Grayham Forscutt ~ July 5, 2021

Editor’s Note: Here we see a history lesson for a women leader for the advent of spirituality on our world. Please read, know feminine roots on our world do indeed run deep, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!

___________________________________________________________________During the next 24hrs (July 4th) our Earth and Sun align to Sirius. Ancient mystery schools identified Sirians as their Elders, Theosophy (Buddhism brought to the west) states Sirius (😎 is a mystery school that teaches Cosmic Mental (Sacred Geometry) Templates to those who pass on from Earth and who need to learn “Creation Mechanics” (the Babaji’s of earth timeline, called often ‘Lords of Compassion’). . During these few days the asteroids *Hyperborea*, *Babylon*, *Idha(Greece)* and *Poseidon* are all passing decagon nodes linked to Milky Way Galaxy Centre (decagon=Amenti, or I-AM-TEN).

Those who were incarnate back in these places may experience memories/dreams etc connected to their pastlife experiences. . July 4th – Sirius directly relates to Independence Day and the future of North America. . The exact astrophysical alignments – from planet earth to Sirius on July 4th shifts over time, it was during the 1880’s that earth aligned directly with Sirius on July 4th, the earlier 1776 July 4th was pointing to a future time.

During the late 1870’s and 1880’s Helena Blavatsky introduced the Sirian Star Family through her books ‘Isis Unveiled’ (1877) and ‘Secret Doctrine’ (1888), . Helena herself was Sirian Star family – clearly revealed by her akashic stamp of the day she was born. Helena’s astrological/akashic chart reveals she was born with the asteroid called ‘Isis’ directly aligned to Sirius. She also had asteroid ‘Iris’ the Seer, Channel, Goddess of the Rainbow (Theosophy’s Seven Ray Cosmology), Jupiter (spiritual teachings) and Eris (Warrioress, wayshower) astrophysically and genetically linked to Sirius. . Her other ‘galactic’ assignments/akashic skills include: Pallas Athena = Prophetess Chiron = healer, shaman/woman Nessus = guide Hekate = initiate Vesta = priestess Varuna = Mentor, cosmogeneticist Magdaline = Templar, uniting Soul Group / community Mars = scout, explorer

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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