Rendezvous of Venus and Mars at Gateway of Personal Power at Solar Plexus ~ July 12, 2021


Editor’s Note: Have you noted the over-riding articles focusing on regaining, or establishing power for the Divine Feminine? Power over what??

Why…this is personal power over Self as your own Feminine side (male, or female…no matter) rebirthing your ability to balance Masculine Ego with Unconditional Quantum LOVE stemming from each of our Magnificent Hearts, allowing us to NOW to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Venus/ Inanna enters Gateway of Personal Power at Solar Plexus via the Waxing Moon crescent on July 12 and almost immediately gets up close and personal with Mars . A Trinity Conjunction with lasting repercussions!! 🌹First let’s talk about Venus. According to the ancient Sumerian Myth, Venus/ Inanna began her Ascent as Evening Star as part of her Shamanic Journey Rebirth on May 3 2021(first half of the journey as Morning Star began on June 2020 , a journey of Descent / death where at each waning Moon crescent she released the blocks related to the particular chakra). ❤️This Evening Star phase of her journey is one of Ascent (moves higher and brighter in the sky at each waxing moon crescent chakra gateway) whereby she regains at each of the 7 gateways the highest expression of that Chakra so that by the time she reaches the 7/ 8 Final Gateway She is at her Highest Light and Position in the Evening Sky ie She is Crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth!! And the tone of this Ascent further colours the next 4 cycles of Venus in her 8 year Cosmic Dance with the Sun and Earth ie 2020-2028. The Previous Venus Cycle 2012-2020 was that of the Maiden/ Awakening of the Divine Feminine, and This current cycle 2020-2028 is of the MOTHER/ Creatrix Aspect. So all events that take place since May 3 on this Ascent Journey of Venus / Inanna (her Ascent Journey is one of Empowerment, Sovereignty and Regaining her rightful Power, Crown and Title )have ramifications for the next 8 years of Creation of a New Paradigm that we as her Embodiments are meant to birth through!! ✨🤍✨We have had a powerful Eclipse Season May 26-June 10 whereby the Divine Feminine Lunar Sun of Silver Pearlescent/ Opalescent Light of the Divine Feminine was unveiled for the First Time, while Venus was at Root Chakra Gateway of Manifestation .This Lunar Sun Silver Ray is a Light of Purification, Rebirthing The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and their Unification and Unification/ Inclusion of All Sentient Expressions of Life Force Energy with Gaia. (Link below) 🧡The very next day, June 11 Venus / Inanna Ushered this Silver Light through the 2nd Gateway of Creativity at Sacral Chakra whereby it shone a Light on our Core Wounds – Mother Wound and Father Wound . In other words we were made to come face to face with our Inner Child Woundings of being Unloved, Unprotected/ insecure, Unseen, Unheard,Unacknowledged, Shamed, belittled , guilted, backstabbed, sabotaged and abandoned (by self and by others)….the very deep and murky waters that as ‘Adults/ healed beings ” each one of us must navigate on our journey of Self Love and Healing back into Self Worth , Self Respect, Liberation, Sovereignty and Empowerment ….thus bringing us Back to our True Essence , Self Awareness and Hence our Creativity. When we are in awareness of our True Essence and Uniqueness and Secure enough to embrace it, then we flow with grace and ease and this Flow is what is expressed outwardly as our Creativity (via writing, music, dance , music etc etc) So in a Nutshell:- ❤️Venus / Inanna at Root Chakra of Manifestation of Life Force Energy (May 12-June10) birthed the Divine Feminine Lunar Sun of Silver Pearlescent Light of Purification , Rebirth and Unification. 🧡As this Silver light passed through the Sacral Chakra Gateway of Creativity ( June 11-July 11), it brought about a Purification and Rebirthing of our Inner Divine Feminine (Left ovary- Mother wound) and Divine Masculine (right ovary- Father wound) so that we may align with our true Essence, Worth, Uniqueness and Creativity!!