August 10, 2021: Never Say Never; Miraculous Changes Unfolding [videos] ~ August 10, 2021

Never say, “Never” because anything is possible. ANYTHING. The Great Awakening is forcing breakthroughs—and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

This morning’s breakthrough was something denied just a short time ago. A major pervert and Humanity-hater bites the dust and the door is opened for positive change in New York State.

Cuomo resigns after investigation finds he harassed multiple women

And isn’t it interesting that Andrew Cuomo’s brother Chris, the CNN celebrity, has suddenly gone on an extended vacation? Will these two try to “disappear” before they are awarded a trip to the “spa”—or are they already there?

Super-patriot Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium is in progress and CodeMonkeyZ advised us to pay close attention to the ensuing news. What is being discussed by experts and Mike himself clears out the fog and brings the reality into focus. Currently there are 202,000 watching.

Mike is saying they got a late start because of the attacks by the dark, and this morning they filed law suits against OAN, Patrick Byrne, and others to silence them. Q warned us they would try to prevent the truth coming out. We’re getting down to wire now.

They said they expect a blockbuster announcement at 7 pm tonight.


Can you believe that millions of people still believe that nineteen months later, a flu virus is actually killing massive numbers of people and nothing can stop it but a vaccine? Despite what they see in front of their eyes when almost no one has died, they believe their televisions and what their government tells them. It’s infuriating.

For those employed and concerned that they may leave their job so they don’t have to accept the “clot shot” as some refer to it, since it has induced major clotting issues and malformed blood cells… it’s probably not a good idea to quit. It’s better to have recourse to sue for wrongful dismissal or something like that after you’ve been fired because they’ve been involved in criminal activity.

Technically, no employer has a leg to stand on to force anyone to get an experimental drug or to take a medicine of any kind. It’s none of their business. When the dust settles, the whole world will know the truth about the Wu Flu and the criminals will pay. Some people may even get their jobs back—but why would you want to work for someone who would treat you like that? They likely took money to do it. Blood money. Link to GhostEzra Telegram.

I hear people say “my job is requiring me to get the vaccine in the next month so I’m about to quit”. No. You are going to tell them you will not participate in an experimental vaccine and let them fire you. That way you have legal recourse. If you simply quit, you have no recourse. They want you to quit.

I forgot to include LT’s latest update from Sunday. Every video is well worth the time as he gets into the current events, the obvious, the subtle, and usually some humour, as well.

8.7.21: MORE amazing INFO exposes ENEMY! Keep FIGHTING for FREEDOM! PRAY!

This is what happens in malls in Israel to people who refuse the jab. Link to Telegram.


One reason the scamdemic has been protracted is the complicity of hospital staff. Not all have malevolent intent, but many are bribed to comply with the deep state’s psychological operation. It’s despicable. We have to know our science, our facts, the Human body, and do our research.

The woman in the video below and her family did the right thing. They stood their ground, too. Doctors and nurses aren’t gods. We are each the guardian of our temple and we must insist on doing the right things to support it.

The medical community has been brainwashed since med school to do what will serve the globalists. Often we need to do the opposite of what they recommend. They excel at putting flesh and bone back together but as far as healing disease—they are pathetic and sabotage us with their toxic cocktails and quackery.

At the very beginning of this plandemic we had concerned doctors telling us they were disturbed by the way supposed Covid patients were put on ventilators and subsequently died. Nineteen months later they’re still doing it. Why? Is it because they want to save lives? Really?

How many died from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s proprietary drug Remdesivir that hospitals were told to deliver intravenously? It has to stop!

Our First Hand ICU Story – What is ACTUALLY Killing People In The Hospital

As for the long-term plan of the psychopaths who have been running this planet, below is the evidence for the future as they see it. It’s on the CDC website. If you’re not aware, the Centers for Disease Control is not a federal operation. It’s a private corporation birthed to control us and kill us while making massive profits. They fund disgusting experiments and Big Pharma. They pretend to care for the welfare of the Human condition. They are greedy, murderous criminals who lie through their teeth.

Have a look at the following documentation for their plan to control us in the scamdemic they created out of thin air with the assistance of their global news networks, online brainwashing, magazines, etc. They want to cull the herd, eliminate most of us, and to it they only need to separate us so we can’t see what they’re doing to our loved ones. They don’t care about us. They hate us. People need to wake up or die. Survival of the fittest. We’re long past the time when people can claim, “They would never do that.” What they have done is right in front of our faces and too many are in denial.

Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings

How do you feel about their vision for our world to supposedly control the common cold or flu? There it is in black and white. And green. Soylent green?

For nineteen months we have allowed them to lead us around on a leash.

They used fake tests and get everyone to stick a toxic swab up their nasal passage which is probably doing untold damage, shot us in the forehead with their “temperature gun”, tell us we’re “infected” when we’re not, put everyone in fear, and then the outrageous tactics begin to “control the pandemic” that doesn’t exist. It’s outright social engineering. Brainwashing.

In the beginning we complied and stopped going to work, shopping (except at their cronies’ approved stores), put off weddings and birthday celebrations, allowed our beloved family members to die alone and without the closure of funerals and the ability to honour our dead, we have stopped breathing properly and put masks on our faces and those of our children and even BABIES!; we have taken kids out of school (which might be a good thing); we stopped socializing, we have tolerated their absurd social distancing in public venues, we have compromised our immune systems and danced to their insane tunes of “fourteen days to flatten the curve”—and did it stop the “virus”?

