8;8 Lionsgate – Transcending the Infinity Loop of The Lions Shadow/ Dark Rule of Patriarchal Control and Domination into Freedom /Sovereignty/ Royal Masterhood ~ August 8, 2021

The 8:8 Gateway is currently aligning with the Heliacal Rising of Sirius over Egypt which activates the Ancient Isis – Hathor Birth/ Womb Temples in Egypt ( and the crystalline womb caves of Gaia ) with New codes of Life Force Energy/ Wisdom/ Rejuvenation/ Rebirth… ie a New Blueprint for a new Time Spiral . Individually too we may receive these Sirius codes via the Mouth of Goddess/Zeal/ Alta major Ascension chakra at the back of the Skull which further activates the Third Eye and Crown – A Triangular Activation .💎When the Sun Conjuncts Regulus on 23rd August this triangular activation between Mouth of Goddess+Pineal+Pituitary further activates the High heart/ Heart ( gateway to the Akashic Records/ sphinx) to form a Kite/ Diamond ( Triangle Above and Below) formation which is reflected As Above , So Below in the Astrological placements of Sirius, Orion, Sun and Earth with respect to the Galactic Center over the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt at Sun Regulus Conjunction 23 August and the Diamond Activation within us.💎✨💎It is this Diamond Formation, via Sirius that connects us to the Cosmic Diamond of the 22 Star Nations which hold the keys to Earth’s Ascension Progress , which is dispensed to us Via the Sirius Gateway.✨Thus LionsGateway Extending from Heliacal Rising of Sirius (around 8;8) to Sun Regulus Conjunction ( 22-23 August) opens a Gateway bringing in Cosmic Codes of Ascension and Masterhood which enables us to embody more of our Cosmic Divinity and Wisdom and thus replicate Heaven on Earth (raise Earth’s frequency and our collectively)🧬The 8;8 gateway (8 representing As Above, So Below, Kundalini Rising, DNA, Karma, Transcendence, Prosperity etc) in itself is thus is a gateway of entering into the realms of Cosmic Wisdom/Information so as to replicate the same As Above with As Below which is our Ascension Path, our Path of Transcendence ( Kundalini Rising) out of the Infinity (😎 loop of Karma/ Death/ rebirth and into higher frequency and wisdom by a Remembrance of our Cosmic Heritage encoded in our DNA (😎 and held in all sacred energy vortexes on Gaia with The Giza Pyramids forming the central axis.The surge of these cosmic codes of Light that are initiated via the Heliacal rising of Sirius around first week of august bring about:-🧬1) Clearing of Ancient Karma ( aches in teeth, bone and skeletal structure needing much rest and sleep) and♾️2)The Mother Of All Integrations ie Human Self and Cosmic self / Spirit and Matter/ Royalty and Priest-ess which goes far beyond the Union/ Integration of our Polarities of Dark and Light, Masculine and Feminine etc … hence a Rewiring of sorts which again needs you to move out of the way (again much rest and sleep required) so that the rewiring/ and integration can proceed the way it is meant to unfold WITHOUT your conscious Directions!!!🦁The Lions Holding this 8:8 Gateway Open are the Cosmic Lions of Sirius+Regulus of Ancient and Future Wisdom and our ability to enter the realms of this wisdom depends upon with how much Grace , Courage and Integrity (Lion Qualities) can we integrate the Wisdom Past and Future and align it with our Present NOW!!!🌱This 8:8 LionsGate aligns with Hariyali Amavasya ( Darkmoon/ NewMoon of Fertility according to Vedic Astrology) so carries extra potent energy for Seeds of New Creations and Manifestation !!!Listen to your bodys and minds needs to withdraw (space- out if required) so that the Cosmic Blueprint may be uploaded as it was meant to. Release of Karmic debris means old triggers/ buttons may be pushed….again be in Observer mode so that you may be able to Respond from a place of Grace to break out of the “Loop”!! Protect your Sacred Space and your energy fields so that these Codes of Royalty , Leadership, Sovereignty and Freedom are not siphoned/ hijacked OFF you and channelled for their shadow aspects of Control , dominance, entitlement, subjugation and continuation of the Patriarchy for it is this very Patriarchal LOOP that we need to break Now and Ascend into Sovereign Masters of our Destiny.Wish you all a Transcended 8;8 Lionsgate !!!EnLight ,InGrace, InJoyBe The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Nahttps://isischannelings.wordpress.com/Gratitude to JoJoesArt and other Multiple Artists Unknown and Thanked, pls tag#8;8 #lionsgate#heliacalrising#sirius#regulus#union#integration#royalty#MouthofGoddess#zealchakra#altamajor#diamond#triangle#cosmicalignment#cosmicblueprint#womb#asabovesobelow#egypt#pyramids#sphinx#infinityloop#lionsShadow#ascensioncodes#orion#galacticCenter#rebirth#rejuvenation#transcendence#22StarNations#akashicRecords#remembrance #kundalinirising #dna #creation #manifestation #shadow

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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