( remember we are the cocreators of the New Paradigm/ timeline/ foundation over the 8 years of Venus as Creatrix Aspect) 💛Now, July 12, tomorrow , Venus/ Inanna crosses into the Third Gateway at Solar Plexus ie Gateway of Personal Power where she regains her Golden Ring of Power a symbol of reclaiming Her Personal Power, Will , Confidence and Determination of reclaiming her due Rights and Place in the Natural Scheme of Nature ( no longer relegated to the shadows or confined and muted) ,reclaiming her Feminine Leadership via Intuition, Creativity and Unification of The Self with Gaia, reclaiming her Lost or denied Dreams via Passionate and Courageous Action and Sacred Activism …that which benefits All…Gaia and All her Sentient Expressions for a Inclusive, Balanced and Sustainable Growth / timeline. ❤️🧡🦁And it is at this Very gateway of Personal Power that Venus , Goddess of Love gets up close and Personal with Mars, God Of War!!!! And this Union takes place in the sign of Leo The Lion/ Lioness….Could it BEEE more FIERY!??!?! As mentioned before, we have been through an inner initiation /rebirthing our Inner Feminine and Masculine, a mandatory requirement before we begin Creating a New Paradigm. The Energy of this Venus Mars Conjunction at Solar Plexus (of the Venus Cycle) is what will be the underlying foundational energy of all our Creative Endeavours ( relationships and projects) not just for the next 2 years (till the next Venus Mars Conjunction) but its effects will be felt for the Creatrix Energy of the entire Venus Cycle till 2028. 🦁The Leo/ Lion Energy holding this Union is all about Taking Righteous And Passionate Action that is Heart Centered in Integrity, Courage and Respect (self and others) all the while bouyanced with the Joy and Grace that comes from a Inner knowing of your Self Worth , Abilities and Power without an iota of doubt…A Quiet Self Confidence, Sense of Power and Determination that Lurkes behind a seemingly Detached but Grounded veneer and is very capable of moving into a Powerful Aggressive stance in a split second … IF the situation calls for it!! BUT above all Leo Energy is about Accountability, Responsibility and Owning Up…. 💕This Union requires Both the Masculine and Feminine to engage in Authentic and Heart centered ways if they wish to create Meaningful and sustainable Creations going forth. While The Feminine needs to Assert her Truth and Voice with Confidence and Courage breaking through the shackles of unworthiness ,codependency and victim hood, The Masculine needs to release the need for control, entitlement and domination and surrender and embrace his vulnerabilities , allow himself to be healed and forgiven , held and Led…let him know that while the weight of Patriarchy may ostensibly rest on their shoulders … they were/are NOT the only Pillar upholding Patriarchy…The Feminine needs to own responsibility in often being enabler and complicit in the same!! Victimhood has been glorified and juiced beyond its utility for far tooo long….. Time to lose the Badge of Victimhood and take Control !! It’s TIME TO OWN UP, Take Responsibility and Accountability…BOTH by the Masculine and Feminine.YES…. Raw Truths , as hurtful as they may be, need to be Voiced , Owned AND met with Compassion!! Only then can True Union and Sustainable Creation take place. 🔥Can we Do It?? And it is here that I’m Told that the Underlying Energy for all these Cosmic Alignments is that of 844/848 ie Code of Goddess Sekhmet / Code For Courageousness , Authenticity and Integrity combined with Compassion . Goddess Sekhmet, The Lion Goddess, The Healer ,Destroyer(of that which no longer serves) and Protector . May She Guide us with Grace and Courage as we Move into the Highest Expressions of our Authentic selves….The Foundation Stone of Union!! Look Westwards ,30 min after sunset on July 12 to watch this Epic Trinity Conjunction of Moon, Venus and Mars. Link To Inanna/ Venus Journey of Death, Rebirth and Empowerment as Gemini Metagoddess 2020-2011…/venus-inanna…/ Links to Lunar Sun Of The Silver Ray…/lunar-sun-of…/…/entering-the…/ EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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