Riding The Storm CH86 – Chapter 86 – 8 July 2021 ~ July 8, 2021


Riding The Storm CH86 – Chapter 86 – July 8 2021 – By (Q)The Storm Rider

(Nash Equilibrium)
every person on earth will watch the world system crash/& alI people held accountable to their actions/no [F]ree passes//[even complacent w[A]tchers] who did noth[I]ng/accountably/
war/[H]ope lost

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Riding The Storm CH1 - Chapter 1 - March 31 2021

Riding The Storm CH86 – July 8 2021

The Assassination of Jovenel Moise the President of Haiti was silenced for working with NSA and giving information to U.S. MILITARY INTEL and direct Evidence on The Clinton foundation and all the gold stolen from Haiti through the Clintons and CIA…

President Moise had all the evidence on the Submarines the Clintons and Epstien had on the island to transfer hundreds of thousands of children trafficked across the world. Moise had given collected/evidence the past four years on Mother Teresa human trafficking networks in collision with The Clinton foundation/FBi and 90 Billion dollar payment to the VATICAN who headed the operation. In the evidence/files/servers given to Trump/NSA>> the CIA had used weather modification and TECTONIC WEAPONS to cause earthquakes and Floods to cover up the story of 800,000
Missing children.

The sealed indictments touches on all these facts. And All evidence and testimony are recorded.

Unfortunately the Deep State CABAL of the WORLD are running lowest on Adrenochrome in the world wide market … Sources believe the upheaval in Haiti is the same deep state play book..
>> send in the UN [DS]
Take over the country
The Children…

//Things are getting heavy my friends… Summer on 🔥
Many countries [DS] ARE MAKING THEIR MOVES.. Desperate moves to stay Alive..

Keep the FAITH…


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Riding The Storm CH1 - Chapter 1 - March 31 2021

Riding The Storm CH86 – July 8 2021

I told you all Operations happing in this area..
Major arrests in TEXAS….
even monkey Werx reporting
Flights on human trafficking and ops in area and flights to GITMO…(😉@MWX …)

Even MSM Reporting in TEXAS on so much trafficking busts the past 8 days…

But nobody wants to mention CIA involvement…
The only person with enough BALLS is >>JACO
and ANONS….



Riding The Storm CH86 – San Antonio CIA Subline

Riding The Storm CH1 - Chapter 1 - March 31 2021

Riding The Storm CH86 – July 8 2021

Pentagon Rejects MICROSOFT and AMAZON Contract!

(In easier words to understand

I>> CIA SERVERS half is at (AMAZON)>>Assassination Haiti President same day Microsoft(CIA owned) Amazon (CIA/Mossad owned) were denied contracts (Haiti prez had dirt on CIA/AMAZON/ Microsoft)//
>> Submarine tunnels in Haiti (Clinton/Mossad/CIA/Epstein)>>
it’s all connected to back to TEXAS Sub tunnels i have been talking about…


Riding The Storm CH1 - Chapter 1 - March 31 2021

Riding The Storm CH86 – July 8 2021

45>>🎯 Sues Facebook Twitter and Google…….
(Those CIA servers (Amazon) hold all the information… Microsoft Servers/networks/softwear/Backchannels (doors) into the Pentagon/World leaders computers/illegal data collection (spying)/OBAMA GATE>>>>FISA

Summer on 🔥

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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