July 30, 2021: And Now It’s Time for a Really Big Show [videos] ~ July 30, 2021

It’s Friday again, and I didn’t mention it last week which seems like two days ago. I seem to have lost a day this week. Time has taken flight and in the blink of an eye, another week, another month are gone. It’s a little spooky.

I forgot to share an excellent discussion Gene Decode had with Nicholas Veniamin about time lines, alternate universes, travelling, Mandela Effect, frequency, quantum packets, collapsing the wave, etc.. It was fascinating. 1 hr. 22 minutes



I hope people are doing what they can to preserve freedom and show these bought-off retailers and service industries we don’t need them. The Shake Shack people are not going to serve customers who aren’t vaccinated. Bye-bye Shake Shack—a true cabal crony. You have no leverage with The People. God only knows what they’re putting in their food, anyway.

Shake Shack Founder’s Restaurant Group to Require Customers Show Proof of Vaccination

I missed some other good videos on Thursday so will share them in this post. I’m holding the fort while my other half is in Calgary; running the business, shipping stuff out… lots to do.

First, there may be someone you know who needs to hear this. It’s Alberta’s Dr. Roger Hodkinson and he holds nothing back. He’s amazing and so credible. He could be home in an arm chair or on a beach but he isn’t. Link to Telegram.

Coincidence? Everything is blamed on Covid when it has little to do with it. They see the writing on the wall.

Twitter Announced Wednesday The PERMANENT CLOSURE OF TWO OF ITS OFFICES; The HQ In San Francisco And The New York Office.

They’ve only been reopened for two weeks and they are blaming on the new CDC Guidelines on COVID due to the new Delta Variant.#CrimesAgainstHumanity

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) July 29, 2021

LT did a video yesterday for us. Was the utter confusion the Plan?

7.29.21: Mask CONFUSION waking up TRUMP HATERS? JAN 6 Trump hating DANCE exposed! Pray!

What happened to SnapChat? Is it really the end of the world? To some, it destroys their day. DownDetector responds and there have been a lot of disruptions on Wed night and Thursday on many websites.

There was also an issue at two Houston shipping terminals which were shut down for awhile as a result of hardware issues, they said. They’re back in operation now. Worth noting, when it’s about shipping on the seas.

While we wait for what we know is coming, the hints and teasers keep flowing to prepare the unaware.


NBC News casually mentioning 10-months before the 2020 election that ES&S is using 14,000 modems to connect voting machines to the internet.

Featuring a “top computer scientist” explaining to you “once a hacker starts talking to the voting machine through the modem they can hack the software in the voting machine and make it cheat in future elections.”

Followed by a “cyber security expert” explaining how he warned election officials in August of 2019 that their voting machines were online, but they still hadn’t taken them offline in January of 2020.

Don’t worry ES&S was only using 14,000 DS200 tabulators with online modems. I’m sure no one hacked into a single one during the “most secure election in US history”.

It’s not like NBC News ran a special telling hackers 14,000 tabulators are connected to the internet.


To show you how messed up these freaks are who have been running the world, Ghost Ezra does a collection of them. Start with this one and have a look. Further down on his channel after a few photos he ties up the common characteristics. Link to Telegram.

Nora Volkow

Q told us to, “Follow the wives.” We have pointed out a number of “wives” that are “he’s “not “she’s” and some may think we’re crazy but seriously—look at all of them. The ugliest women you’ve ever seen with big power jobs. Starting with Big Mike Obama and Mel Gates. I told you Jacinda Ardern has a package, too. They don’t need to worry about procreating. It can all be done in a test tube. Wakey-wakey time, folks.

The people who believe they are the “power elite” are not “elite”. They are sub-Human, satanic entities. A few of their minions are Human and sold us out.

I’m sorry—does the CDC think they’re in control? They’re not. That is a false narrative. They have no power to influence the public—unless we allow it!

The globalists are just doing what they’ve always done; trample our rights and our laws and act like they are in charge and wield the power to control us. They walk around like they own the place and hope we will kowtow as we used to do. Newsflash!!! There’s a new sheriff in town and the People don’t take kindly to imposters throwing their weight around.

The government serves the People. They must do our bidding or be removed. We don’t take orders from them. They take orders from us because they are elected officials and we sign their paycheques. If they’re not elected officials, then perhaps their position needs to be eliminated. Trim the fat.

One of the leading physicians “the expert” in charge of a billion dollar grant at the CDC was arrested for pedophilia and beastiality a few years back; a Luciferian.

