Paul Dobree-Carey ~ August 13, 2021

Cosmic Messenger

The Universal Theatre prepares us for another Cosmic Light show put on by our celestial companions, as our energetic bodies start to tune into the resonances of the accompanying higher vibrational energies which arrive as fiery trails of sacred geometric light across our night skies.

The annual Perseid meteor shower punches holes through our atmosphere as the cosmos throws liquid light fireballs into the Earth’s path at 130,000 mph, left behind from the dusty trails of our celestial cousin, the comet Being named Swift-Tuttle.

The story of Perseus shows us how, with help from the Gods, he was able to use his protective shield as a mirror to be able to see what he could not look at directly, Medusa, the snake headed Gorgon. The projected image being so frightening that it would turn lesser men to stone – the triggers of fear create the densest side of the inner nature. What do we do to protect ourselves from this, what do we choose to hide from, what do we not want to see of ourselves – projected out into the world around us? What could be considered worse – to face our fear or see the face of fear?

Just as All live under the full spectrum of Light that pours from the Sun, so the full range of emotional reactions live within All who walk upon the earth. The purging and clearance of current emotional blocks and suppressed memories takes us deeper into the next layer of former existence to bring new insight into looking at older ingrained issues. Once this layer has been merged, accepted and integrated within our higher Self, we begin to strip away all the illusions of identity and points of reference that held us in place within the former third dimensional existence. Within the deepest recesses of the heart’s abyss, lie the Sins that seek to chain all of mankind to the most carnal of Ego’s desires. Only once they have been subdued and exist no more as living examples of temptation, is the individual able to begin their Spiritual journey to the harmony and bliss of the sacred Chambers of the Higher Heart to join with the Christ Consciousness that flows there.

The expanded awareness of Awakening to Self has taken us from a position of seeing ourselves as a vulnerable individual, a victim of circumstance, to finally see that the window through which we have been viewing the ‘outside’ world is illusionary and is in fact a mirror reflecting back all that we believed our Self to be. For once we look deeply into the looking glass, we start to see through the limitations of the ego mind and far beyond the horizons of possibility. Releasing the anchor points of individuality merges us into unification of the Higher Self and the responsibilities this brings. Expansion of awareness means accessing a greater part of the collective consciousness which means feeling the joys and sorrows, the love and hate of humanity as a whole rather than just dealing with your own localized energetic diet.

We become our future Self once we have expanded our current awareness and energies to match. Acceptance of this ongoing energetic process is accepting your Divinity as you walk the Path to Sovereignty.

Are you ready to ensure that your own inner fires are burning brightly before you tend to another’s hearth?

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the Light show!

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB Cosmic Messenger / 1-1 Soul Guidance Sessions

Artwork by Jeremy Anninos

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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