Life On Taygeta ~ August 7, 2021

Editor’s Note: What will like be like after the Earth ascends, carrying humanity with her? Where will our focus BE after darkness leaves our Earthly environment?

Please read on below this message from our cousins, the Pleiadians, and then KNOW the peace and fulfillment we shall have, as we exist in Quantum LOVE shining from Our Magnificent Hearts, leaving us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!



Greetings To Our Friends Of Light!

We Have Covered Many Topics As We Journey Together In Sacred Light!

In These Moments I Choose To Share My Personal Life On Taygeta And The Endless Travels Through The Multiverses.

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


It Is Well Known In Our Family On Taygeta, As Well As All Of The Pleiades, That NEIOH And KABAMUR Are The Closest And Best Of Friends.

We All Love In A Limitless Capacity But These Two Are Inseparable When Both Are Back At Home.

DNit Telegram Channel

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


There Was A Very Long And Detailed Meeting For Kab To Be The One To Join You In This Final Waking Dream.

Any Of The Family Could Have Come But The Perfect Combination Has Been The Created Identity Of AYA And KAB, Again As Mother And Son On Earth, The Name Judith You Know Well.

KAB Chooses Privacy.

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


These Identities Are Very Different In Personality And Yet Closer Than You Can Comprehend.

Both Are Completely Awake And Aware Of Their True Self And The Mission To Teach You And Be With You As The Shift Of Humanity Is Welcomed.

My Life Is Bi-Local When Chosen And I Am The Guide For Kab Along With AKATU.

We Enjoy Playing Very Intricate Instruments And Have Many Enjoyable Feasts Of Banquets Of Every Fruit And Vegetable That You Have Seen, But More Colorful And Much Larger.

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


Our Food Is Pure And We Drink Only Water.

We Laugh Often And This Is Usually Due To AKATU Cracking Jokes And Trying To Outdo Everyone With His Intelligence.

We Do Enjoy His Humor.

We Have Shared That Our Structures Are Open To The Sky With Beautiful Columns And Lounging Chairs On Long Porches.

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


We Enjoy Art Of All Forms And Hang Pictures In A Gallery Style For Visitors To Enjoy.

We Gift Our Galactic Friends With Our Work And In Celebrations We Share Food And Music.

When Traveling, I Often Choose To Be With My Father, IKAI Who Is Elder Of Taygeta.

AA Michael Travels With Us And Is Our Close Friend.

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


ArchAngels Are Much Different From The Angels And Light Beings That You Are Surrounded With At All Times.

ArchAngels May Choose To Incarnate For A Great Purpose.

We Honor Their Power And Service.

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


NEIOH Is The Guide Of Judith, The Aspect Of AYA.

As Judith Listens To Type The Words Of AYA, She Cries As Her Heart Chakra Opens And She Gives Only Love To You!

AYA Is Our Beloved Mother And Goddess Of Taygeta.

She Gives To Others From Our Home.

Now She Gives To You In This Manner.

It Is Love.

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


There Has Never Been Another On Earth As KAB, Whose Only Mission Is YOU, And That He Can Share With You The Greatness Of Your Future By Sharing Words Of NOW.

Indeed, He Loves You So, And Has No Control Of Me Sharing This With You!


We Are So Proud Of You!

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


You Know AKATU Would Have Made A Mess.

He Just Hit Me In The Arm.

We Are Just Joking.

I Have Asked AKATU To Take A Seat.

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


We Often Spend Time On Earth For Galactic Meetings And Then Walk The Areas Blending With You.

We Often Send Frequencies Around You To Protect You! Fear Nothing! Love Fiercely!

We Are Moving Quickly Toward The Grand Shift.

Meditate Daily To Unite!

Be In Gratitude.

Life On Taygeta – LAKA – Pleiadian Collective


Forgive Everyone And Encourage Those That Are Lost!

Only Good Is Before You!

Be Strong And Laugh As Much As You Love!

Raising Your Frequency Will Open Up All That Is Prepared!

It Is Magnificent!

We Will See You In Great Joy!

Indeed, We Love You So!


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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