July 14, 2021: The Goal is to Keep Them Guessing and Engaged [videos] ~ July 15, 2021

Oops! Lousy connectivity at the beach, Internet was almost non-existant so…here we go! Please read, absorb, know your truth, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


There is a LOT happening; too much to stay on top of it all. We just need to remember nothing is what it seems. This electrifying game of 5D chess keeps us all guessing and the Earth Alliance will never tip their hand so I hope you like surprises.

I woke to thunder and lightning this morning so I’ve been catching up on videos outside while it rained. One huge clap of thunder had Mica leaping off the sofa. When the rain stopped, he took me for an extra long walk under cloudy skies and rare cooler temperatures and then I finally got to the news.

We’ve had EAS warnings four times since July 3 about flooding, a dust storm, and an amber alert. It’s so over-the-top. They want us to be in fear and on edge all the time. The text said: “This is a dangerous and life-threatening situation. Do not attempt to travel unless you are fleeing an area subject to flooding or under and evacuation order.” Geez, the language. It’s frickin’ rain. At least I know I’m getting the EAS system bulletins.


By how many is still TBD.

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) July 13, 2021

In this great video from Charlie Ward, Mel K, and Simon Parkes, they suggest that while the White Hats have been drawing fire in AZ, the real battle is in Georgia. “Look over here; not over there.” The deep state aren’t the only ones who use that ploy. Video at the link.

Through the Flood and Storm

The distraction continues.

Arizona Senate President Makes First Announcement About Audit Results… We knew it!

Lawmaker requests audit of 2020 general election results in Oklahoma County, 2 other random counties

Whiplash347 posted the following on Tuesday:

The Event should be about 3 days based on Bay Of Pigs.
Then 10 day shutdown of Earth and Activation of Military EBS to TVs & Radio’s WorldWide. At the same time all Governments Worldwide will be stood down as well as further arrests. We will then be having GESARA Blockchain Elections. We will be having govts 10% the size of what they are currently. All new people.


Quantum Financial System, Quantum Voting System, Quantum Healing, Quantum Physics.
Quantum Internet
Everything is going Quantum.

Nesara states Rainbow “Treasury” Notes backed by precious metals
Adding Quantum Starlink.
& ISO20022 Internationally Regulated USA Coins also backed by metals.
See above posts for this.

QVS – Blockchain no longer like the way we do it.

Quantum Internet.
The Internet is Rebooted. No more Microsoft. Everything wiped. The current internet is Operation Mockingbird. Same as TV, Newspapers etc. Will not be anywhere near the same. One news channel etc. All media/papers is owned by the Mossad..all being removed.
All Private Intelligence owned by the UK Royals to be removed. No more Mossad, 5 eyes, CIA etc.
Only intelligence will be Military Intelligence.

MOAB = Global Currency Reset (1950’s) + Precious Metal Standard + Quantum Gesara + DECLAS of Everything on Earth.

See President Trump’s E.O on absolutely everything Declassified by August 1.

I can’t believe the number of Canadians willing to give their freedoms.

Equally, I can’t believe the number of Canadians willing to take mine.

— Sgt Leaf (@LeafandThistle) July 13, 2021

It’s interesting to see the comments under posts because they can lend a glimpse into the minds of the average person. Some feel the corruption in the Canadian government is a recent thing. Others are completely mislead by the media’s whitewashing of the mass graves of children found at the residential schools. They believe the BS about them being old cemeteries where the wooden grave markers have simply broken down over time and disappeared. There’s going to be a massive reckoning required in Canada. Most people have no idea what’s been going on.

In the video update below, Civil Rights Attorney Rocco Galati tells us that in June the Emergency status in Canada was cancelled yet the corrupt government still has their media telling everyone about the extreme safety measures they need to take. British Columbia, Alberta, and other provinces I believe have cancelled the mask mandates yet most people are unaware because no one tells them what the courts decided! They ignore it and the People have no idea their media works for the deep state and brings them nothing but propaganda.

They also mention that Walmart is already stating they are going to reinstate the mask mandates in August. WTF?

This is a must listen, folks. TOGETHER, Canadians must get wise, unify, and refuse to comply with false and fraudulent mandates for a non-existent pandemic. 19 min.


Another must listen is this interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD. who tells us exactly what the Wu Flu is, and is not. She has the background to know what these globalists like Anthony Fauci have done and explains it in simple to understand language. She says it can absolutely be stopped. Video at the Stew Peters website. 22 min.

Dr. Judy Mikovits Defines Covid and Exposes Fauci

Did you see the Kung Flu crop circle? A psychologist took it seriously and did a video about it after consulting some experts about the Wu Flu spike proteins, etc. It’s a very interesting perspective on a number of levels.

A covid-19 crop circle?

There is plenty of drama to distract us. I ignore it.

Former Trump Campaign Adviser Jenna Ellis Leaving GOP Over Criticism from RNC Official

The deep state would love to cause all manner of chaos and destruction and have certainly promised enough of it but we don’t like their suggestions.

Here’s one of them: Link to Telegram

“NASA predicts record flooding on Earth.” Like the global warming, cooling, rising oceans, etc. that never happened?

Dustin Nemos discusses their plan. Some folks are concerned that the food shortages and supply chain issues will be a reality and are just waiting for that shoe to drop. 19 min.


Jetson White has another fascinating video for us; a little longer at 22 minutes. There are other recent uploads there, too, if you’re a fan. He never disappoints, and it was cool to learn the real meaning of “star seed” in the earlier video.

GGs vs 10 Cs Smackdown Event

We were warned it was going to look really bad before the breakthrough folks so just know that it’s not as out of control as it appears. It just needs to be like this.

Thanks to the crew for their contributions and see you next time.  ~ BP

Jen Psaki looks a lot like Chucky. Is she the seed of Chucky?

That girl looks taller than Jen Psaki…😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/wr14iU7LFk

— il Donaldo Trumpo (@ilSharko) July 14, 2021

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