I’m just sayin’….those are the “experts in charge at the CDC”. https://t.co/trvdsNAndD

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) July 29, 2021

David Icke and Jon Rappoport have explained ad infinitum that there is no “virus” called SARS-COV-2. Whether you believe there is or there isn’t, the same number of people have died every year for the past five or six years. There is no pandemic and there never was. This is fun for the psychopaths who want to inject us all with their poison darts to modify our DNA (again) and turn us into malleable, programmable automatons they can control; can shut off if we don’t behave.

Hellooooo… There IS No ‘Virus’ – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

To make the threat seem real, they intentionally killed a lot of our seniors who were ill and had very weak immune systems. They took the figures of those who died of other serious causes, labeled them as infected with the Coronavirus because of a mis-used PCR test that would tell nearly everyone they were infected as a result of false positives, and created a pandemic out of nothing more than a regular flu or cold; same symptoms.

David expresses the frustration we all feel and references one of Rappoport’s hard-hitting articles in this video at the link below. You can read more of the same articles at Jon’s “No More Fake News” website.

In this particular update, Icke tells us the medical experts didn’t even have a virus, had not isolated one, when they set up the PCR Test—which the inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis told us was not designed to and would not detect a pathogen. The whole scamdemic was a lie—and here we are locking people down and telling them the reason there are so many “cases” identified by the testing is because some of us refuse to get their toxic needle.

It’s not a vaccine, was not designed to be a vaccine, and the people who got the jab are the ones getting sick; negative side-effects from the vaccine because it destroys your immune system.

Stop testing. Stop wearing masks. Stop everything they’re telling you we have to do and go back to living your life. Boycott those places that try to force you to wear a mask or get a vaccine. It’s your last chance. Do it, or you may not live to tell about it—not because you’ll die of COVID, but you may die of the cure—the fake “gene therapy” vaxxx that will change the way you were made forever. It’s part of their population reduction agenda. Yes, we’re quite serious and it’s been proven. It’s not a “conspiracy theory”. How much more proof do you need?

Yes, we are filing class action lawsuits against these monsters, but if you don’t fight back it could be too late for you or your loved ones. That is the sad truth; that so many innocent people will die. But that is war, isn’t it? Civilian casualties. Collateral damage while the power-hungry control freaks fight the good guys to free our planet from the predators.

David also speaks of the purposeful removal of the “unproductive” ones in our society. In addition to culling the elderly, we have seen horrific videos of medical staff force-vaccinating those who could not protect themselves; children in wheelchairs, youths who cold not speak, people who were bed-ridden. Basically, euthanasia but not in a kind way. These creatures are pure evil and have no empathy, compassion, or ethics.

It sounds like something out of a book or movie. And it was. For decades we’ve had cartoons, television shows, and movies where they spoke of this very scenario and what would happen. Big joke. Ha, ha.

Don’t believe it? If you have a Telegram account, watch this short cartoon from the 1930’s very closely. Read the text in it. Watch closely. Now watch it again just to be sure and to catch what you missed. When you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor and your skin stops crawling, tell us this pandemic isn’t a “PLANdemic”. Link to Telegram.  “The Early Warning Cartoon”. Cute entertainment?

They think they’re so clever and by putting their plans out there they consider it fair play because they told us what they were going to do and we didn’t reject it and stop them so they’re allowed to go ahead and do it. That’s the “code of honour” and backwards logic typical of satanists.

As David Icke put it, “the sheer, undiluted evil”. They’re mad, and they have to go. THEY are the virus, and must be exterminated or the Human race is finished. And that, my friends, is what this war is about. Our survival.

We now have the power to save ourselves. If we stand up and use our God-given rights, the big guys will step in a lot sooner as they can see we “get it” and have learned our lesson. If we sit around on our duffs waiting for them to stop the tyranny, we’ll wait a lot longer. It’s time to step outside our comfort zone and pull together; to risk, to sacrifice. Yes, all gave some, but some gave all. Many have died and made the ultimate sacrifice. What we WE willing to do?

Their plan is so clear in the way it has unfolded over the past 18 months. Can you believe people went along with the story of a flu that lasted that long? Can you believe that intelligent Human Beings gave up a year and a half of living and their breath of life over a fake cold virus? Here’s a short video to put the most interminable tragedy of modern times into perspective, with love from the crew. 1 min. 28 sec. of fast reading. Video Player00:0001:28


Disinfo, by any other name would smell as foul. Watch what you’re ReTweeting or forwarding and who you’re following. I saw two identical posts from Mike Pompeo and Kayleigh McEnany on Tuesday and couldn’t find if either one actually said it. Someone’s making shit up. Between this and deep fake videos, they can make it appear anyone said anything. It’s propaganda in the form of “mass-produced fake quotes”.

