August 9, 2021: So Many Red Pills, So Little Time [videos] ~ August 10, 2021

I simply cannot keep up with the incredible info on Telegram. No wonder they’re saying it’s compromised. I’ve not seen any indication of it.

Queen Romana keeps me entertained and speaks to all patriots, not only Canadians. Link to Telegram. (spa = GITMO if you’re not aware) Sounds like it’s just the little minions running around like pollos with their heads cut off. They don’t know when the patriotos and federales are coming for them.

Heads up Global Patriots…
The Middle and Lower Pissositos’ nonsense will intensify in the coming days because of the following:

1) No Deals for their Bosses who have been taken to the Spa.

2) They cannot print fake (fiat) money anymore.

3) They’re out of time…No one is taking their poison injections.

4) All of their financiers have been taken to the Spa.

5) Top Pissositos from every Country have been taken to the Spa.

Keep calm. Hold the line…

The Schumann Resonance had a big spike on the 8th alright. Video below if you want to explore the data.

Queen Romana has a little advice for us as we approach the EBS/EAS we’re expecting this week. (Wed. Aug. 11, 2:20 pm EDT) in the US/Canada, but she is saying “global”, so…

Global Patriots,

Shut OFF your TV.

When it is time for Global EBS you will know it from your non conspiracy theorist Neighbours, Friends, and Families 😂

Link to Telegram.

Whaddya know? Evidence of pre-meditated murder.


Loonatic left logic.

🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) August 9, 2021

Citizen journalists are now out and about with their cameras looking at hospitals following the lead of Richard Citizen Journalist. All quiet on the western front. Link to Telegram.

My friend and patriot Khayree investigating hospitals around Phoenix today. Asking questions! This is what we all should be doing right now! Vids and pics of your hospitals are allowed to be posted on this channel. Get out, go look, and post what you see here. Thanks! 🇺🇸👊🏻

Here’s the Scottsdale Honor Health Osborne complete with satanic symbolism.

My other half says there are restrictions on visitation at hospitals in Scottsdale so parking lots wouldn’t have as many cars as they used to. Osborne would be more of a surgical facility rather than addressing respiratory issues.

BUT, if there really is a pandemic, wouldn’t they need to use all hospitals to accommodate all the thousands of Covid cases??? The mayor of Phoenix at one point went on the lamestream media saying they were going to have to use transport trailers to refrigerate all the dead bodies. A hospital administrator called her out and said they are not at capacity and don’t need to resort to such tactics.

In addition to DC and Virginia, we now have Austin confirmed with “empty-ish” hospitals and a list is forthcoming once compiled of other areas. Seems like Americans don’t want anything to do with hospitals at the moment. Seeing as they sometimes kill their patients, it’s not surprising.

Do we trust the FDA? Do we trust Dr. Hahn? How about the 17K (seventeen) employees at the FDA? Link to Telegram for short video and vows that no Covid vaccine will be approved without rigourous testing and the result being a product they would administer to their own families.

My other half was at a hotel in Salt Lake City this morning and no one came to the front desk for 20 minutes. Bizarro land in America. Maybe all the staff died of Covid.

Last night on the Miracles Intel Call there was talk that the “Delta” variant actually involved the US special [Delta] forces (which Queen Romana has referenced numerous times) and one of the videos from Richard Citizen Journalist in the DC/Virginia area had an almost empty parking lot save for a lot of police vehicles.

Might the Delta teams be arresting parties who engaged in the fraudulent acts and crimes against Humanity at hospitals?

Today, Romana posted this on Telegram:

Name the well-known Eugenicist recently arrested/captured by US Special Forces.

And… on Telegram there are a number of photos from this community in BC which is empty. Sounds like stuff is going on in the Falkland-Vernon region and it isn’t fires.

Falkland, BC, Canada yesterday (August 6, 2021).

Do you see any Fire or Smoke? Why were they evacuating?

Thank you to whomever took this photo yesterday…

So many intriguing conundrums to entertain us while we wait…

Why is 72 Seconds posting so many photos of Julian with a cat?
Is Julian Catturd? 🤔

Link to Telegram

Followed by “The cat is out…”

Romana and WhipLash347 are on the same page. Recently she posted this on Telegram:

There are 777 books from the real Bible.

Earth bound Humans were provided 66 (altered narrative) books.

Now, ask yourselves…Does that make you an expert on anything?

Or simply turned you into one exceptionally programmed populace?

She also gives an indication of just how uninformed we are about reality. Link to Telegram. Even if we’re awake. There’s a whole lotta red pilling going on within Telegram and other places now. It’s exciting to think our world will be even more unrecognizable in the near future as we leave the 3D deception behind.

Q & A, How not to have cognitive dissonance during & after EBS?

Q: Queen Romana, do you have any suggestions how I can prevent having cognitive dissonance during or after EBS?

A: Start with the understanding that 100% of what you think you know and can see in the 3D, represents only, 0.000001% of the 1,000,000,000,000,000% you are yet to learn and see.

WhipLash posted this today.

Who has the video of the guy at book store who found an old book with the msg in it about Q?
These are my 2 copies of the Lost Gospel.
There were 777 books not 66 in the Bible.

I do know they were seized/uncovered from underneath the Vatican and have and are being assembled to be released.

Actually this is a longer version than the video he linked to. I have not had time to watch yet.

The Lost Gospel Q

Benghazi, 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden all at once?

There is chatter about the 9/11 victims’ families approaching Biden to get to the bottom of the event and he foisted it off to the corrupt DOJ.

We have this dialogue resurfacing courtesy of WhipLash347 who is dropping all kinds of fascinating info today. More people we thought were dead but aren’t. How convenient.

Who is Aaron Vaughn?

He was supposedly killed in Extortion 17.
I will share now.

Extortion 17 was this

Seal Team 6 had been used in the Fake Assassination of Osama Bin Laden.
They returned home. Shortly later they were sent to Afghanistan. Obama/Biden and Killary had them shot out of the sky because they knew too much.
They were all declared dead.
Not all were..

Ready for AV’s Video.

Then take a look at this photo. Wow. Nothing is what it seems. People are playing multiple roles in this movie. Remember when Q asked what makes a great movie? Answer: great actors. Zowie.

Sidney Powell is from Durham, North Carolina, he reminds us. Take at look at the recent WhipLash posts for more info.

Scott Mowry spent considerable effort on the Miracles Intel Call last night discussing “the plan” between Trump, Princess Diana, and JFK Jr (who is no longer “junior” as we’ve said, because his father recently passed). What we see unfolding is partly their doing. Delicious, isn’t it? They are all alive and well and will soon tell us the truth; the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Is this part of a plan to prevent certain parties from escaping before they can be arrested, or something else involving certain water craft and cargo? No coincidence.

London’s Tower Bridge stuck open after technical failure

An abrupt end as I have to go to the airport. Ciao for now, folks.  ~ BP

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