Greetings Royal Lineage of the New Lemurian Timeless Manifestation ~ August 23, 2021

Happy Full Blue Moon in Aquarius. We have massive Divine Feminine Energies on the Rise today with this most powerful Luna Goddess Activation.

We are also aligned with the Royal Star Regulus and the Lyran Nation of New Earth coming in fully now.

With these Higher Gamma Waves and Energies flowing in we had another Major Activation in the Root Chakra of Pachamama today with a M7.1 Earthquake in South Sandwich Islands. The Kundalini of the Rainbow Serpent of Gaia is rising in the Sine Waves of the One Law up the spine of Mother Earth and out her Crown Star Chakra Portal. Ground Crew are  feeling these energies running up and down the spine today and massive Crown activations. We feel these in the Peak of our Physical Vessel and in our Experience of the Holy Water and Heavenly Fire rising and flowing with these New Energies pulsing in.

We are the witness to these great prophecies coming to fruition and we came on mission to assist Gaia and all her children through this Ascension Journey. Earth Angels you are fully activated and on task for the Greatest Shift in Eternity. There are no words to express the Gravity of this Awakening of Hue-man consciousness. It took the courage of our Bravest Energetic Warriors of our Angelic Legion of the 144. Those of you re-membering the number codes are symbolic and multi-dimensional and beyond time and space. The timelines and dates given are merely anchor points, nodes and nodules as points of reference for us to Bridge the Dragon Lines of all Space-Time Continuums into the merging of the One True Source. Even if this doesn’t make sense to your conscious mind it does to your Super-Consciousness we call Cosmic, Christ or Buddha, etc. Many concepts pointing to the Same Source of Love. Regardless of what the mind may be telling you it is time to feel your Way through all barriers, blocks and gates into the Infinite Light of your True Essence. Your Sacred Self, we call Ascended Mastery.

Keep rising in the Glory and Honour of our Pure Awareness we call Bright Virtue. Ground into Pachamama as we rise together Angels of Heaven on Earth. In the Eternal Now we are the World Bridgers bringing all timelines and dimensions into the One Still Center Within. Keep going through and through and through until total compression breakthrough, into full 5th dimensional embodiment of Luminous Beings of Eternal Life….A’Ho!!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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