July 6, 2021: Time Keeps on Tickin’ Into the Future [videos] ~ July 6, 2021


I’m in catch-up mode and we have interesting news and confirmations that slipped by in the hubbub of all the material pushed out every day. I never get to read all my email and I could use another 24 hours in each day but we [digital] soldier on and support the war effort as best we can.


I just picked this up before press time. Bloody hell.

[VIDEO]Golf Pro Shot “Execution-Style” on Green of 10th Hole, More Bodies Just Found on Course…

Cirsten W published a video on June 25 covering some intel she got from a little birdie, like a flight that left Barcelona for the US and you might assume that to be about a man with the initials JM. She didn’t say. She addressed a few other interesting items as well like ship-loads of containers housing ICBMs and she has good sources. The sound kicks in after a minute or so. 32 min.

Assets Seized by Tresuary.Gov ,DC Bridge Collapse, Sydney Lockdown

I find it interesting that there have been several “collapses” in recent weeks: 2 pedestrian bridges in Seattle AND Washington DC, and of course the collapse of the Surfside Tower near Miami, Florida. I didn’t know until today that they had taken the remainder down in a demolition last Sunday. They continue to search for survivors with 117 missing and a hurricane expected.

Do you think this is the end of this story? I doubt if it has run its course yet.

Identity of Ashli Babbitt Killer Confirmed — Careless Capitol Police Lieutenant Is Being Protected by Democrats, Pelosi and Deep State FBI

Dave’s X22 Report video is always a good round up of many of the important issues developing daily.

Ep 2519b – Sometimes You Need To ‘Take One For The Team Publicly’, Before Vindicated As A Hero


The fear porn around the “Delta variant” continues to dominate the news cycles as it is pumped daily into the mass consciousness and so many are under the spell, but perhaps not as many as we might think.

I had encouraging conversations with a few young people (mid twenties) at the Independence Day BBQ we attended and they are very informed, thoughtful, and well armed to stand against the disinformation and manipulation around that and politics in general. They’re not buying it. They don’t always know how deep the story goes (pedophilia/pedovoria/adrenochrome) but they’re in good shape.

In India there have been arrests linked to “fake vaccines” of saline. Vaccines are fake no matter what’s in them but that’s another story. They are so quick to arrest the ones who are really doing no harm while the mass murderers run free. They always accuse others of doing what they themselves are doing.

OMG—saline and antibiotics! Those folks get to live another day.

Indian hospital closed amid FAKE COVID VACCINE scam, as 2,500+ are feared to have been given saline & antibiotics instead

India Covid-19: Scammers gave thousands of people fake vaccine shots,  authorities say - CNN

Beware all the new cases! Be afraid. Totally contrived and manipulated. The biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the Human race. In some places they’re making people PAY for the vaccines. They stand in line and pay for their own potential demise while the Nobel prize winning scientist who created the PCR test is conveniently dead and can’t tell us the truth: that it cannot detect a pathogen. They’re making it all up.

At least a few more people are realizing there is no deadly virus, but there most definitely are deadly “vaccines”, that aren’t vaccines at all and were never designed to be.

‘RECKLESS’: Country’s most extreme exit-plan gamble with Covid-19

And now they’re sticking to their playbook and renaming their jabs. They rename everything to suit themselves. They rename countries. They rename people. They rename corporations. They’re always “resetting” things and starting over to leave behind negative connotations and history that could harm them.

They like to confuse us and cover their tracks and who knows—it could make it more difficult to prosecute them for their crimes. There’s always a cover story, of course. When you own the media you can create the most convincing snow jobs imaginable and most people believe them.

Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna registering new names for Covid-19 jabs

Despite the earlier headlines, you had to know it wasn’t going to stop at “swing states”.

GOP Arizona Senator Calls for Audit of All Counties that Used Machines

Borean Calling did a new decode of the phrase “The Termination Event” via Gematria and as always, he comes up with some remarkable and far too coincidental messages. If you like to venture down roads less travelled, you might enjoy it.

Don’t let the terminology of the ‘Termination Event’ scare you. It’s nothing to worry about. It’s not an extinction event.

His fans told him they prefer live presentations so it gets a little long but it’s very interesting and he has a lot of good insight.

I often leave this kind of information for the end so folks can ponder it if they choose.


1. I’m not the first to say it, but the “Richat Structure” is the lost city of Atlantis.

The first king of Mauritania was Atlas. In myth, Atlas is Father of the 7 Pleiadian Sisters.

Before The Flood, there was open contact, and Pleiadians were visiting and assisting. pic.twitter.com/e1ROZuXvJ5

— Kab (@Kabamur_Taygeta) July 6, 2021

You may have seen this photo on your travels in social media.

Mount Susitna, Alaska – The Sleeping Lady

A lot of effort has gone into convincing us that image is “digitally created”. The CIA’s Snopes, too, of course. If it’s fake, then why do they care? Why do they need an army of “fact checkers” doing damage control to steer the narrative? Who believes their fact checkers/trolls any more?

There are plenty of things on this planet “they” don’t want us to see because they are in opposition to the history they created for us. What if the sleeping lady has always been there but it wasn’t until drones became accessible to the common man that we are seeing things from the air like this and with the now well-established social media can make them widely known?

The Nazca Lines, Peruvian dessert

Beautiful things like this can only be seen from the air so who made them? I think it’s obvious but there are wild theories about how it was done. Why would they spend all that time and effort to make something they couldn’t possibly see or appreciate from the desert floor? Didn’t they have better things to do—like food production and hunting?

These fables are as elaborate as the ones about how the natives of Easter Island (Isla de Pascua) carved the monolithic Moai and moved them miles away from their birthplace on the side of a volcano—standing up!—to the coast using palm trunks as rollers. Really? I’ve been to Easter Island twice and I don’t believe it.

And there are also typical stories of the giant skeletons and how the photos were entries in a creative “Photo Shop” contest. They don’t tell us they’re all over the world and confiscated by the Smithsonian along with most of the other valuable relics that belie the fibs they’ve told to cover up the fact that we weren’t the only ones living on this planet and our “history” is a complete fabrication.

Anyway, the Indigenous people of Alaska named the mountain across from Anchorage “the sleeping lady” long ago so… it’s not something dreamed up in the last week. Were the images enhanced a little to indicate the intent of the artist? Possibly. We can investigate if we choose.

Before you decide for yourself if she’s real, you may want to watch this video from a fellow in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada who shares some possibly even more remarkable footage in his video. He says anyone can go on Google Earth and see these things for themselves. Charlie Ward featured this one on his website so it’s secure.

We Are Trump 777

“Disclosure” is a process and it is here and now.

Devon, UK: “It stayed in one spot long enough for me to pull out my phone and get those snaps.”

Galactic Federation Crafts are literally posing for photos now. They want to be seen, but in a controlled way that will prepare us without causing fear.https://t.co/Ilhl8MuFX9

— Kab (@Kabamur_Taygeta) July 5, 2021

Seven lights for the Seven Sisters?

“There were seven lights. They’re keeping pace with us.”

That’s a Pleiadian Fleet.https://t.co/aHmzXL4Xe4 pic.twitter.com/xPK21rntAV

— Kab (@Kabamur_Taygeta) July 3, 2021

Remember to have a boo at the comments beneath each post to see myriad items the crew shares that I can’t get to.

Over and out.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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