The Ancient Sirius Library ~ July 7, 2021

Ancient Sirius Library

The Secret Teachings within the Sirius Library carry the Higher Knowledge and Wisdom of the Mysteries of our Universe and Earth – the Higher Knowledge accessible to Enlightened Beings or Ascended Masters. They include the mysteries of the human being and our relationship with the Earth, Universe, God&Goddess and Source. The Enlightened Teachings carry Enlightened Energy and Wisdom as well as the Secret Keys and Ancient Knowledge that build one’s access to the Enlightened Realms. This Library was once apart of The Ancient Atlantis Mysteries Teachings. But after the Fall Of Atlantis the Sirius Library was Taken To Egypt.

Many years ago in the region known as the Band of Peace in Egypt, and along the Nile, where the Ancient Egyptian Temples now remain, Sacred Chambers of Light were anchored into the land that carry thousands of Books of Light holding the Divine Teachings of Advanced Civilizations of Light. These books are known as: The Secret Teachings of the Masters. These chambers form a Universal Library of Light and are anchored by the Temples and Pyramids in Egypt. Each of the inner sanctuaries within the Temples and Pyramids, are doorways of access to this Living Library of Enlightened Wisdom & Divine Light, also known as THE SIRIUS LIBRARY. The Goddess Isis who takes us to her healing temple of light through the Infinite Gateway Star Sirius. These Sacred Chambers, when activated, support all who walk with a open heart, to raise their vibration, open their Universal Connection & connect with their Higher Self, their True Purpose on their Spiritual Path, and the Mysteries of Earth and our Universe.

The teachings are not easily accessible, as one must have a direct connection with the Enlightened Realms to access these teachings directly. The teachings are very specific and offer a profound level of clarity, detail and overview of subjects that humanity holds many questions about. They reveal the Secret Knowledge of the Laws of the Universe, and the more general Spiritual Teachings that were shared in the Ancient Mysteries School’s on Earth. If you are blessed to receive these teachings, prepare to be amazed by the depth, clarity and profound energy that accompanies them. They will enlighten your Mind and Soul, once you accept them deeply into your being as truth, you will be Awakened into the Infinite Knowledge of the Universe. Look up at the stars, look down below your feet. And remember you are the one that unites them. As Humanity starts to fully Awaken, these Ancient teachings will become available to All. May your Eye Open.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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