Endings bring New Beginnings…. ~ August 22, 2021

Cloud Ship Uncloaking

With LOVE We come to assist you during these HIGH ENERGIES as they move through, All Shall pass ….

These coming weeks promise to be intense and the energies you are feeling now are a build up to the Full Moon&Blue Moon on Sunday 22nd August. The Full Moon in Aquarius is reminding you to check what didn’t clear with the last one, to find ways to move out of the old and step into your power more, manifest what you desire and open up to the abundant and nourishing energy that is coming in right now. Full Moon Aquarius’ Waters are also healing cleansing and through the flooding greater truth is reveal…

Deeaia with others GroundCrew worked on keeping “Henry” off shore of the East coast to significantly reduce its impact. Truth – Before something is known to you, it remains unknown.

It exists already yet not part of your world, so inner-stand that all you know exists within all that you do not yet know.

Aquarius is all about creating your own life and following your own path, being who you truly are as souls, not what others and the society expects from you.

Many shifts happen since your had welcome your Soul Self and awaken to your Truth…from within and without, at all levels as more are on the way. These coming months may feel challenging for the HU.Collective.. Endings bring New Beginnings!

How you are experiencing them is a choice… prepare your heart with courage, patience and grace comforted by your inner guidance.

Those of you Star-beings Wanderers on the Ascension organic timeline journey are continuing the Light grounding role. You have successfully significantly “detach” from many 3D polarization and act as Equalizers. You are Shinning Bright!

Remember, a Unified Heart requires to be balanced, harmonized and peaceful with one’s Self – one must acknowledge the inner polarity and acknowledge the value and necessity of both gender principles in order to truly “know thyself” and “think for thyself”.

Your life experiences show the lessons for your consciousness to learn from – when you bring balance to your inner polarities it is the way to achieve sacred marriage and union within your internal Spirit. The Sacred 3 fold Flame is contained in the sacred chamber of the Heart and is activated.

Always be mindful of the fact that you are feeling the collective energy and also your abilities to shift the energy and clear everything that is not yours out of your system. That will make you feel so much better.

Polarity integration through life experience is the Soul Transmutation Alchemy and is necessary to physically embody total Inner Source Sustainability. One must transcend judgment through neutrality, without ignoring the polarity of forces. Inner Source Sustainability means you have “no need” to create attachment cords, control circumstantial outcomes or engage in karmic relationships that energetically feed off of something external to yourself. This implies you commit to being emotionally or energetically CLEAR of all parasitic/vampiric external to your Self, and that you Self contains your personal energies and be completely responsible for them.

The more heart based alignment and congruence one demonstrates with actions, words and behaviors, the more aligned one becomes to his/her inner source. When the inner spiritual balance is achieved through accessing the right words, right action and right behaviors, one exists in total peace and contentment. The basic understanding is to strive for this spiritual goal of modeling and behaving within energetic integrity in all circumstances, which is the key to aligning to higher purpose and truth.

As one dedicates to improve inner and outer energetic integrity, one greatly restores personal energetic discernment.

With Love Joy and Grace

ONE Source of Light

Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay

Elder at the BlueRay Galactic Council and guardian of the Mother ARK 💎💙💦 Please Like this page and share Light Encoded Picture by Deeaia Gratitude to the artist 💙#Changes#aquariusfullmoon#collectiveconsciousness#ascension#christconsciounsness#TheLawOfOne

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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