Paul Dobree-Carey ~ August 21, 2021

Pulsars pulsing in Golden Ratio

Many Light Workers, Star Seeds and Walking Masters of Light present and born, have been working tirelessly to assist Gaia to bring about an Awakening within the HU-man population of the planet to prepare for the momentous times ahead.

Changes in the electrical activity measured in the Schumann Resonances, Solar and Cosmic activity and the electro-magnetic influences surrounding and penetrating the earth and our own physical bodies, have a major cause and effect on personal well-being, long term health and evolution of species. These are the results of the dramatic changes taking place at this time as we seek to gradually raise our Selves to adapt and match the vibrational frequencies that surround us.

At the Cosmic Moment of 2012, the Mayan Calendar ceased to measure time as the Earth became Fifth Dimensional in frequency. Time in its previous format ceased because Third Dimension is no longer directly supported by the Harmonic frequencies of the Earth’s energetic grid. Third Dimension now exists as a projection of the Collective Conscious Mind playing out a consensus of reality we all experience each day we wake and return to a physically constructed world. Physical is not THE reality, it is a state of reality of matter. Prior to 2012, while we slept, we dreamt within the Astral State of mid Fourth Dimension. We are now within upper Fourth Dimension dreaming that we are awake in a Third Dimensional State. The Truth of our entire reality exists when we enter a sleep or meditation state. Learn to focus your mind into a deep meditative state and you will transfer your Point of Perception to a Higher State of Existence. We are now reaching a fulcrum point between choosing between the two worlds of a disintegrating Third Dimensional physical state or an expanding Fifth Dimensional state. Your focus at this time will determine which World you wish to gravitate towards.

Fear of those creating the events taking place creates density and will pull you further into the Third Dimensional World. Love of the potential of humanity creates expansion and naturally takes you into the higher Fifth Dimensional World.

Third Dimension has been functioning on borrowed time. That time has been bought using the energy exchange of money. Fear through lack has created the need to use money to support the ongoing continuation of an artificially created Third Dimension world. Those that control the supply of money are seeking to replace the former physical energies that a natural world used to support – cloning, GMO, virtual technology, media created mind beliefs, manufactured and creative facts – rather than experiential and physical knowledge of truths.

Fear over loss of identity, money, security, position holds the consciousness of individuals focused on Third Dimensional projected existence and is structured to maintain individual positions within a fear based society. Expressing sadness, anger, frustration and disbelief at those that have shown no empathy towards their destructive choices merely focuses negative energy in their direction which amplifies the negative attention poured on it. Negative Energy only reforms a society into another form of Third Dimensional existence. History illustrates how one civilization falls to another, only to rise and fall once again in similar manner.

Only the intention of Love will change the hearts of all those involved as more and more will gradually awaken to the inevitability of the Fifth Dimensional world forming around them. The Hive Mind Consciousness of many of the Earth’s diverse range of species, elementals and nature spirits actively seek expression in the higher realms of Fifth. They too grow weary with the attempts to sustain form in a dimensional state that no longer recognizes the beauty and diversity of Life in its myriad creations of existence.

Love is truly the recognition of Gratitude for the Existence of Being. Third Dimension has become blind to this recognition. Mankind focuses on consumption and survival, not maintenance and co-operative sustainability which only leads to corruption, pollution and disintegration of the Adamantine Particles that thrive on the Love of Being at the highest expression.

Third Dimension has become entirely reliant on the energy exchange of money. Money no longer holds an intrinsic value in itself – it has no worth, just a belief that is has worth. Without belief, it will no longer be recognized as a reliable source of exchange. This is the world we are now moving into. The urgent need to rush out and buy more material goods to sustain your survival at this time is purely to ensure that more money is poured into the system in an attempt to sustain the economy. Buying more than normal through reasons of panic seeks only to increase the circulation of money and create further lack through fear of loss due to deplenishing stocks. This drives up prices through hyperinflation.

Seek within your Sacred Heart at this time – not listen to the words of fear and see the signs of lack that are being broadcast around you. Only by allowing Love within your heart will you find the guidance that you seek to get you through these times. The Role of the Lightworker at this time is to transform fear into Love. Seek within, find Guidance with those who resonate with YOUR world, express Love and continue to raise and sustain your personal frequencies and focus towards creating the Fifth Dimensional world you were promised would come.

This is the purpose YOU have been looking for.

With Loving Blessings ❤ Paul Dobree – Carey / Polaris AB Messages and Articles

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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