I saw this same post word-for-word yesterday, except it mentioned Tesco and another bank.

This is similar to the Pompeo and McEnany identical posts about upcoming events.

Be careful.
People are playing around out there. https://t.co/M0V8mRHqoo

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) July 29, 2021

Dave’s X22 Report from July 28 was as follows:

Prepare For Zero-Day, Dark To Light, US Cyber Task Force Activated – Ep. 2539

However on Telegram, I see this:   X22 REPORT: Zero Day Is Coming – Darkness Will Prevail!

Dave doesn’t put out negative crap like that. His take is that the Patriots are clearly winning and the cabal is in the toilet, so is this click bait? I just dropped their channel. I’ve dropped a few today. Fed up with advertising and BS.

The genocide in Canada has been alerting unsuspecting people about the crimes of these parasites that have repeated decade after decade while the perpetrators were protected and those who spoke out about it either had their lives destroyed or were murdered. Now we’re learning about the extended crimes of the church. They just never stop. This is outrageous and unconscionable. Off with their ‘eads!

Catholic church spent millions meant for Canada residential school victims on lawyers & expenses – court documents seen by media

This might be significant, since it’s from George News.

Talisman Sabre 21: US Marines, British Royal Marines, ADF & JGSDF Conducting Amphibious Landing

We discussed a recent crop circle and possible meanings and the crew has provided this one, below.

Earth Crystal Vibrations – From 3D To 4D And 5D

What do you think? We’re told the Arcturians are the ones who have always been making the crop circles—other than the odd fake one some morons made to discredit the messages from the Star Nations and to hide the fact that ETs do exist and interact with us. There have been thousands of crop circles over the years and there is no way that stupid Humans spent thousands of hours with a rope and a board creating these masterful glyphs that can only be appreciated from the air. It’s physically impossible. Besides, the grain within the crop circle has a special quality to it that other grain does not, according to those who examined it.

In  preparing to close this post, I leave you with this 10 minute valuable message from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. It is the full address he made via video to the protestors in Trafalgar Square in London on July 24th by Oracle Films.

Listen to the end, because in addition to all the other important facts he relates about the current pickle we’re in, including the PHEIC (pronounced fake), he zeroes in the most important aspect of all in this war which I alluded to above. The spiritual war.

These creatures who have been running the world are not Human as we are. Reiner states that the real battle is “Humanity vs. Inhumanity”. When you understand this, the rest will make sense. It will answer the question in your mind about how this could happen. You think it’s about your government and that “they would never do that”. They’re not your government. They hijacked your government and the ones in charge—they did do that, they have for hundreds of years, and it’s time we got out of denial and accepted what is playing out in front of our eyes.

They have rewritten history and covered up what has happened and who we really are. This short video is an ideal spark plug for those who may be unaware of our past and wish to learn more. The Tartarian Empire was decimated, buried, and the visible remnants stripped and camouflaged. They never taught me about the “mud flood” in school. You? If you’re not familiar with it, watch this excellent 3 minute introduction to “What is mudflood?” from Paul Cook at the Telegram channel @TruthGiver1776.

If that intrigued you as much as it does me, here’s a 5-hour in-depth examination of the mud flood, Tartaria, and the very nature of the artificial construct we currently occupy. It’s exciting and sad at the same time to learn of this brazen deception by those who have been controlling our world.

To now see striking “star forts” that didn’t make it to a single one of my text books and to learn that they weren’t “forts” at all but power stations… for free energy. It’s a very detailed production and utterly fascinating to see far-off places we may never have visited and how they manipulated Humanity for so long with their tricks that are actually right in front of us but we never questioned; until now. It helps to illustrate to what lengths they would go to extend the lie.

If you are not open-minded, then you may want to give it a miss but I would watch the beginning, regardless, and then decide. The spectacular architecture the of the Tartarian Empire is stunning. The video is very well done and we have a lot to learn, a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of questions that need answering. Of course we then have to wonder, if they would lie about this, what else would they lie about? It will dawn on us if we do enough research that we’ve all been living a lie. A complete, monstrous lie.

The Lost History of Earth | 5 Hour Documentary | MIND BLOWING

I’m trying to finish up, I really am. I was going to save this for tomorrow but bloody hell;  you can’t hold back the inimitable David Icke who was the final speaker at Trafalgar last Saturday. He looks so good considering the decades he’s worked so hard to wake people up and the beatings he’s taken for it. I have to say it whenever he speaks: Shine on, you crazy diamond. We couldn’t have done it without you. Link to Telegram for the video. 24 min. or watch below on Bitchute.


That’s it. No more. See you tomorrow unless something prevents it. Take care, everyone.  ~ BP

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