August 20, 2021: We’re Watching the Water [videos] ~ August 20, 2021

Before I say another word, listen to this 13 min. video about the Citizens Grand Jury indictment filed on Anthony Stephen Fauci. This took place with Larry Klayman and Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the

Jason is one who was sued by Robert David Steele, who also offered to add me to his suit for simply posting Goodman’s material outlining his team’s negative experience with RDS. Just a bit of trivia for you. Link to Telegram.

Perhaps Citizens Grand Juries do have clout. Learn more here.

We also hear above that Robert Mueller, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are also indicted. How do you suppose these sickos are feeling? Perhaps like this?

Back to where I had originally begun…

It’s Friday again, and the fear porn is circulating. Some are trashing Trump and saying he’s working against us, using Illuminati hand signals, the military is pulling kids from homes and taking them out and shooting them, abandon the “hopium”, the enemy is winning, etc. etc. Those who believe that aren’t very spiritual, I guess. If you understand the grand plan, then you understand our destiny.

BUT—if Americans don’t get out there and show they’re not going to take this crap, it’s going to get a lot worse here.

Those who voted for President Trump but gave up on him, will deeply regret it. Go ahead and bookmark this. Take a picture. Write it on your refrigerator. The scope of things to come is astounding. All great things. Power back to we the people.

Link to Telegram

It’s the ones with faith and endurance who will pull us through this difficult time. Attacks and drama are not going to find a hold in the comments. I’ve no time or patience for it. The Real Kim Shady says







Here, here, o shady one!

Those without faith or who lack the background and perspective may find the coming days frightening. It must be terrible to be a pessimist. We don’t want to hear the doom and gloom and will remain positive. We have a war to win and pessimists don’t win wars.

We’re going to have to be warriors, and we’re going to have to be tough to withstand the distractions and the PAIN the Q team spoke of. We’ve all experienced loss of one kind or another. Whether it’s a loved one leaving this plane, the loss of a relationship with a friend or family member due to our divergent views, perhaps a job, we will have to come to terms with it and move on. That’s life, and it can be a lonely life for many of us. Last time I checked, however, we’re still here living it.

The world will not pause because we are having difficulties. Many have given their lives. Many are working around the clock to get this complicated process synced up—meaning the RV/GCR, prosperity funds, etc., disclosure, the roundup of the criminals, etc. Many are sick and dealing with excruciating pain and debilitating illness every day. We collectively feel the pain of our counterparts and offer a shoulder to lean on. Better days are ahead.

WhipLash347 reported this on Telegram:

Gold will skyrocket. Silver will go with it like a long lost cousin..

We are resetting this PLANET back to 1950’s Prices.

Scott Mowry confirmed that last bit about 1950’s prices in his Miracles Intel Call. We’re going to see the reversing of the insane inflation the banksters’ self-serving system created. It was bound to fail and the Earth Alliance is going to phase it out and replace it with the new Quantum Financial System, which is consciousness-based, unhackable, and incorruptible. That’s not to say we won’t experience difficult times in the next few months. We will have to roll with the punches knowing that a superior and inspirational life exists on the other side; the life we deserve.

Agent A1 posted this today: Link to Telegram



We can understand the military’s reticence to take the next step because it will surely mean disruption, unrest, violence, and ugliness, but in the mean time we have to keep moving forward; exposing the crimes of the psychopaths. The election fraud, the medical fraud, the theft and gaming of Humanity’s funds, sterilization and torture of our race, using the media to deceive us… the truth about all of it has to come out so we can walk together in truth and heal.

The truth about religion will be very hard on a lot of people and with all the filth exposed it’s going to be dark days for awhile. I believe the Earth Alliance will temper that pain with exciting and positive news concerning the changes that will rapidly take place to launch us into our Golden Age, but first we have to deal with the darkness.

It brings to mind our situation after moving into this home. I wanted to keep my old range and finally we unplugged it at the old house and had to pull out the current range to swap. Well, I wish I hadn’t had to see what was under that stove of theirs. The first thing I did was grab a blunt shovel—and I’m not exaggerating.

