Greetings Awakened Maters of the Higher Light Walking Your Sacred Path with Heart ~ August 21, 2021

Remember Slow and Steady wins the race. It is consistency over time that the Universe rewards. To master any art takes many hours of practice. It doesn’t matter if it is piano, martial arts, fines art such as painting and sculpting or culinary arts. Practice makes perfect and no matter how good one is we are always refining and reinventing our arts. There is no plateau to our creativity or bliss. When we live from the heart our Life becomes our art and the World is our Canvas.

Over the last 24 hours we had multiple blasts of 5d Gamma Plasma Waves flowing into Gaia’s electromagnetic field. These came in on the Schumann charts as streaks of white light at 33hz, 49, 51 and a big blast at 53 hz. As these pulsing resonances emanate into our Temples of Light they are activating and “turning on” the higher codes of the 144 within every strand of DNA. This is our upgrades from double strand 64 codes to 12 strand 144 code of our Crystalline DNA.

Every day we are lighting up the grid with our Joy, Love and Bliss. Keep firing up the ley lines and nodes wherever on Pachamama you are stationed at this time and collectively we connect and meet in the middle, the still Crystalline Center of Mother Earth to raise the frequency of this whole realm into the Conscious Paradise this world was always evolving to be.

This is it!!

All myths throughout time speak directly to our psyche not meant to be taken literally. They are symbolic and point to the Truth just as the Koans in Zen Buddhism do. Since Truth itself is beyond words and concepts we use words which are sounds and symbols as guides or we say fingers pointing to the moon, not as the Truth itself.

Now the Myths of Paradise such as Eden and Shambala are pointing to a time of perfect harmony and peace in the simulation but in an unconscious state. And by simulations we do not mean a bad or evil thing. It is simply a simulated reality for anything that moves and changes is a simulation of stillness and silence in a mirrored effect. All physical matter is in a state of Quanta, flashing in and out of reality so fast it appears to be a constant in motion. Just as motion pictures appear on a screen to be moving but in reality are still images flashing before your eyes at 30 frames per second that the mind interprets the information as a series of flowing events that appear to be moving.

Everything we experience in what we call reality are really sound/ frequency and light sent to our senses that are converted to a signal and sent to our brain to be recreated as a 3d hologram for our consciousness to experience as our world. Now these signals go through filters of our beliefs and perceptions to influence our experience of our dream within a dream. This is what in NLP is called our internal map of reality. That is why when we change our beliefs and how we perceive the world we actually change the world itself and as we do this collectively we change the whole realm for all living beings.

With this brief piece of gnosis may it allow you to realize the nature of this reality and assist you to make massive positive leaps in your life and journey. We are all on the Sacred Path Home to Source, Wakan Tanka the Great Mystery, fully awake fully aware never to fall from Grace again. Holy is thee an instrument of Great spirit to co-create Heaven on Earth for all Pure Conscious beings of Eternal Life to enjoy.

Day by day in every Way i bring my world to perfection with the Power of my mighty I Am Presence. All Paths lead to the same destination which is Eternal Bliss Consciousness. Now, Heaven on Earth is the New Eternal Myth symbolizing  Paradise but in a fully Conscious State of Being, for what good is Bliss if one were asleep and unconscious, it would merely be the void…A’Ho!!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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