Nothing can ever be the same again… ~ July 6, 2021

As if by magic we had a sunspot emerge just before the sun rotated and took the power over the horizon of the north-western limb, but not before delivering something that we haven’t experienced since September 2017, a point in time that I feel many of you will light up in remembrance in terms of what was happening then and how life seemed to take a dramatic twist or perhaps a snapback that altered the physical experience in such a way that the past experience now feels as though perhaps there was a Divine Intervention or that the hand of God gave Guidance.

Well, we are now at the very same level or magnitude of transformation and yet again it calls to our masculine to rise and take the next available trip to a higher vibrational field of existence.

More respect, more responsibility as our Masculine learns what it is to be Divine within the Union Space where the Feminine sits patiently, a space where we learn to hold a greater space, to accept all things, to release the beliefs and the judgements that form the reality occurrences and to read the whispers and reflections that our reality experiences provide as though we are receiving from the children of God, of which all IS true.

Divine Direction and Teachings are offered freely and so magnificently from those still embedded in this somewhat psychotic dream state we travelled to the here and now within. A dream state that held us separated, or perhaps partitioned in pieces like the Father, the Son, and God, and we now get to begin at the beginning merging the holy child back within who we are now, healing, listening, validating, offering the safety of our vessel for the trust to form and the unification to begin, in order for us all to prepare for the next phase in which you remember who you truly are.

The God and Goddess returns, and each holds the light code that is ‘We are Source Sequencing in the Holy Human Form’ in which we all become the guardian as One and take our place on the New Earth CitizenShip, where our only duty is care and create an Earth Aligned unified experience and it is from this space in time that the great disclosure reveals our Great Leo Truth and offers back the remembrance of our majestic powers of creation.

And to think, the golden rays of the Aquarian Age is simply the beginning…

Our responsibility now, if ever you question your purpose is to simply BE YOU NOW, to recognise what is arising and heal by replacing the separation with unconditional love, again and again as each wave gifts the reflection for your realisation of who you currently are. Beloved, we are only at the beginning of a solar cycle, yesterdays blast has only just landed, next we have the shock waves as our internal plates begin to shift and move and our entire navigational system goes into safety mode where the unconsciousness drives hard to maintain the norm, frantically searching our system for files that are now fragmented and/or entirely moved, and this causes confusion, most often affecting our ability to sleep due to the pathways moving and our life force must then remap to come back into a norm state that we find acceptable. This can also indicate an attachment to the linear time experience which in itself will offer a release of many attachments and open up a pathway to become more lucid or experience prolonged lucidity in the collective dream. What I find interesting and the word immaculate springs to the forefront is how this now coincides with our Sun readying for the alignment to Sirius our Great Central Sun, and this takes place once the Sun sits at 20 degrees Sidereal Gemini (6th July), you can witness the alignment now with your star maps and you are likely to be feeling the pull and the call to raise higher into immaculate authenticity where we experience the most expanded state of time and space, full patience, full validity, pure focus and desire to create from our heart centres. The Great Central Sun is the energy of I AM, fully confirmed, unwavering, fully centred whole and complete. It is the entire spectrum of the masculine, from God, The King and Prince through to The Warrior, The Protector and The Lover, The Magician, The Priest, The Seer and The Holy Son, all of it, each and every architype as the octaves of creation itself. A master reset has most definitely appeared in the most precise timing in which…


where you can continue to receive the light share.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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