A Gift From Gaia ~ July 4, 2021


A powerful M2 Solar Flare was ejected from our sun just about 1hr ago, but not just this we are also due some gentle solar winds from a CME that was released from a B7 flare just a couple of days ago.

This will begin a week of maximum LIGHT and powerful plasma for a new wave of integrations from what we are about to see and create.

All that now arises, all that we wince, shy, restrict and contract against IS to be leant into for a Grand Reveal and ultimate Divine Transformation.

The cellular body now begins to powerfully ring like a bell in which we manifest from the stores of memory currently held, that which is no longer aligned to the truth of the chosen direction that we are heading in begins to form frantically in the field of reality SO that we get to dissolve and Divinely Detach, which I must add is not about rejection or abandonment but about pure unconditional love allowing all to be free without the expectations or attachments we held rooted in our beliefs of how things ‘should be’.

Other octaves of experience may receive these energies as powerful awakeners where there could possibly be more perceived accidents and flare ups ESPECIALLY whilst we are under the influence of the Grand Square of Mars, Saturn and Uranus which is currently activating the Root and Solar Plexus chakras from the Soul Star point and from this we are learning the difference between cause and effect in YOU being the cause of all effect, YOU being God Source energy as The God’s now return, within, on the inside, and we raise our vibration to match in order to begin manifesting the associated form, the first step of the Great Golden Aquarian Reveal and what many are now awakening straight into now.

Extra light incoming means to balance this out we are to be extra light inside and so to operate with maximum expansion the field is (as always) set to peace, love, and bliss, the speed of the physical is slow, patient, calm SO that maximum light speed can be experienced.We exist in a soft slowness whilst all else appears magickally NOW and manifestations are rapid and immediate at the speed of light. Our slowness is the presence that allows us the ability to see all…Never forgetting that chaos is magick in slower motion, so if it is chaos you are experiencing then you are not void of the magick, you are simply learning about weight and speed, like a cosmic physics lesson. The more light is held on the inside the more quicker the entire experience moves and manifests.

Also, do not forget that all pain is a language asking to be heard, if we are moving to fast we ignore and power up and over THE most important dialogue of direction, healing, and ultimate freedom. Slow down and pay attention to it all, be with it all, for it is your teacher and guide.

Less food is often required however many get to see their density addictions as they are called to eat more, and so for those wanting to break free from it all then breathwork is one of the keys to freedom, oxygenating the physical, powering up the light energy within and activating our stores of DMT balances out the light as within so without and again speeds up the experience allowing more to reveal and release as you cleanse and clear what is not in alignment to y/our God returning ~ as above so below.

Not only eating more but sometimes the preferred slumber of the unconsciousness and the ego then calls for anesthesia to cope, knocking it all out with mind numbing, or body numbing activities in which one loses oneself entirely, a perfect way to bypass for those not yet called to awaken but an awareness for those choosing to now prepare for their ‘landing’ and expansion/exploration.Meet me on the inside for maximum fun and play as we expand together in these powerful waves of light ✨✨🗝️✨Nature✨🗝️✨Meditation✨🗝️✨Breathwork✨🗝️✨Sound✨🗝️✨Divine Scent✨🗝️✨Softness✨🗝️✨Stillness✨🗝️✨Silence and Observation✨🗝️✨Unconditional love✨🗝️✨Acceptance for all things✨🗝️✨All things have ‘Rite’ all is sacred✨✨✨LET GO NOW✨✨✨✨✨✨BELOVED✨✨✨The sun has just ejected a X1 flare and NOTHING is or will be the same from this point on

Recall back to September 2017 when we last received an X Class flare, massive cracks appeared in our realities and HUGE transformations began, the harder we held on the more painful it became.

Let it GO now my love’s

Source has spoken and nothing will or can stay in the same format, we are now LIT, cells are reverberating as though we are powered by rocket fuel.




this as IS intended

The fallout is to be profound – nuclear!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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