Riding The Storm CH99 ~ July 25, 2021

(Nash Equilibrium)
every person on earth will watch the world system crash/& alI people held accountable to their actions/no [F]ree passes//[even complacent w[A]tchers] who did noth[I]ng/accountably/
war/[H]ope lost


News Quick reads:

_Power outage in many areas of Spain
_London floods the streets with protests
_Sydney Australia declares national emergency over ]D[ ]tnairav[/demonstration erupt and clash with police
_Large protests breakout in Australia France Italy England ]seniccav[ mandates ]eniccav[ passports and ]divoc[ restrictions
_Arizona senate calls to decertify the election
_Henan P China.. reports heaviest rainfall in 1000 years, 100 missing 70 dead and rising
_JUST IN – Austria’s Interior Minister and Defense Minister announced in a joint press conference that the country will tighten its border protection as the “European asylum system has failed.”
Austria will deploy hundreds of additional soldiers to the borders. “The situation is serious,”
_French hospital goes on INDEFINITE strike to protest ]divoC[ 91 ]noitaniccav[ mandate
_200 million people in China braces for typhoon
_For the ninth day in Iran protesters violently demonstrate and riot, due to no water and no internet
_Over 179 cities and protest sites Erupt in France
_Mass protests in Greece taking place as mainstream Media blackouts the demos
_Israel protesters start marching through the night



5,000 immigrants a day come through the South U.S. borders since Biden in office. 150,000 illegal immigrants a month.

Half are men and the other half are children and woman.

75,000 men… Many are ex soldiers from their countries.

The men, woman and children are all separated . Men between the ages of 15- 40 are flown by private commercially owned flights to [DS] Mil. Bases and other LOCATIONS around the U.S. …. The older man are being released in cities through the U.S.


Woman in their younger ages are disappearing on these flights.. Older woman are popping up in cities and the children/hundred thousands missing.. Unaccounted for!

* It’s very CONCERNING that [DS] is forging an ARMY using immigrants…


_Thousands demonstrate in Paris against health passes, mandatory ]divoc[ ]noitaniccav[ – Watch!

_Large protests underway in many cities of Australia, France, England, and Italy against ]divoc[ restrictions, ]eniccav[ passports, and mandatory ]snoitaniccav[.

_Australia: Anti-lockdown protests across Australia as Covid cases surge to record levels in Sydney. Chaotic scenes in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane as protesters demand end to lockdowns. In Sydney CBD as police clash with lockdown protestors. eople chanted “freedom” as they marched through the centre of Sydney. Officers said they had made 57 arrests.

_London, UK, Happening Now: Protesters take to London streets against ]divoc[ lockdown and mandatory ]snoitaniccav[.


General Flynn Responds To DeSantis & Hannity’s Support For The COVID Vaccine [VIDEO]

In a surprise to many, both Ron DeSantis and Sean Hannity have recently come out to support the COVID vaccines.


Ariz. Senate calls to decertify election
Arizona state senators are calling to decertify the election after a large number of discrepancies and irregularities were found in the Maricopa audit. One America’s Christina Bobb has more.


There is a special type of crazy that gets their health advice for a gain-of-function ]surivanoroc[ released from the Wuhan Lab from the guy who funded gain-of-function ]sesurivanoroc[ at the Wuhan Lab.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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