The Afghanistan US Retreat ~ August 17, 2021

Submitted on August 16, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

“The American rescue cavalry not only came late, but was caught in a bind as they could not possibly bomb their own assets inside Kabul. The horrible timing was compounded when the Bagram military base – the NATO Valhalla in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years – was finally captured by the Taliban.

That led the US and NATO to literally beg the Taliban to let them evacuate everything in sight from Kabul – by air, in haste, at the Taliban’s mercy. A geopolitical development that evokes suspension of disbelief.” Lines by Pepe Escobar in article below.

Asia Times | The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan back with a bang

The US Military stands humiliated in the heroin war that they willingly fought out for twenty years at taxpayer’s expense while such a humiliation is not hard to bear as the CIA, Military, DIA reaped the billions of dollars heroin profits largely as individuals.  Their sorrow is that the goose that laid the golden eggs died.  We are not saying that there were not geopolitical considerations involved in Afghanistan but that they were secondary. The DIA, CIA and the military were happy with their heroin profits as well as heroin runners as George Floyd and local police departments in most major American cities who were paid off by the Mafia distributors. Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9-11 nor anyone else from that burying place of Empires this time the burial ground of the US and so the Afghanistan alibi of Secretary of State Blinken justifying the invasion was a lie. Yet this does have more geopolitical considerations than the Saigon moment as the US Embassy there was evacuated as the US won that geopolitical game by their new alliance with China that ended the justification of the domino theory supporting our effort in Vietnam. Vietnam meant nothing to Nixon anymore as our China alliance reversed the domino theory.  That led to the defeat of Russia in 1991 who had to rush 400,000 troops to their Chinese border to defend Russia that strained their budget not to speak of their 600,000 Warsaw Pact troop commitment.  We beat Russia at their own game then. And they are now beating us at our own game in their new alliance with China and Iran by which they control half the world’s oil supply. The natural resource prize of Afghanistan will go to Russia and China this time around with their rare earth and other natural resources. And this is just the beginning as not only America’s Empire but America itself is unraveling.

It is important to note that we did not fight the war in Vietnam over communism which we supported in World War Two when we sided with Russia but over the growth of Soviet power under Stalin and his successors. When Stalin gained the Chinese ally in 1949 the entire Anglo-Saxon controlled world was shaken to its foundation. It was balance of power. We did not fight World War Two over National Socialism as we and England pumped 3 trillion gold dollars into Germany in 1933 to balance their power against France and Russia. And the US only entered the war in 1941 when it appeared Russia would collapse in the face of the German advance so the US essentially declared war on the ally of Germany on July 25 1941 when it cut off 92% of Japanese oil to force it to attack the US so it could enter the war against Germany by the Japanese back door and it worked.

David Lifschultz

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