Blu Rainbow Gold Aura Ray – August 19, 2021


Lumatronic Healing


New Attunement ActivationSirius High Council ;


Ascend Master White Eagle ‘Ibis Blu’ known as ThothSeshet Blu TigressRepresentative of Sirian Legions of Angels,Blu Ray High Council,Blu Avians,Blu Lyrans,Selected member : Keepers of the Blu Flame,Silver SoV,Lady of Stars Isis,Elohim Lady Amazonia,Lady Master Mikaela,Lady Amerissis.

The Blu Rainbow Gold Aura Ray is of key significance within this transmission, the upgraded auric field calibration is here to support humanity in these great times of change and phenomenal amounts of information and stimulation to process.

A galactic collaboration of 19 star races facilitate this new ‘Divine Atomic Bonding’ to many who have anchored their crystalline aura. This is where we see significant disparity of those who have not chosen to align into the higher timelines and subsequently do not have the necessary auric technology to stay stable, able to cope or have mental & emotional capacity for the new time energies leading to greater fear and self-entrapment as many ‘check out’ years will become available to stop further suffering and momentum to lower astral forces.

Divine Bonding is a huge understanding of interaction on the higher realms and upon earth this new year, relations, relationships, communication, transference, & transmissions a like will be gifted support in abilities to connect with each other for the better good & manifestation of highest 5D parallel overlap,

These involve brain wave patterning, hemi-sync, telepathy, stimulus-response breath, emotional mastery field upgrade, breathable 5D shielding, animal sound throat & ear upgrades and many more.

In short the auric field is of upmost importance at this time, for in the near future bombardments of ‘confusion’ frequencies shall come into play to ‘scramble’ clear communication, fields through the veiling of better human technology upgrades.

Please remember that human communication systems are ‘replica’ technologies to that of nature. Nature provides high vibrational love through its sounds such as the birds in the forests, humanity too must ‘use’ the spectrum of harmonics that work with the natural world.Records, calculations and advanced projections are being made as a full collaboration between galactic families of light are working together as a huge interstellar race assisting you whilst many other shifts are occurring within the galactic core also.

For now please become aware of auric interaction, practice and learn your own auric radius, interplay and what this field has to process every day and hour to keep your fields and perceptions aligned. Tremendous energy is being poured into your earth assisting these shifts for it is you that have all the power collectively to impact significant change.

Crystals are you, you are crystals, treat yourselves as such, cleanse, clear and connect with these highly vibratory fields to assist your clarity and balance.

Hearts is our Home – Sirian High Council”The NEW Blu Ray Level of Ascension is here,


Lumi Ræ~O~Light

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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