I shovelled out the most disgusting pile of who-knows-what and cringed at the thought of getting down on my hands and knees with rubber gloves, of course, to scrub what still coated the tile but I steeled myself because having my beloved cook top installed was the prize. The thick glom cleaned up nicely with boiling water, a scrub brush and some ammonia and Dawn and before I knew it, my old friend of 16 years was installed where a “swamp” once festered. It was worth it, and I didn’t lose my lunch. I think I instinctively held my breath, though. I didn’t know if there were dead animals or… It was revolting, but felt great once it was all cleaned out.

For over ten years I’ve seen positive momentum and have never doubted we will exit this matrix but there are a lot of damaged souls out there and they may not be as strong as we are. Or, perhaps they are stronger.

Women like Virginia Roberts Guiffre, “Candy Girl” Fiona Barnett, Cathy O’Brien, and others have banished their fears and courageously told their stories so the world will understand how serious the sex trafficking trade is, how pervasive—and established at the highest echelon of society.

Look at the bio these disgusting POS give the courageous Cathy O’Brien online. They don’t give the proper name of her book, either. It’s TRANCE-formation of America.

Cathy O’Brien is an American conspiracy theorist and author who claims to have been a victim of a government mind control program called Project Monarch, which she alleges was part of the CIA’s Project MKUltra. Wikipedia

Prince Andrew Windsor [Randy Andy]. Virginia Roberts Guiffre, Ghislaine Maxwell Who do you think took all the photos of the perverts with their underage prey like the one above? I think White Hat infiltrators took them and were on the job for many years collecting evidence.

Ignorance of the true situation on this planet is what is causing a great deal of angst and division. Rule of Law must be reinstated. Trump opts to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to do the right thing because it honours “free will”. When you tell them the facts and they choose to bat for the wrong team, that’s their choice and there are consequences. They can’t say they didn’t know.

Lin wood published this on Telegram:


It is hereby deemed MANDATORY that ALL politicians, elected officials (local, state, and federal), clergy, medical providers, business owners, lawyers, and JUDGES residing or working in the United States of America read the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights within 3 days of the issuance of this MANDATE.

This MANDATE results from a national emergency created by the pandemic of IGNORANCE as to what is Constitutional and what is Unconstitutional (a/k/a IGNO-17).

While not mandated, a review of the Declaration of Independence is strongly recommended.

Readings can be undertaken in the privacy of home or office. No mask, social distancing, or “vaccination” is required in order to READ.

Governor Brown of Oregon needs to comply IMMEDIATELY.

ALL others must comply thereafter within 3 days.

Help America eradicate IGNO-17 to save freedom.

Thank you for your compliance.

We have many battles to fight and can never let our guard down. Link to Telegram for full document. There is still a shadow of doubt about Governor Abbott but all truths will be revealed at some point.

The Texas Supreme Court, entirely Republican, has blocked Governor Greg Abbott’s attempt to ban school mask mandates.

The co-opted FBI has given this one to us.

Another widely peddled media hoax has been shot to pieces as Reuters reveals that the FBI has “scant evidence” that there was any forward planning to overthrow the U.S. government on January 6th.

FBI “Finds Scant Evidence” of Jan 6 Insurrection Plot, Killing Off Another Anti-Trump Media Hoax

I found an article from Dr. Joseph Farrell (below) interesting as a similar discovery occurred more recently—again, caribou. We covered it at the time. This event from five years ago we’re not buying. There are too many claims about what lightning can and can’t do that we’re not buying.

323 reindeer died from a single lighting strike in Norway

Dr. Farrell used the NYT logo as the hyperlink to this article but it doesn’t always work for me.


Whether cattle mutilation, dead herds of caribou or pods of whales washed up on a beach, bleeding from the ears, we know these monsters experiment on animals—and Humans. We’re just another form of animal to them.

Navy Admits Sonar Killed Whales

The back story on the whales is that whales and dolphins [cetaceans] are sentient higher Beings and the dark knows it. They want to destroy everything positive and of the Light.

Sometimes they experiment with torture. Sometimes they use torture as a warning. You may have heard Simon Parkes speaking of directed energy attacks on him recently. DEWs. Such a versatile and subtle weapon.

Dr. Katherine Horton has documented the extensive attacks on her. She says they actually kill people doing this, but she is strong and refuses to give in. In this video she records an attack on a bad day when all she can do is try to protect herself. Because she was trafficked as a child, she has implants and they always seem to know where she is. She has helped many victims file court cases to prosecute the terrorists but I haven’t heard how those cases went. There are so many corrupt judges.

