Kabul airport: At least 11 people were killed and dozens more injured, including three U.S. soldiers, according to local media.


Simon also says…

The new financial system has started!

Nothing to do with the great reset of the cabal, but the spiritual elements of the QFS…

New Financial System Has Started!

#Recognize #ShadowGovernment#ElectionWasMilitaryOp#CovidIsMilitryOp


— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) August 25, 2021

The fall of the cabal. Have you seen all the episodes? They’re excellent material for waking people up.

Fall of the Cabal series up to #17 (seventeen)

🔥VIDEO: Kids are Waking Up. @canadiangirls99 @MarkFriesen08 @TransSplendor @randyhillier @greg_scott84 @ChickenGate

— pdf (@pdf00587301) August 25, 2021

The whole truth is not going to be pretty, folks. We may not consider Human meat a delicacy, and may consider cannibalism something relegated to isolated, primitive tribes or starving athletes crashed in the Andes, but it’s actually going to be revealed for what it is. Common.

We suspect some of those meat processing plants that suddenly closed due to “mad cow” or Covid, were actually caught processing two-legged cousins.

[They] All Fall Down. #McDonalds
40% Human Meat In Sausage Biscuits & Hamburgers.#CrimesAgainstHumanity #RabbiFinkelstein #HumanTrafficking

‘No danger to customers’ says head of McDonald’s after 12 stores close due to driver testing positive for COV19

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) August 25, 2021

I keep asking… Who really controls the media? I had to laugh when I saw this yesterday.

You want to hate her, I know. Me, too. Link to Telegram.

Kek. She said plandemic. 🤣

What makes a great movie? Great actors.

I love this. What indomitable spirit the French have. Link to Telegram.

French citizens boycott vaccine passports by eating right in front of nearly empty, vaxx-only bars and restaurants.

I have been under the impression from what Q has said and other developments along the way that the White Hats are in control. Q said, “You and your families are safe.” I took that to the bank, as I did with many of President Trump’s comms. He has guaranteed us a happy ending and that is my expectation and belief.

Some people are having a hard time with this vaxx scenario, and I think there’s a lot of fear out there. I don’t believe we need to be in fear, and I listened to this fellow, an insider in some ways, with connections to people who give him very good intel and keep him in the loop. Phil has a very large following, and a few people are having difficulty riding the storm.

In fact, one woman on his livestream was suicidal. A few others  called him controlled opposition. There are some wacked out people, for sure, who just don’t seem to be able to reason or use logic. Anyone with a different opinion is considered the enemy in their book and controlled opposition. It’s absurd. And immature.

The Q Team and Trump and his comms, SerialBrain2, etc. came out so that we would be informed, would not be afraid, would not panic or resort to violence, and would not despair or be suicidal. We’ve got this.

So, Phil, whom I like a lot, shows his viewers how to use the VAERS system to pull data and get the real numbers for the Wu Flu; the deaths, the adverse reactions, etc. and does the math to show us that only a very small percentage (.00008 per cent) may have died. He runs a number of scenarios and it’s really interesting. If you are concerned about the current situation, vaccine mandates, mRNA elements, lethalities, dangers down the road, losing a loved one, losing your job—I recommend you listen to this for your own peace of mind. It’s 1 hr 35 min. but you can stop short of that and get the gist.

Bottom line, we understand Trump has known for a long time that he would be doing this job. He stated that in a campaign speech. He said he knew this day was coming; it was only a question of when. We know we have the Q Team, General Flynn, and many, many people and non-terrestrial assistance as well. It’s going to be okay. Better than okay. Amazing. Awesome. Phenomenal. Exciting. Glorious. It will.

I keep telling subscribers, “nothing is what it seems”. The whole thing is a psyop. Trump has known for years the situation on this planet, who did what, where, what they would do in the future, and they have a fabulous game of 5D chess going that is taking down the cabal.

The real baddies have already been eliminated. They’re toast. We’re just dealing with the little minions now in the process of waking up the rest of the world who don’t seem to believe anything major is wrong. Totally programmed. They have to be deprogrammed.

The cabal has run their spells and programmes and the White Hats are doing their thing to undo the damage. It seems that people are dying from the vaccines—but as I said—who is really dying? We don’t know. This is a time for trust and faith. President Trump gave up a great life to do this, and he is the only one who could have done this. He wouldn’t recommend people take a vaccine that will kill them—but we have to learn to take responsibility for our decisions.

I’ll repeat myself. Romana Didulo intimated that the military took over the vaccine manufacturing plants. I believe they did. If Trump and the patriots knew what the cabal was going to do, they wouldn’t let them roll out a vaccine that would kill us all. I have said I would not get my knickers in a knot and worry about the people who got the jab, including my own spouse.

Somehow, some way, the Earth Alliance has taken control of this entire process. We’re all free to believe what we like, and I choose to believe that “its’ all good”. We’re going to come through this smarter and stronger than ever and we are winning on many levels. We need to stay out of fear and refuse to allow the disinfo artists to manipulate us.

I’m enjoying the show, as frustrating as it is sometimes. I’m not worried, and as long as I’m prepared so my family doesn’t suffer if there are some interruptions in the supply chain or things that happen during the 10 Days of Disclosure, I’m quite comfy with it all.

Incredible things are unfolding. The Earth Alliance is playing roles to support this liberation movement and we have roles to play, too. We shall stay centred, confident, positive, and take direction from the patriots if and when we’re asked to do something. “They” are with us, every step of the way. Watching. Protecting. Supporting. Raising the frequency of the planet for our ascension. Trump does have the magic wand because he is the ultimate wizard. I hope the real patriots are not doubting President Trump, his family, and his team. They have done so much for us.

556 Jan 19, 2018 12:39:17 AM EST !UW.yye1fxo ID: 239b20 No. 89777 

Jan 19, 2018 12:37:26 AM EST

Anonymous ID: 4bb19b No. 89736 

Jan 19, 2018 12:36:41 AM EST

!UW.yye1fxo ID: 239b20 No. 89725  We are WITH YOU.
Q >>89725
The ‘CURE’ will spread WW.
Have FAITH, Patriot.

Now see this post on Telegram for perspective. 5:5?

Personal stuff took precedent today so I got a late start. I’ll leave you with a recommendation from the crew which is great because it’s two of our top insiders. Some may be a review from Juan, but it’s important background. Gene’s commentary just magnifies the value of this conversation that much more.

Juan O’Savin and Gene Decode Interview with Nicholas Veniamin

I’ll leave you now until next time.  Farewell from your enthusiastic war correspondent.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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