So why do we still do it? What is wrong with people? Did the lack of oxygen kill every brain cell the public had left?

Now they’re dying from the “vaccine” that isn’t a vaccine. They are volunteering to be lab rats for the animal testing portion of the experimental drugs. Hopefully most got a placebo, but obviously many did not.

They planned it! We’ve seen the patents and the creation of a weaponized strain of something evil. There is so much proof they planned it all long ago.

We’ve shown you the FEMA camps, folks. We’ve shown you the fields of thousands of plastic grave liners that hold up to four bodies. We recently saw the video of the white tents in British Columbia, Canada that would house an army of Humans cut from the herd to “protect them” and isolate them because they are in the high risk category.

So now if you’re a certain age you need to be separated from society because you might catch a cold? The whole F’ING WORLD needs to wake up. I’m sick of this. What will it take for an iota of sanity to dawn on the minds of the masses?

How much more can they do to Humans before they wake up?!

To help make sense of what we’re seeing and hearing…

Dave at the X22 Report always has a good handle on what is happening, why, what it means, and what we can expect in the near future.

If you missed Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Conference Call on Sunday, you can listen to the archived call for one week or until the next call overwrites it.

1-712-770-5402   Access code: 767664#  and then # once more.

On August 8 Scott got into the alliance of Donald Trump, JFK Jr. and Princess Diana Spencer and their roles in “The Plan” and our liberation from this prison planet. Never say never. Nothing is what it seems.

As regulars know, we’ve been following the amazing information of Yellow Rose for Texas channel and more recently, Jetson White. Following is Jetson’s most recent upload on YouTube and it does flesh out a little more of our reality and what is planned for us.

Not everyone can wrap their head around these “theories” or the science shared behind them, but I’m reasonably confident they are correct. There is a great deal of data to support it, and for me personally, it resonates deeply. I recommend we all remain open-minded because what we do know is, some freaky, unexplainable things have been happening—particularly since Donald Trump arrived on the scene in America.

We have free will and make choices on a small scale, but collectively we are impacting reality on a greater scale. Beyond that, there are plans in motion that are beyond our control because we are not capable of saving ourselves, but ultimately that is what will happen. We, the Human race, will be rescued from an impossible situation by an army of Higher Beings, the Space Force, the Divine elements of Creation, off-world warriors, many, many parties we are currently unaware of. It sounds like it will be soon.

Q has told us that “the world is about to change”. That is because we, the collective of good people are leaving this artificial construct they have lied about to go to the kind of reality we were always meant to occupy when we were created. It will be completely different from this poisoned, twisted, infected place we currently inhabit.

Enjoy Jetson’s update—and yes, there is repetition. As we should be aware by now, we are constantly bombarded with repetitive messages by the controllers; subliminal and overt. Images, words, phrases, frequencies in all the media and elsewhere. To counter that, we need to be reprogrammed. We need a new operating system. We can facilitate that by seeking truth, allowing new information in to consider and weigh logically and intuitively. Many will not, but many have.

For some time I have shared with you that I don’t believe Donald Trump is “just a guy” and I don’t believe the military begged him multiple times to run for President. My personal belief after years of research and analyzing what has been unfolding is that “the plan” Q speaks of is very old and that assets have been put in place in key areas so that over the decades a positive outcome was not only possible, but guaranteed.

Several of our best insiders have suggested that Higher Spiritual Beings have been orchestrating “the great escape” and our ascension out of this toxic holographic reality and into the 5th Density where we should have moved long ago. The atrocities taking place in our world are so vile, so unspeakable that I don’t believe they can be corrected or eliminated. I believe we need a fresh start and will be afforded that gift.

First, we have to learn how to live in a world that is foreign to us. We have devolved to some degree into a negative race and need to be reprogrammed, as I said. We’ve been completely brainwashed by centuries of lies.

Going forward, we ALL need to be honest, honourable, service-to-others citizens of our new world. We need to see the error of our ways. Lying, cheating, stealing, greed, intolerance… that’s no way to live.

The Q Team missives have been instrumental in changing the views of millions of good people the world over. That was the most recent start of the final stage; the end game. How will it end? I believe it will be glorious and joyous.

Some of the information presented to us is pretty out there, but you know… it makes sense in the right context. To someone just walking in today with no background or perspective it would seem fantastical. Each will have to come to terms with the truth in their own time. Some may not see it until after the fact.

Enough said. Here’s Jetson White’s latest effort to connect dots for us and perhaps awaken a few more innocents under the hypnotic spell of the dark. Over 8,000 people have already viewed this so Jetson has a substantial following hanging on his every word. 27 minutes.

BACKground to the FUTURE

‘UFO dropping fire’ in Porterville, California – August 6, 2021#NEIOH When you observe Light Tracers or any Craft opening for drops that are visible to the Human eyes, it is not only with Intention, but each movement and expulsion of Energy is fine tuned for a specific reason.

— Kab (@Kabamur_Taygeta) August 10, 2021

I’ll leave it there for now so you can watch Mike Lindell’s symposium if you want to see it live. It’s amazing.

Much appreciation to the crew for all the great shares and scavenging of important and worthy news items. Reality changes every time we learn something new, doesn’t it?  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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