Because the majority of the population do not suffer attacks like this it’s easy for them to go on about their lives being sheep and none the wiser. If they knew about the weather wars and fires started by DEWs and attacks on our person like this are just some of the terrorism the satanic psychopaths use on us, they would wake up in a hurry.

Hopefully Romana Didulo is correct and the White Hats commandeered the vaccine companies and saved us from a most vile fate at the hands of the psychopaths; certain extinction. Whatever has had to happen to end the proliferation of this malevolent bloodline, we will have to come to terms with it. Is it a case of sacrificing the few to save the many? Perhaps it is. We’ve all been victims but now is not the time to lick our wounds. We must press on.

The comms are telling us BIG STUFF is imminent. Those who watch the posts from Mr. Pool and others and listen to the scuttlebutt and crunch the numbers are sharing interesting posts like this one from WhipLash347 on Telegram. There are related posts, as well. We’re still in the mode of “Watch the water”.

Today August 20 was the 40 days & 40 Nights from 7 11 & Ever Given set sail today.

Think about getting the Maximum Impact. [THINK ABOUT ALL THOSE MR POOL SHOCK POST’S]
It will shock the woken.
Olympics vs Para Olympics
Poseidon – Tsunami.
Obviously they would clear it before hitting it.
Now Boston Hurricane.
Mr Pool attack on Naval Bases
U.S.S Constitution
Trump Rally 21st
Blue Moon Monday 23 – Mega SDF/SDR/Protocol 18 AMM
Phoenix Sirius Star 24 Tuesday
Para Olympics Opening Wednesday 25th

Link to the following meme to see more clearly:

Phoenix isn’t the only place that got 10 EBS alerts. The first in 30 years? How unnatural.

Are you still watching the water?

OC BEACH FLOODING: Aerial footage shows big waves crashing over barriers on Orange County coast, flooding parking lot and hotel exterior

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) August 20, 2021

False flags R Us:  Link to Telegram

🚨 BREAKING – WASHINGTON (AP) — AP sources: Police investigating report of possible explosive in truck near Library of Congress, area being evacuated.

These people are sick.

Nancy Drew channel posted the following on Telegram where she is all in for “watch the water”. So much water is gushing up next to the Potomac River in Washington, DC that it lifted a man hole cover. She spoke of another area closer to the White House with a 4-foot geyser of steam. Link to Telegram. 7 min. video.

JFK Jr. is a popular topic and more and more people are convinced he is alive. Welcome to the party.

If the following is true and the timing is nigh—it would be a turning point in this war, and when Dan Scavino points to something, we pay attention. We know he is not above putting out comms. See the video at the link below.


The rumors about JFK Jr. seem to be true, eminent media channels claim. He already issued a statement on his official Telegram channel with controversial content.


Did Dan Scavino Just Tweet Out JFK, Jr. Is Alive?

Up in the Great White Gulag Queen Romana does her part to dissolve the tyranny.

Royal Decree – School Closures

Re: Suspension of all Business Licenses and Operating of all Public and Private Schools in Canada

To who it may concern,

I, Queen Romana of Canada, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, and Head of Government hereby issue this Royal Decree prohibiting all academic and non academic Schools including Day Care Centres from operating in the School year 2021 to 2022.

Home Schools are exempt from this Royal Decree prohibitions under the following conditions:

Students and Teachers must not be required to:
a) wear masks,
b) do PCR tests or
c) be vaccinated.

Penalty for failing to adhere to this Royal Decree is death; trial via Military Tribunal.

Link to Telegram

The patriots have their eyes on; probably wondering what the enemy is DEWing.  Link to Telegram.

Romana how the hell did this little Mount Haze fire started yesterday on Vancouver Island grow to 90 hectares? Wildfire officials say windy conditions are to blame but it sure didn’t seem windy? Where were our water bombers when this highly visible fire started? Where’s Horgan

Just a chuckle I happened to see about rabbit holes. Watch what happens. I wonder if it’s related to the Monty Python “killer bunny with the pointy teeth”. Fortunately, curiosity didn’t kill the cat.

Those rabbit holes can be that way.

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) August 20, 2021

That’s it for today, and I may not do a post tomorrow. Stuff to do. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you next time.  ~ BP

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