The Height Of The “Lion’s Gate Portal” Acclimation! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali ~ August 11, 2021

The Height Of The “Lion’s Gate Portal” on Sunday, August 8, 2021, continues to thrive as we head into the days and weeks ahead. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)—plasma waves of charged particles (at least four have been reported thus far)— soared from the Sun of our galaxy in the past couple of days bringing colorful auroras with them, and in many places around the planet there have been strong lightening and thunder storms like golden-maned lions loudly roaring accompanied by torrential rains.

Earthquakes continue to shift planetary tectonic plates at small levels of between “1.0” and “3.0” on the Richter Scale, and volcanic eruptions have also occurred.

LIGHT continues to announce itself to humanity with heat surges, exhaustion, vertigo, physical vibrating sensations, sleep disturbances, vivid dreams (when sleep is indeed achieved), and numerous other activations of cellular record re-setting and invitations to consciousness transference.

Such symptoms happen because of the density of the earthly realm which has to be cleared away like construction workers who must first remove certain old edifices and debris prior to beginning to build new structures.

Then when the new buildings are constructed, they must be cleaned, decorated, and lovely landscaping is usually developed in the area.

Eventually as people occupy the newly-built office buildings or homes, each day bright sunlight can now stream in through new clear windows.

This analogy is how SOURCE LIGHT is re-building our DNA which is being illuminated with new information.

As we nurture ourselves in spiritual and natural ways as the LIGHT continually soars to Earth/Gaia (as it will throughout the year), we acclimate or adapt or become accustomed to the new frequencies.

This is when we level up to higher dimensional consciousness capabilities.

As more and more of humanity elevates, the intensity of the “symptoms” of the “re-building” will lessen because collective “dross” of the carbon form will be cleared and cleansed like gold shining brightly.

Becoming “crystalline” or “diamond-like” relates to our LIGHT-filled multi-stranded DNA coming “on-line”.

Eruption In Iceland

The auric fields surrounding the physical temple will eventually glow, and even now, there are certain individuals whose auric fields are already beginning to shine more brightly and to stretch out further, and this can be seen by those whose “God Particle” (Pineal Gland) or “Third Eye” is quite clear of earlier recorded deposits of debris in the space/time continuum.

Thus, higher states of intuition are achieved as well as greater understandings of sacred principles of the DIVINE SOURCE.

On Thursday, August 30th, Mercury (the planet of communication) will enter the constellation of Libra (Tropical Zodiac) which will begin its “pre-shadow” retrogradation in that sign.

It will be in active retrograde from Monday, September 27th to Monday, October 18th. The “post-shadow” will be over on Saturday, November 6th when Mercury will move on into the constellation of Scorpio.

This will provide another opportunity for acclimation because whenever a planet stations retrograde and then direct, its energy is powerfully magnified.

Along with Full Moons and New Moons as the months progress, varying cosmic energetics will all be “on-stage” and ready to “play” their parts in the ongoing cosmic “production” of THE UNFOLDING OF BRIGHTER LIGHT.

Remember, Earth/Gaia and our entire galaxy is steadily climbing to a different placement in the cosmos.

LIGHT is continuing to be faster in vibration and brighter in intensity.

Pluto, the planet of major transformative experiences went retrograde on Tuesday, April 27th of 2021 and will move into direct motion on Wednesday, October 6th of 2021—just short of two weeks prior to Mercury going direct.

It is in Tropical Capricorn (big business, corporate structures, military situations, serious lessons, executive actions) and Sidereal Sagittarius (higher knowledge, greater philosophical developments, spiritual elevation, expansion, long-distance travel). All of these will have Plutonian energy.

Pluto is considered by some to be a “dwarf planet”, but the ancient astronomers knew that it was an actual powerful planet—nothing dwarf about it!

It was “re-discovered” in modern times in the 1930s.

Mercury’s and Pluto’s messages will have much potency in coming months.

Those who truly wish to shed the disharmonies of the “3d” dissonance must be diligent in their mental focus upon SOURCE LIGHT and their calm emotive responses to the possible erraticism of others.

They must act from a firm position of spiritual orientation and refuse to be involved with chaos, confusion, and trauma drama.

The work may be challenging for some who are still trying to discover the TRUTH of the LIGHT, and who are, therefore, still unsure of who and what is the “real” factual information.

This is expected in a world that remains—at least at the “3d” level—caught-up in much uncomfortable news in many ways.

This is why spending quiet time communicating with SOURCE is vital.

Our HIGHER SELF is the “spiritual internet”.

We must “plug-in” to the real “ethereal network”.

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere are both moving quickly into autumn and spring.

The planet, as mentioned earlier, is spinning faster and moving up to brighter and faster vibrating LIGHT frequencies.

We must acclimate to the movements.

The LIGHT that has come from the star system SIRIUS (“Sepdet” to the ancients), our SUN, the GREAT CENTRAL SUN and the LION’S GATE PORTAL are instilling within creation throughout the galaxy massive doses of transformative vibrational illuminations.

People who are unfamiliar with cosmic knowledge and spiritual principles are realizing that “something” is happening even if they cannot explain it because they are experiencing what they are naming “strange” physical, mental, and emotional occurrences as they move about in their daily activities.

They are also questioning certain news reports that do not seem to align with what they are encountering or with what is being shared with them by those who are directly involved in particular scientific or sociological arenas.

As the dissonance tries to get louder, LIGHT sends more intensity.

As the seasons unfold in their individual beauty, we too will continue to be invited to rise and meet the sunshine of our SOUL.

When a “Conductor” is “conducting” an orchestra, he (or she) has to turn their back to the audience.

It is time to turn your back to the audience of chaos so that you can focus on the proper “conducting” of your new DNA strands that are being “built” within your newly-blueprinted “Temple of the Divine” which requires acclimating to the LIGHT.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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