Isis Channelings ~ July 23, 2021

Mary Magdalene’s Feast day + 🦁Venus/ Regulus Conjunction + 🌕Aquarius Visionary Full Moon +🔥Return of the Golden Flame of Atlantis 🌹Today 22nd July Mary Magdalene Feast Day lies smack dab between two significant gateways:- 🦁 (1) the Venus+ Regulus Conjunction of July 21 bringing forth New Sphinx Codes for the Remembrance of the Wisdom of the Priestess/ Priest Pathways of New Creation and Manifestation held within The Akashic Records which incidentally is also the Birthing of the Golden Flame of the Divine Masculine of Atlantis (details below) and ✨🤍✨ (2) The Visionary/ Mystics Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23rd. 🌹Mary Magdalene as we know is the Keeper of the Holy Grail of Wisdom (Dark Sophia) for the emergence of a higher frequency Enlightened Age based on Sovereignty , Freedom, Empowerment, Initiation +Activation , Sacred Activism and Manifestation embodied within the FOUR Petaled ROSE held in Venus that births The Order of The Blue Rose of Frequency 22. 💠On 4;4;4 4th April 2020 (A Mary Magdalene Portal / 4 petaled rose), Venus aligned with the Sirius/ Orion/ Pleiades which set the wheels in motion for the Pleiadian Wise Women and Earth Shamans to bring through The Blue Rose Wisdom Blueprint (22) to create a New Age that Finally breaks the barrier of the INFINITY Loop of Birth and Death of the Patriarchal conditionings of the past many thousands of years in order to be elevated to a New Spiral of Creation…. One Led by the GoddessHead and implemented by the Godhead….via the Silver Rainbow Flame and The Golden Rainbow Flame!! It has been my knowing for Long that it is the Divine Feminine which will birth the Divine masculine going forward as we birth the new template of a New age currently …and the confirmation come yesterday in a cocreation channeling session (details below) on the occasion of Venus Regulus Conjunction 21st July 2021. For you see, the Goddess/ Divine Feminine Aspect is an Immortal Aspect….it may be relegated to the shadows, maligned, hunted and discredited ( Mary Magdalene’s very Legacy) …but it can NEVER be obliterated….it is Immortal and has and will ALWAYS RISE like a phoenix!!! And it is the Goddess Aspect that births the God/ Divine Masculine…and have been waiting for this to come to fruition for a long longggg time Now….and Finally was shown the same in yesterdays cocreation session. ✨🤍✨I have spoken of the emergence of the Lunar Sun of the GoddessHead /The Shekhinah/ Sophia/ Shakti during the Eclipse gateway of May26-June10 when the Silver Pearlescent Ray/ Flame was Released ( Silver Ray with all the Rainbow Colours) . It is a Ray/ Flame of Purification, Unification and Creation ie It brings in the Wisdom of a New age BLUEPRINT based on Unification and Inclusion from the Blue Rose code of 22 Petals ( frequency of 22 of the 22 star nations associated with Earth’s Ascension and the Knight Templars / Earth Shamans who encode the same into Gaia’s Crystalline Flower of Life Grid). A ‘Blueprint’ by itself is useless in birthing a New Age. The BluePrint acts as The Foundational Pillars ( Frequency of 4/ Mary Magdalene Legacy) and finds relevance ONLY when the Structure is built UPON / supported by and upheld by this blueprint. Ie Building Blocks need to be arranged in accordance with the Blueprint for the Blueprint ( Legacy of the Blue Rose) to embody its Purpose and Potential. And it is these very “BUILDING BLOCKS” , the aspect Form and Structure of the Divine Masculine which is NOW ready to birth Via the Golden Flame with the Rainbow Spectrum!!! I was always shown the Silver Pearlescent Rainbow Light with Sparkles of “Gold “ and it was my knowing that The GOddess/ Divine Feminine was potentially Holding the God/ Divine masculine Aspect. In our CoCreation session yesterday we were taken to a Timeline/ Dimension in Atlantis where we entered the Silver Temple of the Crescent Moon presided by a Priest (dressed in White and Gold) who embodied the same Crescent at his Third Eye (Energy of THOTH) and he was the Guardian of the Central Flame of the Temple:- A Golden Flame. 🔥The Golden Flame held within it all the Colours of the Rainbow and was continuously shape shifting. Finally it settled into a Sacred Symbol which I have never seen before, with a unique characteristic (which unfortunately can not be shared on a public platform as its power is formidable…read on)!!! We were told that this is the Flame of Instant Manifestation of Spirit/ Blueprint into Matter/ Form ( …thus the guidance not to be shared publicly) and because of this very property has the ability to be used for both Good and Evil ….as it has been down the ages . It is Now ready to be Birthed by those Priestesses/ Priests who have wielded the Power of this Powerful Light and seen both sides of it, been through many a dark night of the soul (learning the deep lessons brought from the karmic retribution of wielding the power for selfish/ egocentric reasons) and are now Ready to wield this Power Once again to “BUILD” a New Structure / Age through the filters of Righteous Responsibility (that which serves ALL as opposed to self service), Courage and Integrity. This is Birthed via the Solar Plexus (remember I have mentioned many times that the New Age will Be Born Via the Sacral/ womb AND The Solar Plexus/ code 844) and is guided by the Lion Energy Of Sirius. It is the Silver Felines of Sirius/ Andromeda / Lyra that bring in the “Blueprint/ Order of The Blue Rose frequency 22 (architects) and The Golden Lion Being who serve as the Actual Builders !!! 🔥🦁🔥And that this Golden flame should reveal itself on the day of the Venus Regulus Conjunction of July 21 , 2021 makes it significantly all the more delicious!! Venus holds the original 4 Petaled Blueprint ( associated with Mary Magdalene) of the Blue Rose frequency of 22 ( blueprint for the New Age of Gaia) . Regulus / Lions Heart is associated with the SPHINX Code for accessing the Akashic Records particularly those related to the Priest and Priestess Legacy i.e. those spearheading the envisioning and building of the new age. Plus we officially enter Lion Energy today for a month as the sun moves into Leo climaxing on 8;8 lionsgate…so a lot of Cosmic support coming in for the Golden Flame!! 🌕Add to that , we have the first of the Aquarius Full Moon Tomorrow , July 23, 2021 (there are 2 full moons in Aquarius in2021) This is the Full Moon of the VISIONARYs and the MYSTICs ie those Light beings who are capable of weaving the Web of a NEW Timeline by crystallizing their VISIONS into Reality!!! So keep your Intentions sharp as we enter this very Potent Gateway of Venus/ Regulus Conjunction 21 July 2021+ Feast of Mary Magdalene 22 July 2021+ The Visionaries Full Moon of Aquarius 23 July -22 August 2021. On this occasion of Mary Magdalene Feast + Aquarius Full Moon keep the following in mind.. Sit in Ceremony and call in Mary Magdalene, Thoth, The Lion , Feline , Dolphins and Merbeings , Sphinx Codes of Regulus , Venus/ Inanna codes at the Solar Plexus Gate of Courage , Integrity, Personal Power , Silver and Golden Flame Contemplate on What are your 4 Principal/ foundational intentions of the New Age that you wish to Birth/ bring into existence Now allow guidance to flow in with respect to your intentions via the Akashic Hall of Records and The Order of The Blue Rose. Gratitude to all the Enlightened Light Beings with who bring in the opportunities for these amazing CoCreation sessions to unfold…. thank you Francesca Radden of (Instagram) (Facebook) for playing your role in bringing in this awesome information.

EnLight ,



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Sa Kei Na

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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